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Monday, November 30, 2015

Lenormand Birth Chart: Part 1

Lenormand Birth Chart
Part 1

Just for fun, I decided to explore my astrological birth chart using Regula Elizabeth Fiechter’s astrological associations for the Mystical Lenormand (AGM Urania). Feichter incorporates the 12 signs, 12 houses, 10 planets (or luminaries), Chiron, and Lilith into her system of associations for the 36 Lenormand cards.

I am covering my Sun, Moon, and Mercury in this blog post.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 4th House = The Key (33), The Clover (2), The House (4)

KEY/SUN: Although there is a Sun card in the Lenormand deck (31), Feichter links that card with the sign Leo, which is ruled by the Sun in astrology. She links The Key (33) with the astrological Sun.

CLOVER/SAGITTARIUS: In the middle, we have The Clover (2), associated by Fiechter with the sign Sagittarius. I don’t know for certain what her reasoning was, but The Clover card typically symbolizes good luck. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, Planet of Luck and Expansion.

HOUSE/4th HOUSE: It’s neat that the Fourth House (House of Home and Family) is linked with The House card from the Lenormand deck. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Also, the number Four typically represents stability and security – what we all hope to have in our house or home.

According to Feichter, The Key combined with The Clover represents “Luck” and “A matter has a good conclusion.” The Clover combined with The House: “Happiness in your home.” The Key combined with The House: “Stable home” or “New home.”

The Key to my identity, my Self, my spirit (Sun) is optimism, luck, and a sense of well-being (The Clover), providing stability, security, and a strong foundation (The House). A lot of truth in this.


Moon in Taurus in the 8th House = The Lilies, The Ring, The Coffin

LILIES/MOON – The Lenormand Lilies typically represent harmony, peace, purity, and innocence. Other aspects include family and sexuality. In astrology, the Moon represents emotions and the subconscious. This astrological association doesn’t work as well for me as others that Fiechter makes, but it will do.

RING/TAURUS – The Ring is about lasting alliances and connections like marriage or an employment contract. Long-term bonds are a fitting link to the sign Taurus, an Earth sign known for loyalty and reliability, a sign ruled by Venus, planet of love and appreciation.

COFFIN/8TH HOUSE – An appropriate choice here, as the 8th House in astrology is the House of Death, Taxes, Shared Resources, and Sex. As one astrologer puts it: “Physical death is inevitable and other symbolic deaths occur every day.” It’s all about “letting go” of an attempt to control one thing or another.

Feichter’s keyphrases:
Lilies + Ring = strong ties to family; sexual relationship
Ring + Coffin = widow or widower; end of a relationship
Coffin + Lilies = disease in the family; trouble with the family; no sex

My emotions and subconscious are deeply involved with family connections and/or problems. “Family” becomes especially important when we note that the Moon rules the sign Cancer, the sign linked with home and family in astrology. “Family” here clearly includes relationships with spouse, parents, children, siblings, etc.


Mercury in Capricorn in the 4th House = The Rider, The Mountain, The House

THE RIDER/MERCURY – I like this association, with Mercury being the planet of communication and the god Mercury being a messenger. The Rider often represents news or something new occurring. In this deck, he wears a winged helmet and winged shoes (further supporting the Mercury association).

THE MOUNTAIN/CAPRICORN – Feichter writes that “hostility, obstacle, blocks, stubbornness, and burden are associated with this card.” This interpretation works well with the zodiac sign Capricorn, an Earth sign ruled by Saturn, planet of lessons and limitations. (Also, I can't help thinking of a Mountain Goat!)

HOUSE/4th HOUSE: It’s neat that the Fourth House (House of Home and Family) is linked with The House card from the Lenormand deck. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Also, the number Four typically represents stability and security – what we all hope to have in our house or home.

Feichter’s keyphrases:
Rider + Mountain = wait for news; message leads to responsibility
Mountain + House = cannot leave, doesn’t want to leave house; block regarding house
House + Rider = mailman comes to the house; young man visits the house

My ability to communicate or deliver messages may hit large obstacles from time to time, especially in the setting of home and family. The Rider cannot move through The Mountain, but must go around, which takes a long time, before finally arriving at the destination.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Will the Closing Take Place Before Dec. 31?

