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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lenormand Horoscopes for February 2016

As I mentioned before, I know I’m not alone in doing Lenormand “Horoscopes,” but I do hope these will be fun and perhaps even useful for you!

This time, I am using the Freshly Squeezed Lenormand by Jean Hamilton-Fford (self-published). To read my review of this lovely deck, click HERE.

I realize that the Lenormand cards are meant to be read in “sets” rather than single cards. However, I am going to proceed, just to see what comes of it. The “Significant Numbers” listed at the end of each Horoscope are based on the numbers on the cards. These could refer to dates within the month or something entirely different.

I shuffled the deck and then drew cards 1-12 off the top.

Aries: MESSENGER (1)
In February, a messenger (probably a man) brings news to you, perhaps delivered by Air Mail. This message may give you pause for thought, so take time to think and reflect before reacting or responding. Significant number: 1.

Taurus: MESSAGE (27)
A letter, email, or fax arrives this month, requiring your attention and deliberation. The overall effect on your life depends on how you handle it. Significant numbers: 27, 9

Gemini: BLOCKS (21)
This month you are confronted by a significant obstacle or “block” in your path. It’s likely to be bigger or meaner than you imagined. Rely on your friends to make the best of a difficult situation. Significant numbers: 21, 3

Cancer: ANXIETY (12)
See that loud wallpaper? It represents the way that worries or anxieties can overwhelm us. Have you done something wrong? Do you fear that you have? This month, you are being challenged to see the positive side of things that seem to go wrong. A telephone call may play a role in this. Significant numbers: 12, 3.

Oh my. This card shows a black cat under a ladder, reaching for a magpie; a cracked mirror (7 years bad luck); an upside down horseshoe; a fallen broom; a snake crossing over the broom; and the number 13. Clearly, this is NOT your lucky month. Don’t place any bets or tempt fate, if you can avoid it.  Significant number: 7

Virgo: CHILD (13)
In February, your focus is likely to be on a child or young woman. It’s time to free your inhibitions and enjoy life! A new beginning is on the horizon, and you can proceed with confidence. Significant numbers: 13, 4

Libra: CLOUDS (6)
Simon and Garfunkel said it best: “Cloudy – the sky is gray and white and cloudy”. What does it mean? The key is to “look at clouds from both sides” (like Judy Collins) and evaluate your situation accordingly. Significant number: 6

Scorpio: WOMAN (29)
If you are a woman, this card could refer to you, to your own status as wife, mother, daughter, or sister. For both men and women, the month of February brings an emphasis on what it’s like to be female or perhaps a need for attention towars a specific female in your life. Significant numbers: 29, 11, 2

Sagittarius: RINGS (25)
A partnership is front and center this month, whether it involves marriage, a business arrangement, or friendship. What you do and how you act will have a bearing on whether you experience happiness or disappointment in this area. Perhaps it is time to make a commitment to a significant other? Significant numbers: 25, 7

Capricorn: LOSS (23)
Whether the loss occurs in the area of health, finances, or property, it may be hard to take. Along with loss, however, you have an opportunity to experience a transformation this month – to leave behind one stage or phase of your life and begin a new phase or stage. Significant numbers: 23, 5

Aquarius: MEETING PLACE (20)
In February, a gathering for business or pleasure takes center stage for you. This is a place of possibilities and opportunities, friendship and love. It’s group activity at its best. Significant numbers: 20, 2.

Pisces: FISH (34)
Well you have to love Fish showing up for Pisces in February! And success and good fortune sound good any time of the year. Accept the fact that some of the success implied by this card may not be immediate. Even so, there should be clear signs of it this month. Significant numbers: 34, 7

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Loan and Closing Issue Revisited

Today I am revisiting an issue I have addressed on previous occasions with the Lenormand deck. In August, I asked “Will her loan be approved before the end of the year?” The cards leaned towards a “Yes” answer, with a hint of delay or obstacles. In November, I asked “Will the closing on Mom’s house take place before December 31, 2015?” The cards again suggested “probably yes” but there were possible complications. These previous readings can be found _HERE_ and _HERE_.

Here we are deep into January, and we are still waiting for the underwriter to complete loan approval and send the loan package to the buyer. Our latest “guestimate” for a closing date is “by February 15.”

