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Thursday, November 14, 2019

"Will I have new love in my life soon?"

A sample reading using
Tarot of the Gnomes
Art by Antonio Lupatelli
(Llewellyn/Lo Scarabeo)

Will I have new love in my life soon?


Before I continue with your reading,  I need to let you know that really few things are "written in the stars." Most results and consequences derive from our own patterns of behavior and activity or inactivity, awareness or non-awareness. Because our futures are not etched in stone, the Tarot helps us to see the *possibilities* in our lives. Let's look at the possibilities related to your question.

For your 3-card reading I am using Tarot of the Gnomes. This is a somewhat "quirky" deck, yet I have found that it can provide helpful insight into all kinds of issues. I drew three cards to represent: (1) energy currently surrounding this matter, (2) a potential obstacle, and (3) a potential opportunity.

(1) energy currently surrounding this matter

Although the gnome on this card may seem pitiful, notice that he is smiling as he holds out his hand as if to catch the huge coin hanging in the air above him. I think this does reflect your current feelings about your situation in terms of your love life. You mentioned that you have been alone almost a year now with your three kids. You may be feeling not only lonely but "impoverished" in various ways. What I like about the Eight of Pentacles here is that it suggests help is on the way. However, with Pentacles being the suit of Earth, things may develop more slowly than you would like.

(2) a potential obstacle

The woman on this card carries a heavy burden, and I think this could refer to the heavy responsibilities and duties you bear as a single parent. However, I do think that this card is saying that your worries about your situation may actually be an obstacle that interferes with your ability to seek and find a fulfilling love relationship. I am wondering if the "help" suggested by the Eight of Pentacles could refer to help with your children, which would relieve some of your burden and free you to be more receptive to relationships at all levels.

(3) a potential opportunity

Here we move back to the suit of Pentacles, and we see the Knave holding a large coin aloft. You can almost imagine him standing above the person on the Eight of Pentacles, dropping the coin into the beggar's hand. In this deck, the Knave of Pentacles is subtitled "Loan." The loan may not involve money, but is probably going to be available in some area of your everyday work and domestic life. There is perhaps a person or organization that might play a role in presenting you with opportunities for a fulfilling love relationship. Like the Eight of Pentacles, the Knave seems to be saying, "You don't have to go it alone."

Your original question is what we call a yes-or-no question. In other words, the answer can be "yes" or "no." In my experience, the Tarot isn't very reliable in answering yes-or-no questions. However, using a method that I am familiar with, these three cards seem to be saying that the potential isn't strong for you to have a new love in your life "soon" but that there is potential. As I mentioned above, this could develop more gradually or more slowly than you would like.

My purpose in doing this reading is to offer options, possibilities, and perspectives for you to consider. I hope I have succeeded in doing that. Always remember that you are in charge of your destiny and only you can decide the best way to act in your situation.