Well here I am again “dabbling” in predictive Lenormand readings. This time for a real-life person who wants to know, “Will the closing on Mom’s house take place before December 31, 2015?”

Today I am using the Mystical Lenormand deck by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter, painted by Urban Trösh (AGMüller / U.S. Games Systems Inc.) This deck does not incorporate playing card associations (suits), so I am taking odd-numbered cards to represent a “No” answer and even-numbered cards will represent “Yes.”

The Answer:

THE SNAKE (7) ... THE CLOUDS (6) ... THE BOOK (26)

In brief, one odd and two evens equals a “probably Yes” answer. The Snake, to me, suggests possible complications or manipulation that might affect the closing date.

Fiechter tells us that THE SNAKE plus THE CLOUDS can represent “inscrutable woman.” Does this refer to the buyer? Or might it refer to an attorney or lender who plays her cards close to the vest? THE CLOUDS by itself can indicate an older man/ex-husband who is unreliable or inscrutable. I happen to know that the buyer’s ex-husband, an older man, has been helping her with the purchase of the house. Is he somehow going to cause a delay or postponement of the closing?

Fiechter writes that THE CLOUDS plus THE BOOK represents “mysterious threat; all is hidden in the dark.” That doesn’t sound good. THE BOOK plus THE SNAKE: “clever, educated woman; mistress; mysterious woman.”

Even though the odd/even method does suggest that the closing is likely to take place before December 31, 2015, it may have to overcome a troubling undercurrent of mystery, inscrutability, and capriciousness in order to do so.

This is not a “comfortable” reading, in my opinion. I will be interested to see what happens.

UPDATE: The closing did not take place in December, but it seems likely that it will occur around January 15, 2016. 

NEW UPDATE: The closing was tentatively scheduled for January 25, but has now been postponed for "a week or two" depending on when the underwriter gets the loan package done. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sherlock Holmes Card of the Day: The Giant Rat of Sumatra (Wild Card)

The Sherlock Holmes Card of the Day is:
Wild Card

As John Matthews and Wil Kinghan point out in their book The Sherlock Holmes Tarot (Sterling Ethos): “Sherlock Holmes had several cases involving Sumatra, an island in the Dutch West Indies. . . It is the reference to the case of the Giant Rat of Sumatra that gives us the subject of the wild card. This case is never written up by Watson, who declares it to be too horrific to describe. . .”

This delightful creature is first mentioned by Arthur Conan Doyle in "The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire". In that story, Holmes says to Watson: “Matilda Briggs was not the name of a young woman, Watson, ... It was a ship which is associated with the giant rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared.”

Wikipedia has quite a lot of information about the Giant Rat of Sumatra, complete with sources and links to other material: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_Rat_of_Sumatra

You can also find a lot of information about giant rats in general on Wikipedia, if you are so inclined: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_rat

Yikes! So how might we use this wild card? Again quoting Matthews and Kinghan: “The wild card may act as both an independent significator and a means of locating stand-out cards within the deck which you need in order to pursue your enquiries.”

The Giant Rat of Sumatra card has no intrinsic meaning of its own, and therefore can be used in a number of ways. One suggestion provided by the deck’s creators is to shuffle it into the deck and wherever it appears, the card next to it will give the answer. When it appears in a draw, it may indicate that you need to return all the cards to the deck, reshuffle, and draw again.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Yes or No: Was Lula murdered?

I paused to do a reading about halfway through another mystery – this one by J.K. Rowling writing under the name Robert Galbraith. It’s called The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike Book 1).

SPOILER ALERT: If you are planning to read the book, 
don’t read this post. I will be revealing the correct answer 
to the question at the end of the post.

In the book, a famous model named Lula falls to her death from a window at her home. Suicide seems the obvious reason to many, but Lula’s brother isn’t buying it. He believes she was murdered and hires a private detective (Cormoran Strike) to investigate.