So let’s see what the Under the Roses Lenormand by Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) can tell us in answer to the question: “Will the closing on Mom’s house take place by February 15, 2016?” (Remember, cards from a red suit indicate "yes", whereas cards from a black suit indicate "no.")

The Answer:

The Locket (Jack of Hearts / Yes)
The Tree (7 of Hearts / Yes)
The Letter (7 of Spades / No)

Gah! Once again, the cards are playing themselves “close to the vest.” I thought for a minute I was going to get an unqualified “yes” but The Letter showed up with an alternative view.

The Locket (24) – AKA The Heart in other Lenormand decks -- is typically about love and romance, happiness, bliss, contentment. I don’t know about “love and romance” but I know a lot of people who will experience “happiness, bliss, contentment” once the closing takes place!

The Tree (5) tends to be about life, health, growth, and environment. The closing will allow several people to “get on with their lives” in good health.

The Letter (27) tells us that some sort of news, message, communication, or information may yet cause a delay or obstacle to the process of loan approval and closing. Who knows what this could be? The buyer has to be allowed three days after receipt of her loan package before a closing can be scheduled, so it’s possible that the hitch will come at that point, even after the underwriter signs off on the loan.

I can hardly wait.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Problem Solving with the Baroque Bohemian Cats

Like most people, I have a variety of relatively small problems that plague me from week to week. I am going to use the Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot by Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov (Magic Realist Press) to explore one problem in particular.

I am using a Problem Solving Spread presented by Jeanne Mayell in a _blog post_ from April 4, 2015. Jeanne Mayell does not provide a layout for this spread, so I decided to place the cards in this manner:


(1) Nature of the problem: FIVE OF CUPS

The suit of Cups tells me that the nature of this problem is rooted in my own feelings, emotions, and subconscious attitudes. With the Five, we are looking at a sense of loss or a perspective that sees the glass as “half empty.” As Karen Mahony puts it, “unnecessary pessimism… looking on the down side.” In other words, this problem is a problem because I feel it’s a problem.

(2) What led up to the current problem: FOUR OF SWORDS

Retreat and reflection, a “time out” of sorts, seems to have led up to this problem. I stopped “doing” and focused on thinking, analyzing, and critiquing (suit of Swords). This has caused me to focus on the perceived problem.

(3) Current attitude/actions that preserve the status quo: HERMES

This card is a “rogue card” that doesn’t fit into the traditional Tarot structure. Karen Mahony tells us that  “Hermes put himself into the deck last-minute and totally unexpectedly. That's why there is nothing about him in the book - when I wrote the book (and indeed when it was printed) I had no idea that this trickster god was about to barge his way in.”

So what can we say about Hermes that might explain how a current attitude or actions preserve the status quo (the problem)? Hermes is primarily seen as Messenger of the gods, a Roman equivalent of Mercury. Now, Mercury is associated in traditional Tarot decks with The Magician. Like The Magician, Hermes can be seen as a cunning, clever, trickster character. He served as a psychopomp, or an escort for the dead to help them find their way to the afterlife (the Underworld in the Greek myths). Hermes is the patron of commerce, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings.

It’s really the “trickster” quality of Hermes that stands out to me in this reading. He is a messenger, of course, but do I really understand where (or whom) his messages come from? Is he delivering false information that feeds my misperceptions? As long as I continue to buy what he is selling, I will feel that there is a problem.

(4) Secondary gains from staying in the situation: QUEEN OF CUPS

If I decide to remain in this situation (as opposed to walking away), secondary gains can be found in the Queen of Cups, a double-Water lady with what Mahony describes as “sensibility matched with common sense, a productive creativity. . . ability to combine artistry with real-world success, a love of beauty and the arts.” This resonates with me quite perfectly. Creative but grounded, emotionally open yet never neurotic or out of control. This is what I can evolve into if I stay in the situation while also heeding the messages of the other cards. Her energy is certainly the type I need to embrace and develop if I am to solve this problem while remaining in the situation.

(5) Necessary changes in attitude/actions: EIGHT OF WANDS

One major change that needs to take place is a shift from discouragement and disappointment (Five of Cups) to activity and a “full speed ahead” approach. I need to become excited, optimistic, enthusiastic – and proceed accordingly towards my goal(s).


