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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Egg Spread from Helen

Please celebrate Easter with my fellow creator of Tarot Notes, Helen Howell, here to demonstrate her Easter Egg Spread!

Easter Egg Spread
created by Helen Howell on 27th March 2013

Easter seemed the perfect time to try out this spread again and demonstrate the Old English Tarot in action. I first showed this spread back in 2013 and I hope you enjoy using it once more.

image copyright Helen Howell

The layout is a simple horizontal three cards in a line.

1: Undo the Bow:  This is the potential that exists for me.
2: Peel off the wrapping: The new beginning that I hope for.
3: Break into the chocolate: The first step I must take to manifest this goal.

The Old English Tarot by Maggie Keen
Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

1: Undo the Bow: Three of Cups
This card indicates a healing for me, where mind body and spirit can come together in harmony. The potential here for me is to bring about a satisfactory conclusion. (I know what this card is talking about and some of it’s health issues and some is relationship issue.)

2: Peel off the wrapping: The Moon
What I like about this image is that Moon shown is not a full moon but a New Moon. A New Moon can represent promise and of course the Moon in general does also represent creativity. So I guess the first step I should take is to clear all negativity from my mind and use my creativity to formulate a better approach to my particular problems.

3: Break into the Chocolate: Three of Swords
In this image I see three swords hanging over a castle, the castle being the goal, the place of security and abundance. The first step I need to take to bring about my goal is to set aside disappointments of the past. Clear away any conflicting thoughts I have about these two particular situations and gain a better sense of perspective which will show me the path towards that castle.

In conclusion then these three cards from my Easter Egg reading tell me that I can heal and bring harmony to body, mind and spirit if I clear all negative thoughts from my mind, and instead use a creative approach to solve problems. The very first step I need to take is to eliminate conflicting thoughts and to set aside disappointments from the past.  The past is the past and that’s where it should stay. Today is always another opportunity to do better. ^_^

~ Helen Howell

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