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Order a Reading from Me
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About My Reviews

The purpose of my deck and book reviews is to:

  • describe and display the packaging, appearance, content, and other basic information
  • point out specific elements that might appeal (or not appeal) to potential customers from various perspectives

The purpose of my deck and book reviews is NOT to:

  • present myself as the sole judge and jury, offering the one-and-only authoritative view on quality, content, or usefulness
  • steer everyone toward or away from any particular product

I select which decks and books I want to review based on my own interests and tastes. Therefore, you are not likely to read a review in which I totally trash a book or deck or find a great deal of fault with it. It's not because I am pandering to the author or publisher. If the theme or art style doesn't appeal to me, I don't request the deck for review in the first place.

I feel that art appreciation is highly subjective. I post images from decks so that you can decide for yourself if you think the art is appealing or not. Art that I think is "ugly" undoubtedly seems beautiful to someone. Images I absolutely love might be detested by someone else. I might really enjoy someone's writing style while someone else finds it boring or too dry.

Even though I have Virgo rising, I am not highly critical when it comes to Tarot and Astrology decks and books. I don't demand perfection and I can usually find many things to like about such products.

My intent is always for my reviews to be balanced, respectful, honest, and well reasoned. Please take them as an honest opinion based on a fair amount of experience and education. Keep in mind that one man's meat is another man's poison. Then make up your own mind about whether you want to acquire the deck or book.