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Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Reading with the Deck of 1000 Spreads and Tarot Draconis

One of my blog readers recently inquired about the readability of Tarot Draconis by Davide Corsi (Lo Scarabeo). I did a review of this beautiful deck back in 2014, but have not worked with it much. To read the review, click HERE.

For today’s blog entry, I am going to create a spread using Tierney Sadler’s Deck of 1000 Spreads (Llewellyn) and use Tarot Draconis for the reading. To read my review of 1000 Spreads, click HERE.

I am going to choose cards at random from the 1000 Spreads deck to determine the positional definitions (and perhaps the question) for my spread.

As suggested by Tierney Sadler, I first removed the green Card of the Day, the green Significator card, and the blue Clarification card from the deck. I then separated the green Topic cards from the rest, shuffled them, and asked Spirit to give me a suitable topic.

My topic for this reading is: GOAL
Description: “Indicates the goal you are trying to achieve.”

I am now going to put that Topic card at the top of the spread and create a pyramid using five more cards, like this:


From the non-green cards in the deck, the following came forward for this reading:

(2) DISAPPOINTMENT / Reveals a past or upcoming disappointment.

(3) WHAT TO TAKE FROM THE PAST / A past mindset or quality that’s working for you.

(4) FUTURE / Future state of the situation in question, timing 1-6 months

(5) WHAT TO AVOID / A subtle warning or heads-up about a potential stumbling block or obstacle coming down the road. Could also suggest a precautionary action.

(6) FRIENDS AND FAMILY / The energy and attitudes friends and family bring to the topic.

And now the reading:

(1) GOAL: Five of Wands

My Goal comes from The Dragons of the Battle (suit of Wands) in the form of number Five. It is clear from the image on the card that the knight depicted is facing a major challenge or difficulty. A huge dragon’s claw rests across his body, pinning him to the ground. I can see a couple of possibilities here. My Goal may be to survive or (best case scenario) beat a serious challenge I face. Or, if I see myself in the dragon’s role, my Goal may be to repress or suppress opposing energies or entities using my superior size and strength. Either way, I’m looking to win this competition, challenge, or battle.

(2) DISAPPOINTMENT: Two of Pentacles

The Dragons of Wealth come forth to represent a past or upcoming disappointment related to my Goal. Perhaps they depict an earthly pairing or partnership that failed (or will fail) to provide me with the security, stability, or financial support needed for me to reach my Goal. There is a sense of uncertainty here, as well as inactivity or lethargy.

(3) WHAT TO TAKE FROM THE PAST: Knight of Wands

The Dragons of Battle return for position 3 in the form of the Knight, representing creative imagination and idealism. These are qualities I embraced and expressed more in the past than I do now. I have allowed disappointment and lack of sufficient success to dampen my enthusiasm and vision related to my Goal. I need to reclaim and revive those traits within myself.

(4) FUTURE: Ace of Pentacles

We swing back to the realm of the physical and material for a glimpse of the Future. This time it is the Ace – the number One, representing an opportunity for a new beginning or a new stage in the physical or material aspects of my Goal.

(5) WHAT TO AVOID: Three of Pentacles

A consolidation of efforts or work in a physical, material sense is depicted on this card.  It is possible that I am being advised to avoid such a consolidation, but it seems more likely to me that this card is advising me to avoid ignoring or rejecting an opportunity for such a consolidation or collaboration. Certainly if/when I see such an opportunity, I will evaluate it carefully before accepting or rejecting it.

(6) FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Four of Pentacles

I really like this choice the 1000 Spreads deck made for Position Six. Friends and family matter to me as pursue my Goal. I want to understand how my activities affect them and how they might influence the approach or path I take. Once again we are rooted in the physical, material realm with the Four of Pentacles. Here, a dragon guards a treasure chest that sits atop a mound of gold. This card sometimes warns against hoarding or greed, but it can also advise us to guard or protect our physical, material situation, including health, money, property, and so forth. I see this card as telling me that my family and friends “have my back” and stand ready to help me achieve my Goal from a physical or material standpoint. They offer security, stability, and a reinforcement of the values that I employ along my path.

It strikes me that this reading is all Fire and Earth, two elements that are viewed as “neutral” in terms of how they interact (in other word, neither strengthening nor weakening toward each other). From an astrological standpoint, my birth chart has dominant Fire (Sun) and Earth (Ascendant, Moon). In my experience, these energies push back and forth sometimes, with Fire wanting action, excitement, and forward progress and Earth preferring peace, quiet, and gradual movement. I may want to make use of both energies in pursuit of my Goal if I hope to win or succeed.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing Tierney's deck in action. I love the element of surprise when you pull the positions for your spread.


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