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Monday, April 10, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Things Spread

Copy Cat! Copy Cat! Okay, I will own that I am being a “Copy Cat.” I am copying this spread from Ellen at greyladyshearth.blogspot.com. Ellen got it from _Magpietarot_.

Since I’m being a Copy Cat, I will use one of my cat Tarot decks – Cat’s Eye Tarot by Debra M. Givin, DVM (US Games Systems, Inc.) – for my reading.

(c) Givins / US Games Inc.
From the Wands: Where does my confidence shine?


Celebration; Freedom; Excitement

My confidence shines when I am free to follow the dreams and paths that excite my interest and give me cause for celebration.

(c) Givins / US Games Inc.
From the Cups: What brings me joy?


Deeper Meaning; Moving On; Weariness

For me, joy comes with the discovery of deeper meaning in life, moving on from that which brings weariness or disappointment.

(c) Givins / US Games Inc.
From the Swords: Where do I feel wise?


Stalemate; Blocked Emotions; Avoidance

I feel wise when I can overcome a stalemate, unblock emotions, and avoid situations or people that tend to create negative conditions.

(c) Givins / US Games Inc.
From the Pentacles: What makes me feel safe & secure?


Teamwork; Planning; Competence

I feel safe and secure when I am a member of a team or close-knit group, able to plan and execute events and efforts competently.

(c) Givins / US Games Inc.
From the Majors: Which underlying energy will make it all possible? 


Temperance; Balance; Health; Combination

As a Sun-sign Sagittarius, this is my Tarot card, one that represents to me not only temperance in its traditional interpretation (moderation, restraint) but the ability to combine, blend, and balance opposing energies in a healthy, helpful manner.


  1. Perfect deck for a "copycat" :) That is one thing I love about the internet: such a wonderful source of inspiration. We are all copycats of one another someway :)


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