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Monday, July 30, 2018

Circle of Life Tarot Reading

I recently gifted myself the beautiful and perfectly round Circle of Life Tarot, with artwork by Maria Distefano (Lo Scarabeo). I am taking it for a spin (round deck… spin… get it?) using an 8-card spread I found in The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot by Johannes Fiebig and Evelin Burger (Llewellyn Publications). The spread is called “Living with Uncertainty.”

The cards are laid out in a circle (of course!). Below are the positional definitions and the cards I drew into those positions:

(1) this is possible: QUEEN OF WANDS
With my Sagittarius Sun, I consider this card to be one of my significators, and in this deck, the appearance of a satyr evokes the idea of the centaur that represents the sign. This card is about creative focus and creative talents. The spirit of Fire is passionate, optimistic, and “active” or outward-directed. It is possible to be this Queen and to manifest her active energy.

(2) this is important: NINE OF SWORDS
Nightmares, anxiety, stress – these are important in the sense that they can distract or interfere with our lives, even when they are not based on real or serious threats.

(3) this is courageous: THE WHEEL (X)
It is courageous to understand, accept, and adapt to the cycles of our life, the ups and downs, ins and outs, times of plenty and times of want. Most courageous of all is to remain steady at the center of the wheel instead of letting fortunes or failures dictate how we feel and how we act.

(4) this is trivial: THE MAGICIAN (I)
Perhaps this is meant to suggest that feeling powerful, in control of every area of life, is not the most important thing. In fact, it may be the least important thing.

(5) this is necessary: NINE OF CHALICES
It is necessary to believe that wishes can come true and that we can accomplish great things of which we can be proud.

(6) this is lighthearted: SEVEN OF PENTACLES
I love that the instruction booklet (written by Bepi Vigna) describes the person on this card as “mischievous.” The card represents a bountiful harvest, gathering resources, and satisfaction from a job well done. A lighthearted celebration is in order!

(7) this is witty: ACE OF WANDS
A human baby forms a yin-yang shape with a baby bird within the womb of a single egg. The human baby holds a seedling. This is indeed a “witty” look at creation from an unusual perspective. The Ace, of course, is about beginnings – in this case, human, bird, and plant. All ready to be born. All ready to grow.

(8) this takes you farther: ACE OF CHALICES
The woman on this card seems to have no reservations or qualms about diving down into a shell that rises from the ocean. She trusts that she will be taken care of, that all will be well for her. Since this is the suit of emotions, we might say that she trusts her feelings or her “heart” to take her farther and deeper, without fear.

With three “ones,” a “ten,” and two “nines,” I get a strong impression of ending and beginning, a turning point, the end of one cycle or stage and the beginning of a new cycle of stage. Led by the Queen of Wands, the cards turn and spin in a dance of fire, air, earth, and water.


  1. Thank You, Zanna! "I recently gifted myself the beautiful and perfectly round Circle of Life Tarot" TOO, and your reading of your spread is very helpful for me and my lame eng )

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I know you'll enjoy this deck.

  2. I cant seem to acess the pdf guide, can any one help me out... where do i get an interpretation of these cards from , im in the uk.

    1. I didn't know there was a pdf guide. I hope you find what you're looking for.


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