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Sunday, September 12, 2021

A Reading with Nature's Wisdom Oracle

Nature’s Wisdom Oracle
by Mindy Lighthipe

(1) Message from the Universe: DAFFODIL (Sincerity)

My message from the Universe comes from the Daffodil, a lovely yellow flower that heralds the beginning of Spring where I live. Among other fascinating facts provided by the guidebook that comes with Nature’s Wisdom Oracle, we learn that “The name daffodil is derived from the Dutch word affodyle and means ‘that which cometh early.’ By sending the Daffodil, the Universe is reminding me to be sincere, truthful, and honest in all that I do. I get a sense also that I have an opportunity to start a new "season" in my life, a fresh approach to some area (although the literal season coming up is autumn).

(2) What I need to release: HUMMINGBIRD (Energy)

It’s easy to see why Mindy Lighthope chose “energy” as the keyword for the Hummingbird. They are amazing to watch as they fly forward, backward, up, down, and sideways, and hover in midair. Bursts of energy are useful, but in this reading, the Hummingbird is telling me “What I need to release.” Perhaps this is a message to let go of or release any tendency I have to move too fast or to use all my energy at once, which can lead to burnout.

(3) What I need to focus on: PRAYING MANTIS (Danger)

Meanwhile, the Praying Mantis is advising me to focus on “Danger.” Something I’m doing or the direction I’m heading in could very well take me into a difficult, hazardous situation. Lighthope tells us that the word “mantis” means “prophet.” This creature is known for ambushing its prey and devouring it alive – I would be wise to be careful and cautious to avoid becoming a victim.