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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Seer's Fan with Madame Endora

Madame Endora beckoned me from my Oracle deck bookcase today, and when Madame Endora beckons, I always respond. It turns out she was in the mood to do The Seer’s Fan reading from the guidebook that comes with her deck (published by Monolith Graphics, featuring artwork by Christine Filipak).

This spread uses six cards, with five of the cards laid out in a fan above the card in Position 1 (hence the name, The Seer’s Fan).

The positions are defined as follows:

(1) Represents me or my present situation
(2) Concerns health and physical well-being.
(3) Represents love and friendship in my life.
(4) Represents an immediate concern.
This card is the strongest oracle of future events.
(5) Represents spiritual harmony.
(6) Signifies wealth and material prosperity.

Here we go!

(1) Represents me or my present situation

THE MOON: You will be guided through darkness.

The Moon is one of the cards in a group titled “The Elements” in this deck. These eight cards depict celestial bodies and forces of nature that “surround and influence us every day.” Like The Moon in the Tarot, Madame Endora’s Moon card is dual-natured, representing illumination and discovery but also secretiveness or a “dark side.” So it seems that my present situation has both an obvious, illuminated aspect to it, but a not-so-obvious or hidden aspect as well. There is something I am not aware of that perhaps I need to become aware of, or gain clarification on. I’m not seeing something as clearly as I could or should.

(2) Concerns health and physical well-being.

SEDUCTION: Passion and romance await.

Well, this card seems like it should be in Position 3, but it is not, so let’s see what we can make of it. Seduction is one of ten cards in a group titled “The Realm of Fable.” These cards depict “various beings from ancient lore.” They represent “outside forces that guide and influence, motivate and hinder…” So somehow the idea that “passion and romance await” is influencing my health and physical well-being. I’m going to have to wait and see if the meaning of this card in this position becomes clearer to me with time.

(3) Represents love and friendship in my life.

SERENDIPITY: Bright new prospects are on the horizon.

Also part of “The Realm of Fable,” Serendipity is a night faerie who represents “an unexpected yet favorable turn of events, a chance meeting or discovery…” Okay, now I’m beginning to wonder how the combination of Seduction and Serendipity might interweave or interact, affecting health, physical well-being, love, and friendship. I’m certainly not looking for any “new prospects” in love, so I think this must refer to friendship. At the same time, I’m still trying to understand the meaning of Seduction in Position 2!

(4) Represents an immediate concern. This card is the strongest oracle of future events.

THE GRYPHON: Honor and good luck.

The Gryphon is a member of a group of ten cards called “The Bestiary” in this deck. I do like “honor and good luck” as “the strongest oracle of future events,” but I am wondering what the “immediate concern” might be. The Gryphon can represent a risk that reaps rewards. There is also a sense of “lofty ideals and high expectations.” Could be interesting.

(5) Represents spiritual harmony.

THE STARS: A long journey brings rewards.

Another member of “The Elements” group, The Stars point to a voyage “that spans a great distance,” as well as a possible separation or reunion. My journey towards spiritual harmony is likely to bring rewards, which is a nice thought. I do think of spirituality as a journey or voyage, following (or creating!) a path and making one’s way along it.

(6) Signifies wealth and material prosperity.

THE SATYR: Revelry and indulgence.

Back we go to The Realm of Fable for The Satyr. As one might imagine, this character is “playful, mischievous and prone to overindulgence.” Music, dance, revelry, celebration… bring it on! Wealth and prosperity can make it possible to live the high life, if one so chooses, but there is always a danger of losing control and going in for the “decadent, lustful and lewd behavior” The Satyr is famous for. I truly don’t think I’m in any danger of that, but I have to wonder about that Seduction card again.

These cards do contain some encouraging news or messages, but it looks like I may need to be alert as time goes on for situations or behaviors that would not prove beneficial for me!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Egg Spread from Helen

Please celebrate Easter with my fellow creator of Tarot Notes, Helen Howell, here to demonstrate her Easter Egg Spread!

