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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Six-Card Spread for Clarity

This spread is provided in The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot Guidebook by Ashawnee Dubarry (Red Wheel Books). I am using The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot (illustrated by Coni Curi) for the reading. You can see my review of this deck _HERE_

I found this reading with this deck to be very insightful, helpful, and true for me.

The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot

Positional Definitions

(1) Feelings
(2) Needs
(3) Concerns
(4) The Present Moment
(5) The Obstacle
(6) The Future Outcome

My Cards and Interpretations

(1) Feelings: THE TOWER

Trying to be honest here, I am not sure I understand how The Tower represents my feelings. However, I realize that lately (more than usual), I am keenly aware that everything can turn upside down suddenly, without apparent warning. That is the nature of life itself, and as I grow older, I am somewhat fearful of the types of unexpected changes that could occur. I would like to be prepared for “anything” to happen, but I don’t feel prepared. I am ever so slightly on edge at all times, subconsciously if not consciously. 


I need to feel that I am secure and stable, and can afford to be generous to those I view as less secure/stable. As one might expect with the suit of Pentacles, I experience this primarily as an “Earth” issue – finances, health, possessions, security. Interestingly, this is a card I often associate with my husband, as it appeared long ago in connection to him. I think it is very true that I need what he offers and provides on many levels, particularly at an “Earth” level (physical, material realm), as indicated by the suit of Pentacles.

(3) Concerns: THE STAR

The positive traits represented by The Star include faith, hope, peace, inspiration, and renewal. I think perhaps my concern is that (as seen in The Tower), the things in which I have faith and hope can be upturned and changed at any time. It’s as if having something just makes me realize that it can be lost, and that is concerning.

(4) The Present Moment: KING OF SWORDS

Interestingly, I often see this card as representing my husband, a Gemini with his Moon in Libra (both Air signs, and Swords being the suit of Air in the system I use). It is certainly true that I rely on my husband’s intelligence and judgment in many, many ways. Any sudden change in his role in my life would be a “Tower” situation for sure. 

(5) The Obstacle: TEN OF SWORDS

I tend to interpret this as something I “can’t get past” for some reason. In other words, I am stuck irrationally clinging (mentally) to a difficult, painful cycle in my life, and this affects my ability to feel safe and secure. I need to figure out how to let go and move on.

(6) The Future Outcome: TEN OF CUPS

When I use a “future outcome” position in a reading, I bear in mind that the Tarot cannot predict the future with any certainty. There are simply too many variables that influence the future. What I do see here is that there is a strong possibility that I am likely to experience a positive, emotionally fulfilling outcome, due in part, perhaps, to family support and connections with those who matter to me. There is a sense of innocent trust in this card, perhaps indicating that the “concerns” represented by The Star will be overcome. My fears about a “Tower” experience may or may not be well founded. What matters is that ultimately, going forward, the helpful, positive energy is strong.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Interview with The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot

The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot
Deck and Guidebook
For Fierce Women
by Ashawnee DuBarry
Illustrated by Coni Curi
Publisher:‎ Red Wheel

As promised in my _REVIEW_ of this deck, I am now sharing a Deck Interview.

(1) How would you describe your essence or essential energy? 


I do place a value on rules and tradition, but I am not a slave to them. In fact, I caution you against following these things too rigidly. I am able to act as a spiritual mentor or guide when you need counsel. 

(2) Which card do you feel reflects my essence or essential energy?


I feel you are someone who is always ready to explore new beginnings in the area of thoughts or communication. You welcome opportunities to see more clearly and to express yourself more thoughtfully.

(3) What story do you hope to tell me? 


I hope to tell you a story of how the divine feminine nourishes emotional needs and intuits what those needs might be. This is the story of sensitivity, receptiveness, and compassion – and of releasing emotions in a healthy way.

(4) What should I not expect from you? 


Do not expect me to cause you deep hurt or suffering, or to assist you in holding onto pain from another source. My purpose will always be to heal and to help you move on.

(5) Which card most closely represents us as a team? 


As a team, we have the ability to turn a corner together at the end of a painful cycle, to accept the reality of whatever has happened, and to release hurt and pain. As a team, we can do this for anyone who seeks our insight or advice.