I asked the Playing Card Oracles Divination Deck by Ana Cortez and C.J. Freeman (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.): Was Lula murdered?

In the system I am using for this reading, red cards (hearts, diamonds) suggest a “yes” answer and black cards (clubs, spades) suggest a “no” answer.

Here are the cards that came forward to answer the question:

Playing Card Oracles Divination Deck

Fata Morgana (Red / 5 of Hearts): “Behold the reflection of a hag in the water and understand that this temptress is not what she seems. Many illusions (fata) will be cast upon the waters of our emotions.” (Cortez)

Field of Stone (Black / 8 of Spades): “The unluckiest card in the deck, the dense field of Spades represents numerous obstacles and the fruition of bad seeds.” (Cortez)

East Wind (Black / 4 of Clubs): “The old man wind symbolizes slow and weak forces, which generally take a long time to develop. The direction of East.” (Cortez)

First of all, that’s two black and one red, which suggests that it is unlikely (but not impossible) that Lula was murdered. Let’s see what else these cards might reveal.

It seems likely that deceit or illusions about something – probably believed at an emotional level -- contributed to Lula’s demise. The Five of Hearts also can represent a restless heart or “change of heart.” Fives in general suggest an influx of new energy, new possibilities and change. A Five may also represent a trap.

Obstacles or challenges and/or a “bad seed” coming to fruition also played a role. Eights in general can point to success, achievement, and rewards but can also indicate reaping a “bitter feast” due to poor choices or misfortune. The Eight of Spades suggests the possibility of bad timing or time “running out.” There may be a need to rethink things in the face of a threat from a group.

Forces that might have saved her were not strong enough or fast enough to make a difference. The Four is usually about structure and organization – or a lack thereof. With the Four of Clubs (The East Wind) we may be looking at things that occur over a long period of time, slow, deliberate, weak.


And now, here is Helen’s reading, using the Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck by Mary Hanson-Roberts (U.S. Games, Inc.)

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

“Well I got Justice, The Magician and Ace of Pentacles, so my cards are saying probably not. The message they seem to be giving me is that something happened maybe someone turned out not to be what they first appeared, was Lula involved in something that she couldn’t get out of?  I get the feeling that she had nowhere else to go; the Justice card makes me think that she weighed up all her options and chose the only way out of her situation. The Magician makes me think that someone tricked her into this situation; the Ace just confirmed that she took an idea and made it a reality.

So according to my cards she probably wasn’t murdered.”


THE ANSWER for the question “Was Lula murdered?”

Once again, both sets of cards seem to be “playing coy” with us, not offering a 100% “yes” or “no” answer. Both sets offer a probable “no” answer.

In fact, as I discovered when I reached the end of the story, Lula WAS murdered – by the very brother who hired the detective to prove she was murdered even though the police were convinced it was suicide. The brother – actually it was her adopted brother -- wanted the detective to unwittingly help him frame Lula’s real brother for murder to prevent the real brother (whose existence she had just discovered) from inheriting Lula’s money.

Regarding Helen’s cards: In the end, Justice was served, the trickster Magician was exposed, and Lula’s real brother (a soldier) got a new start in life with the fortune he inherited (Ace of Pentacles).

Concerning my cards: There was plenty of illusion involved (5 of Hearts). The “bad seed” coming to fruition (8 of Spades) can be said to refer to Lula’s adoptive brother, who not only murdered her but had murdered his natural brother many years earlier. The whole thing played out over a long, extended period of time and was caused by one man’s extreme weakness of character (4 of Clubs).

I am thinking there may be a need to modify or alter the method I use for providing a “yes-or-no” answer. I am certainly going to give it some thought!

Monday, November 2, 2015

November Kipperscopes

After the idea came to me of drawing a card for each zodiac sign from the Mystical Kipper deck by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter with illustrations by Urban Trösch (AGM Urania), I decided to do a search for the word “Kipperscopes” to see if someone else was already doing something similar. The only thing that showed up in my search was a racehorse named Kipperscope. I love it. (You can check him out over at the _All Breed Database_.)