Easter Egg Spread
created by Helen Howell on 27th March 2013

Easter seemed the perfect time to try out this spread again and demonstrate the Old English Tarot in action. I first showed this spread back in 2013 and I hope you enjoy using it once more.

image copyright Helen Howell

The layout is a simple horizontal three cards in a line.

1: Undo the Bow:  This is the potential that exists for me.
2: Peel off the wrapping: The new beginning that I hope for.
3: Break into the chocolate: The first step I must take to manifest this goal.

The Old English Tarot by Maggie Keen
Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

1: Undo the Bow: Three of Cups
This card indicates a healing for me, where mind body and spirit can come together in harmony. The potential here for me is to bring about a satisfactory conclusion. (I know what this card is talking about and some of it’s health issues and some is relationship issue.)

2: Peel off the wrapping: The Moon
What I like about this image is that Moon shown is not a full moon but a New Moon. A New Moon can represent promise and of course the Moon in general does also represent creativity. So I guess the first step I should take is to clear all negativity from my mind and use my creativity to formulate a better approach to my particular problems.

3: Break into the Chocolate: Three of Swords
In this image I see three swords hanging over a castle, the castle being the goal, the place of security and abundance. The first step I need to take to bring about my goal is to set aside disappointments of the past. Clear away any conflicting thoughts I have about these two particular situations and gain a better sense of perspective which will show me the path towards that castle.

In conclusion then these three cards from my Easter Egg reading tell me that I can heal and bring harmony to body, mind and spirit if I clear all negative thoughts from my mind, and instead use a creative approach to solve problems. The very first step I need to take is to eliminate conflicting thoughts and to set aside disappointments from the past.  The past is the past and that’s where it should stay. Today is always another opportunity to do better. ^_^

~ Helen Howell

Monday, April 10, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Things Spread

Copy Cat! Copy Cat! Okay, I will own that I am being a “Copy Cat.” I am copying this spread from Ellen at greyladyshearth.blogspot.com. Ellen got it from _Magpietarot_.

Since I’m being a Copy Cat, I will use one of my cat Tarot decks – Cat’s Eye Tarot by Debra M. Givin, DVM (US Games Systems, Inc.) – for my reading.

(c) Givins / US Games Inc.
From the Wands: Where does my confidence shine?


Celebration; Freedom; Excitement

My confidence shines when I am free to follow the dreams and paths that excite my interest and give me cause for celebration.

(c) Givins / US Games Inc.
From the Cups: What brings me joy?


Deeper Meaning; Moving On; Weariness

For me, joy comes with the discovery of deeper meaning in life, moving on from that which brings weariness or disappointment.

(c) Givins / US Games Inc.
From the Swords: Where do I feel wise?


Stalemate; Blocked Emotions; Avoidance

I feel wise when I can overcome a stalemate, unblock emotions, and avoid situations or people that tend to create negative conditions.

(c) Givins / US Games Inc.
From the Pentacles: What makes me feel safe & secure?


Teamwork; Planning; Competence

I feel safe and secure when I am a member of a team or close-knit group, able to plan and execute events and efforts competently.

(c) Givins / US Games Inc.
From the Majors: Which underlying energy will make it all possible? 


Temperance; Balance; Health; Combination

As a Sun-sign Sagittarius, this is my Tarot card, one that represents to me not only temperance in its traditional interpretation (moderation, restraint) but the ability to combine, blend, and balance opposing energies in a healthy, helpful manner.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Reading with the Dream Fairies

The beautiful ladies of the Dream Fairies deck (Bianca Luna, Julia Jeffrey / Lo Scarabeo) called to me this morning, inviting me to create a spread that combines the two spreads included in the guidebook that accompanies this lovely deck. (To read my review of the Dream Fairies oracle, click HERE.

One spread from the book uses two cards with the positions representing the positive side of a situation and the dark side of the same situation. The other spread uses five cards to represent us and our dreams, how we can make them come true, obstacles to be overcome, the advice of the Fairies, and the direction our dreams will take.

