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Monday, May 23, 2022

When will my financial situation improve?

A sample reading using
The Goddess Tarot
by Kris Waldherr
(US Games Systems Inc.)

When will my financial situation improve?


Thank you for this opportunity to do a free three card reading for you through the Free Tarot Reading Network. You asked about your financial situation and when it will improve. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not a trained financial counselor. I always suggest that my clients get financial advice from someone who is trained in that field.

Before I continue with your reading, let me explain how I use the Tarot to answer questions concerning "when" something will happen. I do not believe the cards can give us the day or date or even a firm time frame in which something will take place. Instead, I ask the cards to help identify what needs to be done before the event in question (in your case, improved finances) can occur. For your 3 card reading I am using The Goddess Tarot. 

Below are the positional definitions I used, the cards I drew into those positions, and my interpretations.

Position 1. What you need to know: TEN SWORDS

It appears that the worst is over. You have an opportunity to turn a corner in the area of finances. The potential is high that your struggles will be reduced from this point forward.

Position 2. What you need to do: LOVE

There seems to be a need for you to harmonize your emotions and your mind rather than letting one dominate and control your decisions and actions where finances are concerned. I am willing to bet that emotions are the problem and need to be balanced by common sense and careful analysis. Once you have made progress in this area, financial matters are likely to improve. There is also a possibility that a new, important relationship with another person is on the horizon for you, and that the financial situation will be influenced by the development of this relationship.

Position 3. What you need to avoid: FOUR PENTACLES

Avoid spending more than you can afford to spend. Conserve and protect your resources. Be practical.

There seems to be a strong possibility that positive changes in your financial circumstances will occur when you have learned necessary lessons, increased your knowledge of financial issues, and put that knowledge into practice. You may already be well on the way to accomplishing this. 

Based on the birth information you provided, I see that when you were born the Sun (identity) and Mercury (the mind) were both in Gemini, an Air sign known for keen intellect. You seem to have the ability to work through these issues and gain better control.

It is my hope that the insight gained through this reading will help you make decisions and take action in line with your best interests. Always remember that your future lies in your hands. If you have time I would like to hear from you about your reading. Thank you for letting me read for you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Tarot Card of the Year 2022

One interesting way to use Tarot cards is to calculate which Major Arcana card represents a particular year. As you might guess, this involves adding the individual numbers of the year to arrive at a total that matches the number of a Major Arcana card.

For background, here are my thoughts about the card for 2021:

2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5 = THE HIEROPHANT

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

I typically see this card as representing organized religion and/or established entities, methods, and traditions. On one hand, as an American, I might see this as encouraging because it suggests that the “traditional” operation of government is going to prevail, in spite of efforts to create a government in which the Executive Branch has more power than any other.

At the same time, I can see The Hierophant as an indication that organized religion -- particularly the “conservative Christian right” – will continue to increase pressure and build power in order to try to bring society at large in line with their beliefs.

Wow. I do see all of this in what actually happened in 2021.Now let’s move on to 2022.


Card for 2022

 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6 = THE LOVERS

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

As anyone who has studied the Tarot will tell you, when The Lovers card appears, it may or may not be about a romantic relationship. Historically, there are other meanings. Some Lovers cards depict a man who appears to be trying to decide between two women (one of whom is usually young and beautiful, while the other is a “wifely sort,” whatever that means). That representation suggests that a choice needs to be made.

The Lovers can be about a partnership of any kind, not just romantic. However, it does suggest a sense of “yin-yang”  -- aka masculine/feminine, positive/negative, etc.  In The Lovers, we can see apparently opposing energies coming together to create a stronger, more powerful “whole.”

What energies might “come together” in 2022? Will we see more attempts at cooperation and compromise between “far right” and “far left” factions in politics? Might we see a more literal interpretation in which men and women are able to reach a common ground in some area(s)?

Overall, I think this card indicates a positive, helpful energy. Writing about the occult meaning of numbers, Paul Foster Case gives the following keywords for Six: "balance, equilibration, symmetry, beauty; harmony of opposites, reciprocity; complementary activities, polarity, love." Let’s hope for that, shall we?

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