I must say, this is not the sort of Outcome I wanted to see in this reading. The Five of Pentacles tends to suggest poverty and deprivation, perhaps at a physical or material level. The feeling harkens back to the Five of Cups in the sense of being exhausted, disappointed, and anxious about that “half empty” glass. Perhaps the cards are saying that this is where I’m headed if I do NOT heed the messages of the preceding cards. The Five of Pentacles can also allude to help that is available, that I am not aware of.  I have to have the confidence and determination to look for it before it can be given. Family members and friends can be supportive, or there may be an “institution” that can be of assistance.

All of this makes sense to me. I think the most difficult thing is to be “excited, optimistic, and enthusiastic” when I just don’t see a reason for it. I am hoping the Eight of Wands is, in fact, telling me that there IS a reason to have that positive outlook and attitude!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sherlock Holmes Card of the Day: Dr. John Watson (Strength)

The Sherlock Holmes Card of the Day is:
Trump 8 / DR. JOHN H. WATSON

In The Sherlock Holmes Tarot by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan (Sterling Ethos), the Strength card is portrayed by Dr. Watson, originally portrayed in films as something of a bumbler, kind of a “straight man” to Sherlock Holmes. Upon closer scrutiny, however, it becomes clear that Watson is a highly intelligent man and able-bodied assistant to the great detective.

The Holmesian Wisdom for Strength is: “If I have one quality upon earth it is common sense.” This quote is from Watson’s diary, as recorded in The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Keys for this card, upright, are: “self-discipline, enduring strength, balanced exercise of one’s abilities, health of mind, body and spirit, moral certitude without self-righteousness, courage to accept challenges, fortitude.” Reversed meanings: “reversal of fortune, delay and stasis.”

The book that accompanies this deck also provides interpretations for each card under the headings “The Game” and “The Fog.” The former elaborates on the upright keys, while the latter expands on reversed meanings. An example from “The Game” for Strength: “the strength to keep going when the problem appears to have no solution. . . You are resourceful, but may need to tame the desire to meet opposition in a combative way. Strength held in check remains a reserve which you can tap into.” Examples from “The Fog”: “Weakness, an inability to grasp the problem or to find the energy necessary to combat the situation. An inability to master your fears. . . Feeding your fears gives them strength over you; acknowledging your limitations helps you survive.”

Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce
More recently, films have depicted Dr. Watson in very different ways. For example, in the television show “Elementary,” Dr. Watson is JOAN Watson, played by actress Lucy Liu. In the TV series “Sherlock,” Benedict Cumberbatch’s Holmes is accompanied by Martin Freeman as the good doctor. Jude Law plays Dr. Watson in the movie starring Robert Downey, Jr., as Holmes. I confess that although these Dr. Watsons are quite acceptable to me, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Nigel Bruce, who teamed up with Basil Rathbone in the 1940s for my favorite version of Sherlock Holmes.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Flight of the Dragon with Tarot Draconis

As a follow-up to _my recent reading_ with Davide Corsi’s Tarot Draconis (Lo Scarabeo), I am using a spread called "The Flight of the Dragon" provided in the Little White Book (LWB) that comes with this deck.

A layout was not provided in the LWB, so I designed this one using _“Dragon, 1989”_, an image created by Joe Crawford.

1. The Dragon’s Den. Your starting point. The energies available to you.
2. The enemies. The obstacles – external or inner – you will find along the way.
3. The Fire of the Dragon. The inner resources you are often not aware of.
4. The updrafts. The intuition that can help you to soar to new heights.
5. The allies. External support that your despondency prevented you from seeing.
6. The arrival. Perhaps it is not where you thought you would arrive, but this is what you need to attain a new level of awareness.

The Flight of the Dragon

1. The Dragon’s Den.


My starting point and energies available to me come from The Dragons of Twilight – “the Shadows. . . that realm in between, inhabited by ghosts and restless souls.” The suit signifies knowledge, clarity, and intelligence. The Ten of Swords is “The crypt of Memory. Conclusion of a cycle.” Its message is: “Detachment is sometimes liberating.” I begin my flight at the end of a stage or phase of my life – perhaps a mental stance or state of mind that needs to be released and left behind. I cannot start this flight until I commit to a new stage or phase.

