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Friday, March 20, 2020

COVID-19 Reading with The Playing Card Oracle

A lot of tarot readers and astrologers are weighing in on the coronavirus pandemic. I wanted to do something here at Tarot Notes, but wasn’t sure exactly what. I don’t do much mundane astrology (well, none, really) so I won’t get into any of that.

In terms of tarot, during a brief meditation, the Playing Card Oracles divination deck by Ana Cortez and C.J. Freeman (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) came through loud and clear, announcing itself as the deck that should be used for this reading. If you are interested in reading my review of this deck, click HERE .

So many questions can be asked about this confusing, distressing event. This reading will not attempt to predict the future or address health issues. Instead, I am hoping to receive insight into what might help me (something to seek or embrace) during this pandemic, what might harm me (something to avoid), and finally, an overall message to keep in mind.

(1) what might help me (something to seek or embrace)


In this deck, Spades is the suit of material form and physical being. Mardoc (a Court card somewhat comparable to the King of Pentacles in traditional Tarot decks) exemplifies mastery over earthly affairs. Well, this COVID-19 pandemic is certainly an “earthly affair” with enormous impact on the physical, material world.

Industrious, efficient, and stubborn, Mardoc can also have a cold, unforgiving nature and assume the role of “terminator.” According to Ana Cortez, “His throne is the deathbed, the inevitable final stage of all Spade manifestations.”

For me, as something that might help me during this pandemic, I can see where the energy and fortitude represented by Mardoc might useful, whether coming from within myself or from other people or entities trying to overcome this crisis. This is not a time to be overly emotional or weak-spirited. However, it is difficult for me to see how the “heartless, cold, unforgiving” aspects of this card could be helpful.

(2) what might harm me (something to avoid)

DEJA (12 of Hearts)

Comparable to the Queen of Cups in traditional Tarot decks, Deja represents emotionally mature energy, a sensitive and empathetic nature, a quiet knowing and internal focus – yet she can also be withdrawn or reserved. It seems strange that she has appeared in this reading as something that “might harm me” (something to avoid). I can only deduce that an excess of her qualities could create a problem as I cope with the pandemic. With her eyes closed, she could be withdrawn in a harmful way, unable or unwilling to see things the way they really are.

As with all Court cards, it is possible that this card refers to another person in my life whose beliefs, attitudes, behavior, or tendencies could interfere with my wellbeing. 

(3) overall message to keep in mind

SOUTH WIND (4 of Diamonds)

The number Four often represents structure and organization. In this oracle deck, each Four represents one of the cardinal “winds.” For the suit of Diamonds (Fire), it is the South Wind. The suit of Diamonds is comparable to the suit of Wands in the Tarot, so we need not be surprised to find that the Four of Diamonds can bring disturbances, unplanned circumstances, confusion, and misunderstanding. Things are certainly “abnormal” these days, and we don’t seem to know exactly what to expect from day to day. The key message here, then, is: “Plan on the unplanned.” Things will go amiss; lines will get crossed. This card also can represent a sense of humor, an ability to joke – something that almost always improves a situation.

It is interesting to me that the first two cards are Court cards, pointing to the importance of my own personal traits or tendencies and/or those of other people who might have an effect on my life. It really is all about people – acting both as individuals and together. The South Wind is something of a “wild card” (in more ways than one), and its energy is likely to be prevalent for quite some time to come.