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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Court Case / Lawsuit Reading

First of all, I need to make the usual disclaimer about Tarot readings and legal matters. I NEVER recommend using a Tarot reading for legal advice. There are experts in that field called lawyers or attorneys, and they are the ones who need to advise you on legal matters.

The reading I am doing today here on the blog relates to an upcoming court hearing that involves members of my family (not me directly). Lawyers are already involved. What I want to do is ask the cards: What can you tell me about this court case?

To do this, I am going to create positional definitions that will hopefully shed some light on the energies and “possibilities” or “potential” for this hearing. Before pulling cards, I decided, in my own mind, who is “Petitioner #1” and who is “Petitioner #2.”

The positions:

(1) Petitioner #1
(2) Petitioner #2
(3) True nature of the conflict
(4) Lawyer(s) for Petitioner #1
(5) Lawyer(s) for Petitioner #2
(6) Judge scheduled to hear the case
(7) Chances that Petitioner #1 will win
(8) Chances that Petitioner #2 will win
(9) Dominent energy surrounding this matter
(10) Possible Final Outcome based on current conditions



For this reading I am using Tarot of the Mystic Spiral by Giovanni Pelosini, with artwork by Giuseppe Palumbo (Lo Scarabeo).

(1) Petitioner #1: FIVE OF SWORDS

This is a card of conflict and self-defense, a clash that results in victory for one side and defeat for the other. I can tell you that Petitioner #1 in this case sees herself clearly as being in a position of self-defense, fighting to get what rightfully belongs to her (in her mind). She must prove not only her point, but herself during this process.

(2) Petitioner #2: KING OF SWORDS

A card of patience and endurance, the King of Swords is known for being fair, logical, analytical, just, and honest, capable of clear thinking and clear expression. Petitioner #2 comes from a position of strength and power, justice and fairness. The key is to remain alert and to stay the course.

(3) True nature of the conflict: ACE OF SWORDS

With Swords being the suit of the mind, we can see that the true nature (or root cause) of this conflict lies in the perception and point of view of each party – the way each party thinks about this situation. The outcome of this court case will determine a “new beginning” for both parties at many levels. They are fighting over their different ways of perceiving and interpreting that which is basic and fundamental. 

(4) Lawyer(s) for Petitioner #1: KNAVE OF CHALICES

The Knave of Chalices represents Petitioner #1 (Five of Swords). The Knave ( also known as Page) suggests the possibility of youth, inexperience, or immaturity. There is a focus on emotions (Chalices) that may not be helpful in this court case. From an elemental standpoint, we have Air (Petitioner #1 / Swords) and Water (Lawyer for Petitioner #1, Chalices). These two elements are considered “somewhat friendly” or “neutral” – suggesting that the relationship may not be productive or have the desired effect. On the other hand, the Knave of Chalices could be the “cooler head” that prevails over the client’s aggressive, fiery nature.

(5) Lawyer(s) for Petitioner #2: ACE OF WANDS

In general, I would say having an “Ace” as one’s lawyer is a positive sign. From an elemental standpoint, as the lawyer for Petitioner #2 (Swords/Air), the Ace of Wands (Fire) offers moderate mutual support – not the greatest or most powerful (which would be if they were the same element), but the next best thing. Fire and Air are powerful allies, both active and action-oriented. The Ace of Wands is often viewed as a card of opportunity.

(6) Judge scheduled to hear the case: THE HIGH PRIESTESS

How appropriate is this? The only Major Arcana card in the reading and The High Priestess, no less. This is a highly intuitive judge, one who can be trusted to make wise, knowledgeable, illuminated decisions. This is someone who can find the middle path between extremes, someone who looks beyond the obvious.

(7) Chances that Petitioner #1 will win: SEVEN OF WANDS

Once again we have a card of self-defense for Petitioner #1. This card is about defending one’s position, protecting one’s turf, and holding one’s own against adversaries. To me, this card suggests that Petitioner #1 will be left feeling that they did not win, that they did not get what they want, deserve, or need from this case. Backed into a corner, they are left continuing to defend themselves, whether by appealing the decision or some other approach.

(8) Chances that Petitioner #2 will win: SIX OF WANDS

It’s hard to find a more “victorious” card than the Six of Wands. Triumph, victory, and a joyful conclusion to a situation are all standard interpretations of this card. Good news, success, achievement. I am going to say the chances are very strong that Petitioner #2 will win this case.

(9) Dominant energy surrounding this matter: TEN OF WANDS

I usually interpret this card as being about burdens, being overburdened, stretched too far. There is no question that both petitioners in this case must be feeling this way. The energy for both is a continuation of stress, heavy spirits, and exhaustion. Both parties have many other responsibilities in their lives, and the added burden of this court case is wearing them down. This situation is heading swiftly towards a climax or turning point.

(10) Possible Final Outcome based on current conditions: KNAVE OF WANDS

The Knave (Page) of Wands is often about official communications: news of a decision or conclusion to a matter. I think we can see this as the judge’s verdict being communicated fairly quickly (Wands/Fire). As an outcome, I am not getting a clear sense of this card being favorable more towards one petitioner than the other. Both petitioners are represented by Swords cards, which are mutually supportive with Wands. We might say that a Wands card favors the lawyer for Petitioner #2 (Ace of Wands) more than the lawyer for Petitioner #1 (Knave of Chalices / Water). Not only that, the caduceus symbol is a central image on both the Ace of Wands and Knave of Wands in this deck. Perhaps the outcome will favor Petitioner #2, thanks to their lawyer?

Lots of Wands in this reading – certainly appropriate given the type of energy dominating this situation. We have boldness, ambition, drive, competitiveness, and initiative. Actions are being taken or suggested; change is in the works.

The judge (High Priestess) is a Water card, which could suggest sympathy or support for Petitioner #1’s lawyer (Knave of Chalices), but perhaps not enough to affect the ultimate outcome.

I do think that, overall, things look more positive for Petitioner #2. Time will tell.


  1. Zanna, you are good; super good!

    It had been too long since I had read any of your posts, and then, around 2AM, EDT, I find I cannot go back to sleep, start checking my Email, and then I see this, and before I know it, I AM immediately drawn in to the post!

    In my own professional Psychic Practice, I have made similar statements, although many more of my clients ask about health and well-being questions, and even with long-time clients, I make absolutely sure to Re-Mind them that I AM not a medical practitioner of any kind (general practitioner, OB/GYN, nutritionist, etc.).

    However, I do feel comfortable asking, "What does (client's name) need to know about this situation? It works for my clients, and it works for me.

    1. Hello! Good to hear from you! Thank you for your kind remarks and positive energy.


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