2. The enemies.


My enemies come also from The Dragons of Twilight, in the form of The Winged King. Although he is often responsible for innovations or invention, he also tends to display a lack of empathy. A detachment that goes too far. So while my starting point/energies tell me that detachment can be liberating, this King warns me that extreme detachment is my enemy. I must find a balance between intellect and emotion.

3. The Fire of the Dragon.


Perfect from an elemental standpoint, The Fire of the Dragon (the inner resources I am often not aware of) appears as the Ace of Wands, from The Dragons of the Battle. The suit is Fire; the Ace represents initiative and courage, a new beginning fired by enthusiasm, optimism, assertiveness, and creativity.

4. The updrafts.


It is hard to imagine a more appropriate card to represent the intuition that can help me to soar to new heights. Linked in astrology with the Moon (emotions, intuition, and the subconscious), The High Priestess brings the exceptional power of the Major Arcana to uphold me in flight. Preparation for my flight includes gathering energies and studying the ancient language. This dragon tells me: “Delve into yourself and abandon your thoughts to the intuition of your superior self.” Indeed, I can be the wind beneath my own wings.

5. The allies.


External support that my despondency prevented me from seeing comes from The Dragons of Wealth in the form of the King of Pentacles, master of reliability and pragmatism, The King of the Harvest. My allies consist of that which I have sown and now reap. Inner richness rather than material goods or money are represented here. They come from within.

6. The arrival.


It seems appropriate that my allies (King of Pentacles) would guide me to The Gate to the Kingdom (10 of Pentacles), a solid foundation and sense of well-being. My spiritual “feet” will be planted firmly on solid ground. I will be secure and stable enough to realize that even as I arrive at one destination, I must prepare to depart on another flight, moving upward, forward, inward as I travel to another turning point represented by the number Ten.

* ~ *

What a marvelous set of cards! Look at how the reading begins with the Ten and King of Swords (positions 1 and 2) and ends with the King and Ten of Pentacles (positions 5 and 6). In the middle I have Fire (Ace of Wands) and Water (High Priestess). The balance shown here is amazing and, I believe, significant.

Notice how the Fire of the Ace of Wands bursts out of the calmer, cooler grays and greens of the other cards. Such a brilliant blend of the steadiness of Earth, the detached cool-headedness of Air, the deep-diving introspection of Water, and the blazing spark of Fire.

I think I am going to enjoy this flight! Fastening my seatbelt…

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Reading with the Deck of 1000 Spreads and Tarot Draconis

One of my blog readers recently inquired about the readability of Tarot Draconis by Davide Corsi (Lo Scarabeo). I did a review of this beautiful deck back in 2014, but have not worked with it much. To read the review, click HERE.

For today’s blog entry, I am going to create a spread using Tierney Sadler’s Deck of 1000 Spreads (Llewellyn) and use Tarot Draconis for the reading. To read my review of 1000 Spreads, click HERE.

I am going to choose cards at random from the 1000 Spreads deck to determine the positional definitions (and perhaps the question) for my spread.

As suggested by Tierney Sadler, I first removed the green Card of the Day, the green Significator card, and the blue Clarification card from the deck. I then separated the green Topic cards from the rest, shuffled them, and asked Spirit to give me a suitable topic.

My topic for this reading is: GOAL
Description: “Indicates the goal you are trying to achieve.”

I am now going to put that Topic card at the top of the spread and create a pyramid using five more cards, like this:


From the non-green cards in the deck, the following came forward for this reading:

(2) DISAPPOINTMENT / Reveals a past or upcoming disappointment.

(3) WHAT TO TAKE FROM THE PAST / A past mindset or quality that’s working for you.

(4) FUTURE / Future state of the situation in question, timing 1-6 months

(5) WHAT TO AVOID / A subtle warning or heads-up about a potential stumbling block or obstacle coming down the road. Could also suggest a precautionary action.

(6) FRIENDS AND FAMILY / The energy and attitudes friends and family bring to the topic.