My combo-spread uses five cards:


(1) positive side of a situation (seen clearly, strong points to be developed)
(2) dark side of a situation (cannot or will not be seen, deceptions we may fall for)
(3) how to make the most of the positive side
(4) how to overcome the dark side
(5) the most likely direction the situation will take

And the Fairies say. . .

(1) positive side of a situation (seen clearly, strong points to be developed)

ASTRID, The Fairy of Taurus

Here we have the fairy connected to my Moon sign, Taurus. Key qualities of this fairy and this sign include patience, stubbornness, and determination. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus also has a keen appreciation for beauty and pleasure in life. So, these characteristics are seen clearly in the positive side of the situation and/or represent strong points to be developed. I get the sense that, on a positive note, patience and determination can win the day. Notice that Astrid is accompanied, appropriately, by a dog, known for loyalty and steadfast dependability.

(2) dark side of a situation (cannot or will not be seen, deceptions we may fall for)

ALMA, The Fairy of Virgo

I love that this fairy is connected to my Rising sign, Virgo. (This is turning out to be a very personal reading from these fairies!) Although Taurus and Virgo are both Earth signs, they are also quite different from each other. Virgo prides itself on organization, order, perfection, and a focus on health. So apparently something in that mix is contributing to “the dark side” of the situation. I think perhaps the message is that even though I may think organization, attention to detail, and a perfectionistic attitude are useful or necessary, those things may actually create problems and obstacles. Alma-Virgo also focuses on daily life and the routines of life, and perhaps focusing too narrowly on those things is a problem.

(3) how to make the most of the positive side

Tami, The Fairy of Scorpio

This “lady” is not  a key part of my birth chart, so it’s interesting to see her in this position. She is apparently able to make the most of the benefits provided by Astrid (Taurus). That makes sense from an astrological perspective, as Earth (Taurus) and Water (Scorpio) are highly compatible elements. However, as you can probably see from Julia Jeffrey’s gorgeous illustration, Tami is a creature of the night. She looks deeply and feels strongly. Her gifts of introspection, daring, and a craving for risk can offset the steady-as-you-go nature of Astrid/Taurus so that things don’t grind to a halt. And Tami prompts the Seeker to explore the Self and the Soul to understand the truest and deepest meaning of life. Like Astrid, Tami is accompanied by a dog, but hers doesn’t convey the same steady temperament I see in Astrid’s companion. Tami’s dog looks as if he might bound away in pursuit of prey or a playmate at any minute.

(4) how to overcome the dark side

Ariel, The Fairy of Aquarius

Now we can see how an Air sign/fairy (Ariel – Aquarius) might overcome the obstacles presented by an Earth sign/fairy (Alma – Virgo). When I look at these two cards side by side, the fairies face each other, and it is clear to see that Alma-Virgo is serious and careful, where Ariel-Aquarius is adventurous and open to all possibilities. I can almost imagine Virgo’s look of anxiety upon hearing of the escapades Ariel-Aquarius is considering. So the way to overcome a tendency toward obsession over details, safety, security, and daily routine is to welcome the spirit of non-conformism and encourage objectivity and openness to new ideas. Virgo tends to be a solitary soul (the Tarot card associated with this sign is The Hermit), and Aquarius is the sign of friends and groups and sociability. Relax! Explore! Interact!

(5) the most likely direction the situation will take

Lilium, The Fairy of Sagittarius

My Sun sign, Sagittarius (a Fire sign), finally makes an appearance in this reading in the form of freedom-loving, confident, optimistic Lilium. Flexible, dynamic, and willing to change, Lilium tends to be quite jovial and is always ready for travel and adventure. If I can use the energies expressed in the other cards in this reading, I increase my chances of experiencing freedom physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For Lilium, stagnation is not an option.  

I love this group of fairies with their zodiac signs that seem to match the prominent signs of my birth chart. I like that all of the elements are represented in this reading. The coloring of all but one of the cards is green, yellow, and taupe or tan. Tami/Scorpio stands out in her violet and black hues, drawing my attention for a purpose, perhaps.