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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Using "Sentence Structure" with Lenormand

Today I’m doing an exercise I have seen in several places using one of my Lenormand decks. As an English major and writer, naturally I love working with parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc.) so this just sounds like fun to me.

(1) Ask a question. Shuffle your deck and pull out 4 cards.
(2) The Adjective for card 1
(3) Subject for card 2
(4) Verb for card 3
(5) Adverb for card 4
(6) Interpretation in regards to the Question

My deck for this exercise is the Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) I’m asking the cards what factors, issues, or forces I need to be aware of next week (January 20-26).

Adjective: MOON (32)

spiritual, emotional, mysterious, subconscious, romantic, creative

Subject: CROSS (36)

grief, burden, guilt, suffering, possible redemption, religion

Verb: MICE (23)

whittle away, destroy, gnaw, cause anxiety, cause doubt, lie

Adverb: PARK (20) 

publically, socially, harmoniously, pleasantly

INTERPRETATION: Next week, I need to be aware of deep, subconscious feelings of grief or guilt that cause anxiety or doubt, possibly in a social or public setting that is supposed to be pleasant and harmonious.

I can imagine one or two scenarios that would fit this description perfectly, but I’m not aware that any of those are taking place next week. It will be interesting to see what this might mean.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year Spread for 2020

It’s New Year’s Day here in North America, so I am going to celebrate with a spread for 2020. I used this same spread on New Year's Day in 2015 here at Tarot Notes.

I am using “Joanna’s New Year Spread” from Journey through the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert (Llewellyn Worldwide). My deck is the Forest of Enchantment Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone with illustrations by Meraylah Allwood (Llewellyn).

The Spread

The Positions

1. What do I leave behind in the Old Year?
2. What do I open up to in the New Year?
3. Key Opportunity of the New Year
4. Key Challenge of the New Year
5. Hidden concern (pull from bottom of the deck)
6. Deep Wisdom / Advice from God/dess (pull from middle of the deck)
7. Key Theme of the New Year

My Reading

1. What do I leave behind in the Old Year? 

TWO OF VISIONS: I have to say that the appearance of this card gives me pause. If I interpret this card to represent a relationship with someone special, a soulmate, then leaving that behind in the Old Year seems sad to me. It sounds like there is a chance I will be separated from someone either by choice or circumstances.

2. What do I open up to in the New Year? 

ACE OF BOONS: Aces, of course, often signify new beginnings, certainly appropriate for something I “open up to” in the New Year. The Ace of Boons is a toad. Nice. But seriously, there are promises here related to the physical, material world – prosperity, healing – the element Earth. I will wear my gift of a toadstone ring with pleasure. (Since I make jewelry, perhaps I will try to find some actual “toadstone” to use…)

3. Key Opportunity of the New Year 

THE GREEN MOTHER (Key III): A powerful card (called “The Empress” in traditional decks), The Green Mother is all about fertility, creativity, and generosity. Her feminine power is unrivaled, and she connects us to the natural world, teaching us to love ourselves as well as everything around us. I may literally have an opportunity to act as a “mother” figure to someone, or perhaps even to my own “inner child.”

4. Key Challenge of the New Year

SEEKER OF BOONS: Seekers in this deck are similar to Knights in traditional Tarot decks. Each Seeker has a quest to fulfill and takes action to fulfill it. My challenge in 2020 is to be more like the Seeker of Boons – steady, dependable, practical, patient, good-humored. I need to move slowly and carefully, deliberately and methodically.

5. Hidden concern (pull from bottom of the deck)

KEEPER OF CHALLENGES: Keepers are akin to Kings in this deck, and the suit of Challenges is comparable to the suit of Swords. What is it about the Keeper of Challenges that makes him a “hidden concern” for me? One interesting comment I read in the guidebook for this deck is that “The Keeper of Challenges is not evil, but he’s not good either. This wizard is coolly neutral.” This cool, detached nature is perhaps something I am concerned that I cannot achieve. If I view this card as representing an actual person in my life, this is the card I associate with my husband. Like most of us approaching the age of 70, he has health issues, and it is possible that I have concerns about that, even if I try to keep them hidden.

6. Deep Wisdom / Advice from God/dess (pull from middle of the deck)

WEAVER OF CHALLENGES: Like the Queens in traditional Tarot decks, the Weavers in this deck represent feminine energy and power. The Weaver of Challenges can make my quest harder – whether for my own growth or to prove my worth. The wisdom/advice she offers is delivered with clarity, as she speaks her mind fearlessly. She teaches me to value intelligence and attention to detail, discipline and strong self-esteem. However, I also need to be careful that I do not adopt her less attractive traits, becoming emotionally withdrawn, overly critical, sarcastic, or touchy.

7. Key Theme of the New Year

THE FAERY WIND (Key VII): This card suggests that the key theme of 2020 involves things picking up speed and flowing swiftly towards a positive outcome. Change leads to success, and increased confidence is justified. Important news of my achievements is highly possible.

In summary, it appears that 2020 is likely to have some significant moments or situations for me, given that 4 of the 7 cards in the reading are Major Arcana cards. The element Earth has a strong presence (Ace of Boons, Seeker of Boons, The Oldest One).

An interesting mix of elemental energy in these cards, with Fire being noticeably absent. Challenges (Swords / Air) and Boons (Pentacles / Earth) are the most commonly represented. I am really curious about the relationship or close alliance I am leaving behind.