And now the reading:

(1) GOAL: Five of Wands

My Goal comes from The Dragons of the Battle (suit of Wands) in the form of number Five. It is clear from the image on the card that the knight depicted is facing a major challenge or difficulty. A huge dragon’s claw rests across his body, pinning him to the ground. I can see a couple of possibilities here. My Goal may be to survive or (best case scenario) beat a serious challenge I face. Or, if I see myself in the dragon’s role, my Goal may be to repress or suppress opposing energies or entities using my superior size and strength. Either way, I’m looking to win this competition, challenge, or battle.

(2) DISAPPOINTMENT: Two of Pentacles

The Dragons of Wealth come forth to represent a past or upcoming disappointment related to my Goal. Perhaps they depict an earthly pairing or partnership that failed (or will fail) to provide me with the security, stability, or financial support needed for me to reach my Goal. There is a sense of uncertainty here, as well as inactivity or lethargy.

(3) WHAT TO TAKE FROM THE PAST: Knight of Wands

The Dragons of Battle return for position 3 in the form of the Knight, representing creative imagination and idealism. These are qualities I embraced and expressed more in the past than I do now. I have allowed disappointment and lack of sufficient success to dampen my enthusiasm and vision related to my Goal. I need to reclaim and revive those traits within myself.

(4) FUTURE: Ace of Pentacles

We swing back to the realm of the physical and material for a glimpse of the Future. This time it is the Ace – the number One, representing an opportunity for a new beginning or a new stage in the physical or material aspects of my Goal.

(5) WHAT TO AVOID: Three of Pentacles

A consolidation of efforts or work in a physical, material sense is depicted on this card.  It is possible that I am being advised to avoid such a consolidation, but it seems more likely to me that this card is advising me to avoid ignoring or rejecting an opportunity for such a consolidation or collaboration. Certainly if/when I see such an opportunity, I will evaluate it carefully before accepting or rejecting it.

(6) FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Four of Pentacles

I really like this choice the 1000 Spreads deck made for Position Six. Friends and family matter to me as pursue my Goal. I want to understand how my activities affect them and how they might influence the approach or path I take. Once again we are rooted in the physical, material realm with the Four of Pentacles. Here, a dragon guards a treasure chest that sits atop a mound of gold. This card sometimes warns against hoarding or greed, but it can also advise us to guard or protect our physical, material situation, including health, money, property, and so forth. I see this card as telling me that my family and friends “have my back” and stand ready to help me achieve my Goal from a physical or material standpoint. They offer security, stability, and a reinforcement of the values that I employ along my path.

It strikes me that this reading is all Fire and Earth, two elements that are viewed as “neutral” in terms of how they interact (in other word, neither strengthening nor weakening toward each other). From an astrological standpoint, my birth chart has dominant Fire (Sun) and Earth (Ascendant, Moon). In my experience, these energies push back and forth sometimes, with Fire wanting action, excitement, and forward progress and Earth preferring peace, quiet, and gradual movement. I may want to make use of both energies in pursuit of my Goal if I hope to win or succeed.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Old English Tarot: 7 of Batons

In today's blog entry, Helen Howell continues her exploration of cards from the Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

Old English Tarot
Seven of Batons
by Helen Howell

I’m kicking off the new year with some more Old English Cards and as usual comparing their meanings agains the traditional Rider Waite Deck. 

Rider-Waite Tarot
First let’s take a look at the traditional Rider Waite 7 of Wands. As you know this suit’s element is Fire and is expressed through action and creativity. In the Rider Waite illustration we see a man standing atop a cliff. Six wands are below him and he has one wand held up in a defensive pose. You could almost say he is standing his ground. This is a card that speaks of courage and willpower and the ability to remain flexible in a challenging situation.

Now when we look at the Old English depiction, we get a very different picture. We have a figure walking along with the aid of a walking stick. The trees to the side of him are wind blown and his cloak is also wind blown. It looks like the wind is pushing him along.  Indeed it may well be a challenge for him to keep on course! However, the figure keeps going towards his goal and so this card also speaks to us, although in a less dramatic way than the Rider Waite, of courage, willpower and the ability to remain flexible in the face of an obstacle in order to overcome it.

