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Saturday, April 21, 2012

An Interview with the Nature's Wisdom Oracle

Recently Alec Satin posted a spread he created called the Tarot Deck Instant Message Spread. Alec has all kinds of free downloads on his web site -- so go check it out!

With Alec's kind permission, I am using the Instant Message Spread to interview the Nature's Wisdom Oracle deck (Mindy Lighthipe / Schiffer Publishing). Here are the cards that came forward to participate:

Nature's Wisdom Oracle by Mindy Lighthipe (Schiffer Publishing)

I love the overall "color scheme" of these cards! Lots of lovely shades of green and purple: a fresh, spring look. I also like the mixture of flora and fauna, including a mammal, insects, and a lizard.

Let's see what they have to say.

1. What I know: IGUANA (Communication)
"All Oracle decks should communicate with the unparalleled skill of an Iguana. Fortunately, this deck does. Oh, you won't see me bobbing my head, extending my dewlap, strutting, or twitching my tail. But I will, on occasion, give you the famous "iguana glare." I will tell it like it is, clearly and without a lot of chit chat on the front end."

2. Where I'm going: PANSY (Reassurance)
"The name pansy comes from the French word pensée. In his play Hamlet, William Shakespeare wrote: “Pray you, love, remember. And there is pansies, that's for thoughts.” I am going into a garden filled with pansies -- for remembrance and for reassurance that I am loved. Won't you join me?"

3. If you're looking for this in a deck, you'd do well to look elsewhere: SLOTH (Relaxation)
"So you were hoping to put your feet up and take it easy, were you? No, I don't think I can go along with that. I'm no sloth! Yes, I know there is a Sloth card in the deck, but don't count on me to play that role."

4. What my readings are like: LUNA MOTH (Light)
"My readings glow from within, like moonlight in a pale green sky. I may show you joy or I may show you misfortune, but in every case, my light will guide you."

5. How I can help you grow and develop as a reader and otherwise: ORCHID (Obsession)
"I can help you by alerting you to any tendencies toward infatuation in your life. Plus, I have a few beauty tips I'd like to share with you."

6. My greatest strength: DRAGONFLY (Transformation)
"My greatest strength is my ability to inhabit two worlds -- water (emotions) and air (intellect). I am accessible to both your conscious and subconscious minds, and able to guide you through the stages of transformation to a higher state of being."

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