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Monday, January 4, 2016

January Lenormand Horoscopes

I know that I’m not alone in doing Lenormand “Horoscopes” but I do hope these will be fun and perhaps even useful for you!

I am using the Mystical Lenormand deck by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter with illustrations by Urban Trösch (AGM Urania)

I realize that the Lenormand cards are meant to be read in “sets” rather than single cards. However, I am going to proceed, just to see what comes of it. The “Significant Numbers” listed at the end of each Horoscope are based on the numbers on the cards. These could refer to dates within the month or something entirely different.

I shuffled the deck and then drew cards 1-12 off the top.

Aries: GENTLEMAN (28)
In January, a proud, confident man looms large in your life. A noble? A pirate? A soldier? Someone who has a pine marten as a pet? Dress the part, act the part, and he might even be you! Male sexuality may be a topic of importance this month. Significant numbers: 28, 10, and 1.

Taurus: TOWER (19)
A young, elegant, richly dressed woman looks out of the upper window of this Tower. The door is closed. No boat is in sight to carry her away. She is imprisoned by the authority of her father. Situations may arise this month where you feel alone, withdrawn, or separated from the rest of the world. Linked with the planet Saturn, this card is trying to teach you about limitations and how you deal with them. Significant numbers: 19, 10, 1

Gemini: OWLS (12)
A telephone call may bring worry, stress, excitement, or unrest this month. A feeling of instability prevails that may relate to a married couple or two older people in your life. The planet Uranus – planet of change and upheaval -- rules this card, so stay alert. Significant numbers: 12, 3

Cancer: PATHS (22)
A decision needs to be made this month, and the best choice may not be obvious to you. Carefully consider the alternatives, asking yourself questions like: “Where does this path lead?” - “Do I want to get there?” – “What should be my next step?” Be decisive but open to compromise. The zodiac sign Libra rules this card, further reinforcing the idea that a decision is not easily made. Significant numbers: 22, 4.

Leo: FOX (14)
Lies, intrigue, and betrayal – oh my! Something is rotten in the state of [wherever you live] this month, and you are going to have to engage your brain to avoid being deceived. What does the fox say? I don’t know, but it’s probably not true, whatever it is! Significant numbers: 14, 5

Virgo: HEART (24)
As James Taylor wrote, “Shower the people you love with love.” This lucky card can foretell a new love, happiness, and joy. It also portends that your suffering will be relieved if you find yourself in an unpleasant situation. Here there is generosity and cordiality for all. The astrological connection for this card is the 7th House, House of Partnerships and Marriage. Significant numbers: 24, 6

Libra: CROSS (36)
We all have our cross to bear, as the saying goes, and this month you may be more aware of that than usual. But remember, your neighbor may be carrying an even heavier burden, so carry yours without complaint. You may have to go through a brief period of failure, but try to see it as a learning process that enables progress and growth. Here you experience the energy of the astrological 12th House, House of Sorrows and Self-Undoing. Significant numbers: 36, 9

Scorpio: SNAKE (7)
What is your initial reaction to this creature? Many people would say fear or loathing. That is because the once venerated, sacred serpent was degraded by Christianity and became a symbol of evil. Your interpretation is what is important here. You may interact with an experienced, intelligent, efficient older woman who can be trusted, or you may be in danger of going astray or being betrayed. Interestingly, the astrological mate to this card is the sign Scorpio. Significant number: 7

Sagittarius: LILIES (30)
Like the Japanese woman on this card who practices ikebana (the art of flower arrangement), you have an opportunity this month to experience and create harmony, peace, and beauty. The Lilies may also suggest an emphasis on a new partner and/or sexual adventures. A creative mentor or benefactor may come to your attention. Significant numbers: 30, 3

Capricorn: RING (25)
If you like it, then you better put a ring on it! It is in your best interests to create a serious, meaningful alliance or bond in either your personal or professional life. A circular theme may be evident this month, the sensation of going around and around. The loyal, determined zodiac sign Taurus is linked with this card. Significant numbers: 25, 7

Aquarius: CLOUDS (6)
As Simon and Garfunkel sang, “Cloudy, the sky is gray and white and cloudy / Sometimes I think it's hanging down on me.” It’s not clear what the clouds on this card mean, which contributes to your confusion this month. Disappointments, threats, or unstable moods are possible this month, thanks to Neptune, planet of illusion  – but these will not last very long. Eventually a beam of light will break through. Significant number: 6

Pisces: FLOWERS (9)
The highly social bumblebee buzzes around a bouquet of summer flowers on this card, portending good luck and friendship. You have every reason to expect success in a certain matter. You may need to fulfill an obligation to a female relative, friend, or colleague, but you will enjoy it. Make use of your natural charm and diplomacy. Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, reinforces the beneficial nature of this card. Significant number: 9

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