I like the Old English visual as it’s less aggressive than its more traditional brother and to me it speaks of quiet courage. Of having the willpower to see something through to a successful finish -- and not only willpower but sheer determination to overcome any difficulties one may come up against. Why he may even be using that wind behind him to help him move forward! And there we have the element of flexibility to work around that obstacle so that it doesn’t hinder but can be put to good use.

Either way both these cards speak of the need to keep moving and keep learning new skills in order to stay on top. But both tell us that although one can be successful it will not come without some hard work. (Have you tried walking in a very strong wind? ^_^ )

LWB says:
Gain, overcoming challenges and obstacles, success.
Reversed: Anxiety embarrassment

Monday, January 4, 2016

January Lenormand Horoscopes

I know that I’m not alone in doing Lenormand “Horoscopes” but I do hope these will be fun and perhaps even useful for you!

I am using the Mystical Lenormand deck by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter with illustrations by Urban Trösch (AGM Urania)

I realize that the Lenormand cards are meant to be read in “sets” rather than single cards. However, I am going to proceed, just to see what comes of it. The “Significant Numbers” listed at the end of each Horoscope are based on the numbers on the cards. These could refer to dates within the month or something entirely different.

I shuffled the deck and then drew cards 1-12 off the top.

Aries: GENTLEMAN (28)
In January, a proud, confident man looms large in your life. A noble? A pirate? A soldier? Someone who has a pine marten as a pet? Dress the part, act the part, and he might even be you! Male sexuality may be a topic of importance this month. Significant numbers: 28, 10, and 1.

Taurus: TOWER (19)
A young, elegant, richly dressed woman looks out of the upper window of this Tower. The door is closed. No boat is in sight to carry her away. She is imprisoned by the authority of her father. Situations may arise this month where you feel alone, withdrawn, or separated from the rest of the world. Linked with the planet Saturn, this card is trying to teach you about limitations and how you deal with them. Significant numbers: 19, 10, 1

Gemini: OWLS (12)
A telephone call may bring worry, stress, excitement, or unrest this month. A feeling of instability prevails that may relate to a married couple or two older people in your life. The planet Uranus – planet of change and upheaval -- rules this card, so stay alert. Significant numbers: 12, 3

Cancer: PATHS (22)
A decision needs to be made this month, and the best choice may not be obvious to you. Carefully consider the alternatives, asking yourself questions like: “Where does this path lead?” - “Do I want to get there?” – “What should be my next step?” Be decisive but open to compromise. The zodiac sign Libra rules this card, further reinforcing the idea that a decision is not easily made. Significant numbers: 22, 4.

Leo: FOX (14)
Lies, intrigue, and betrayal – oh my! Something is rotten in the state of [wherever you live] this month, and you are going to have to engage your brain to avoid being deceived. What does the fox say? I don’t know, but it’s probably not true, whatever it is! Significant numbers: 14, 5

Virgo: HEART (24)
As James Taylor wrote, “Shower the people you love with love.” This lucky card can foretell a new love, happiness, and joy. It also portends that your suffering will be relieved if you find yourself in an unpleasant situation. Here there is generosity and cordiality for all. The astrological connection for this card is the 7th House, House of Partnerships and Marriage. Significant numbers: 24, 6

Libra: CROSS (36)
We all have our cross to bear, as the saying goes, and this month you may be more aware of that than usual. But remember, your neighbor may be carrying an even heavier burden, so carry yours without complaint. You may have to go through a brief period of failure, but try to see it as a learning process that enables progress and growth. Here you experience the energy of the astrological 12th House, House of Sorrows and Self-Undoing. Significant numbers: 36, 9

Scorpio: SNAKE (7)
What is your initial reaction to this creature? Many people would say fear or loathing. That is because the once venerated, sacred serpent was degraded by Christianity and became a symbol of evil. Your interpretation is what is important here. You may interact with an experienced, intelligent, efficient older woman who can be trusted, or you may be in danger of going astray or being betrayed. Interestingly, the astrological mate to this card is the sign Scorpio. Significant number: 7

Sagittarius: LILIES (30)
Like the Japanese woman on this card who practices ikebana (the art of flower arrangement), you have an opportunity this month to experience and create harmony, peace, and beauty. The Lilies may also suggest an emphasis on a new partner and/or sexual adventures. A creative mentor or benefactor may come to your attention. Significant numbers: 30, 3