Anyway, I’m sure it’s possible that someone else is doing “horoscopes” with a Kipper deck, so I certainly won’t claim it as my own original idea. That would be just silly. But please do allow me to draw a card for each of you lovely zodiac signs!

I do realize that the Kipper cards are meant to be read in “sets,” like the Lenormand, rather than single cards. However, I am going to proceed with this experiment as planned, just to see what comes of it. The “Significant Numbers” listed at the end of each Kipperscope are based on the numbers on the cards. These could refer to dates within the month or something entirely different.

So without further ado, here are your NOVEMBER KIPPERSCOPES!

I shuffled the deck and then drew cards 1-12 off the top.

Aries: Gloomy Thoughts (33)
Watch out for negative thinking, and try to avoid dwelling on discouraging aspects of your life this month. Don’t make any important decisions based on your feelings of discontent.  Significant Numbers: 33, 6.

Taurus: Good Gentleman (5)
This month, focus on your interaction with an influential man – father, an (older) brother, grandfather, uncle, acquaintance, colleague, or boss. This person has quite a lot of power and strength, and also has your best interests at heart. Significant Number: 5.

Gemini: Bereavement (19)
Something comes to an end this month. You cannot go on as before, and you need to rethink not only your current situation but what you want going forward. The reference is most likely NOT to the death of a person or animal. Rather, it is about saying goodbye to something or someone that has been part of your life but is going away. Significant Numbers: 19, 10, 1.

Cancer: Short Illness (31)
Well, it is “cold and flu” season, is it not? The discomfort represented by this card is nothing to sneeze at, but it is also likely to be short in duration, as long as you take appropriate steps to get well. If symptoms do not disappear in a short space of time, consult a medical professional. Significant Numbers: 31, 4.

Leo: Marriage Card (3)
While you may or may not be getting married this month, you are likely to experience an emphasis on relationships, be they to a partner, friends, or family. The key is to be willing to bond with someone at “the next level” in your personal or business life. Significant Number: 3.

Virgo: Great Happiness (26)
Well look at you! November brings you the success of a project, wishes come true, contentment, and/or wealth. Incorporate inner growth and self-awareness, and the month shapes up to be a clear winner. Even if you encounter a difficult situation, you’ll have the confidence and positive energy to overcome the challenge. Significant Numbers: 26, 8.

Libra: Grief and Adversity (32)
A challenge or two in the private or work sector of your life may arise this month. Something is likely to “give you grief” and you should consider yourself warned. The solution lies in approaching the problem actively with an eye to preventing a worst-case scenario. Significant Numbers: 32, 5.

Scorpio: Good Lady (6)
This month, a female relative or boss, lover, friend, or female confident takes center stage in your life. Her motherly, mature qualities can help you deal with any hardships you might experience. Consider the value of “old wisdom,” such as herbal and medicinal lore. Significant Number: 6.

Sagittarius: His Thoughts (16)
Where is your head at? Pay attention to your secret thoughts, uncontrolled thoughts, and sudden inspirations. No matter what you are dealing with this month, educate yourself on the matter and “give it some thought” before you take action. Significant Numbers: 16, 7.

Capricorn: A little Child (18)
Something in your life requires a whole new perspective or new beginning. You may want to start a new hobby or new job – or you might simply want to adopt a new attitude toward life. Another possibility is that an actual child needs your attention this month. Significant Numbers: 18, 9.

Aquarius: Meetings (4)
Whether it refers to your personal or professional life, this card is about the value of communication, giving and receiving, cooperation, teamwork, and negotiation. Your support may be needed by others, or you may need theirs. Either way, the connections you establish are important this month. Significant Number: 4.

Pisces: Success in Love (15)
Sorrows and problems be gone! It’s smooth sailing this month, with successful outcomes in all matters of the heart, family, friends, and society. If you are looking for a new love, this may very well be the month you find one. Significant Numbers: 15, 6.