Capricorn: RING (25)
If you like it, then you better put a ring on it! It is in your best interests to create a serious, meaningful alliance or bond in either your personal or professional life. A circular theme may be evident this month, the sensation of going around and around. The loyal, determined zodiac sign Taurus is linked with this card. Significant numbers: 25, 7

Aquarius: CLOUDS (6)
As Simon and Garfunkel sang, “Cloudy, the sky is gray and white and cloudy / Sometimes I think it's hanging down on me.” It’s not clear what the clouds on this card mean, which contributes to your confusion this month. Disappointments, threats, or unstable moods are possible this month, thanks to Neptune, planet of illusion  – but these will not last very long. Eventually a beam of light will break through. Significant number: 6

Pisces: FLOWERS (9)
The highly social bumblebee buzzes around a bouquet of summer flowers on this card, portending good luck and friendship. You have every reason to expect success in a certain matter. You may need to fulfill an obligation to a female relative, friend, or colleague, but you will enjoy it. Make use of your natural charm and diplomacy. Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, reinforces the beneficial nature of this card. Significant number: 9

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Package: Readings for 2016

To celebrate the dawn of the Year 2016, Helen and I are each doing a reading using a spread she designed called “New Year Package.” (As always, we acknowledge the possibility that someone else has come up with a similar spread, but to the best of our knowledge it is an original spread, created by Helen.)

If you try this spread do let us know how you go.  Happy New Year to you all!

The  layout looks like this:


Positional definitions are:

1: What should I focus on in 2016?
2: What do I need to release?
3: What do I need to add?
4: One thing to change to make 2016 a success
5: Based on the above cards the overall outlook.


Shuffling up the Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy (U.S. Games Systems)...

1:  What should I focus on in 2016? - 9 of Wands

The Joie de Vivre reminds me that I have the courage to see things through regardless of what obstacles I may encounter. I need to focus in 2016 on this inner strength that exists to give me the courage to see my endeavours through to their conclusion. Let willpower, strength and patience be my key words to focus on in this coming year.

This is a No. 9 card which in Tarot can often represent struggles, self-evaluation and ultimate goal. We often see a single figure on a number 9 card and this indicates that what is achieved is done purely by your own hard work and self-determination. It as a number backs up what the 9 of Wands suggests, which is I focus on determination and willpower.

2: What do I need to release?  The Fool

The Joie de Vivre laughs at me and says, “Don’t be a fool and be afraid of the unknown.” What I need to release is my fear of treading new ground and open myself up more to the possibilities that new adventures can offer me.  All I need to do is trust in my intuition and know that I am the designer of my future - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

3: What do I need to add? 10 of Swords

I need to add a new perspective to the way I look at things. Recognise that I can change nothing that has gone before, and therefore let it be. But instead like the girl in the image, I can follow the stream to a new beginning and leave the end far behind. This card backs up what I need to release, for the future is mine to make. Remember that Swords is all about communication and thoughts. It is our thoughts that create our tomorrow so I need to keep mine positive in order to start again.

This is a No. 10 card and it’s a number that represents endings and beginnings all in one  1+0= 1.  10 often shows us what we’re aiming for and helps us  realise what holds us back but also marks for us the next step to start again.  It shows us in the card for this position that I have to realise which of my thought patterns don’t work for me and how I can improve them in order to move forward.

4: One thing to change to make 2016 a success - Six of Cups

I need to take off my rose coloured glasses and stop longing for things that no longer exist. Don’t live in the past. Instead let it help you create a better future. Take the best memories and lessons and let them help to form a better foundation from which to start. Look hard at what worked for me in the past and update it to work in the future.

No. 6 in Tarot often represents the harmony that can be achieved. It’s a number that allows us to take time to appreciate the good things we have in life and this in turn helps us move onwards and upwards. In relation to the Card and position it points out the fors and againsts  of what we choose to remember and how we use it to mould our lives.

5: Based on the above cards the overall outlook. - 4 of Wands

If I can follow the advice of the previous cards then the outlook for 2016 is a favourable one.  It denotes success and happiness along with stability and the ability to work with and alongside others in order to achieve this success.

The No. 4 in Tarot can often suggest stability, structure, security and material completion but it also can lean towards entrapment, containment and limitation. However, in relationship to the card and its position this number reinforces the idea of structure and stability.  It’s a number that you often find can relate to logic and reason. It indicates that if one acknowledges their own limitations then they can work within these confines to overcome obstacles and achieve a success.

It appears to me that my New Year Reading for 2016 holds a lot of promise. That is providing I can step up and meet any challenges and not be afraid to try something new or venture where I haven’t been before. Re-evaluate my thinking patterns and use what has been successful for me in the past to help form a good foundation for the future, rather than long for what has gone before.  Then it sounds like I will have a good working foundation to create whatever future I desire.

* ~ *


I am using The Wheel of Change Tarot by Alexandra Genetti (Destiny Books).

1: What should I focus on in 2016? THE WORLD

I should focus on a spiritual journey that leads to “wisdom and knowledge; perfection, completion, and fulfillment.” (Genetti) The World is the last card of the Major Arcana, and as such represents the culmination or achievement of wholeness and unity. I need to focus on bringing together and harmonizing Earth, Water, Air, and Fire in order to gain a deeper understanding of life.

2: What do I need to release? KNIGHT OF CUPS

In The Wheel of Change Tarot, this card references the Christmas season: “In the softly falling snow, a black man plays his soulful music, donating his time to help to feed his brothers and sisters who struggle through the year on the streets of the city without a home.” (Genetti) I think perhaps this card is telling me that I need to release the tendency to feel that as one person, I cannot save the world or humanity, and therefore any effort I make to help others is meaningless. The individual on this card is just one person, yet he is doing what he can to make a difference. That is what matters.

3: What do I need to add? KNIGHT OF WANDS

Here we see a Tibetan Buddhist monk meditating with a Dorje (the scepter of Indra, the Hindu thunder god). I am not Buddhist or Hindu, but I can see this card as representing “the will and the joy of living with a goal of truth and enlightenment.” (Genetti) The suit of Wands (Fire) does indeed represent the will, along with growth, creativity, and activity. Genetti writes that I need not necessarily take up meditation. “Whatever you take up is meant . . . to connect you to the heavens as well as to the earth. . . Fill your home and world with calm, or fill it with your music or paintings.”

4: One thing to change to make 2016 a success: TEN OF DISKS

This card depicts “Drums of Many Cultures in the Summer Sun.” Not surprisingly, Genetti presents the Ten of Disks as “symbolic of the rhythm of the whole earth. . . The varied physical elements of your life are all beginning to fall into a common pattern and rhythm.” This card is about finding my inner and outer rhythm, feeling the pulse of life within and without, hearing the sound of the drum and awakening to its power.

5: Based on the above cards the overall outlook: QUEEN OF SWORDS

To Genetti, the Queen of Swords “represents the pinnacle of woman’s wisdom and intellect. . . She combines great mental capacity with superb feminine intuition gained in her life experience.” With Queens being linked to Water and Swords to Air, the Queen of Swords blends heart and mind. Here we find the power of memory and the strength found in calm reflection and meditative thought. The Japanese woman on the card is described as “old” – and the winter scene represents that season of life. She sits comfortably on the floor, firmly connected to earth and the natural world. This card is specifically connected in this deck with New Year’s Day, a symbol of rebirth and one of the most important Japanese holidays. By heeding the messages of the preceding cards, my overall outlook for 2016 is the achievement of a balanced mind, body, and feelings.

Speaking of balancing the elements, I notice that I have one each of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, plus a Major Arcana card that incorporates all four. Very nice.

I also notice that not only do I have three Court cards in this reading, but they are arranged in the layout side by side across the middle. To me, Court cards are the most personal cards in the Tarot, often referring to qualities or traits within ourselves that have a significant impact on outcomes. The Queen of Swords flanked by the Knight of Cups and the Knight of Wands presents a message that deserves further contemplation.

At the top of the layout I have the last card of the Major Arcana, and at the bottom I have a Ten, the last card in any suit. It appears to me that 2016 will contain at least one important turning point or ending/beginning, a new direction, or the end of one stage and the start of a new stage in my life.