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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Transiting Venus Conjunct Natal Midheaven

With Venus about to get up close and personal with my natal Midheaven, I'm going to take this opportunity to address the question many of you have been asking: "What is a Midheaven?"

What? You weren't asking? Well, I'm answering anyway.

First of all, the Midheaven is typically represented in its abbreviated form: MC. In case you're wondering how they got "MC" from "Midheaven," let me hasten to add that another term for the Midheaven is Medium Coeli, which is Latin for "middle of the heavens".

In most House Systems, the MC is the cusp of the tenth house (the "line" where the 9th house ends and the 10th house begins). The MC is the highest point in a chart, which helps us remember that it represents our "highest aspirations" (career, reputation, that sort of thing).

Now, just to create more confusion for you, I prefer to use the Equal House System. When using that system, the MC does not act as the cusp of the 10th house. Instead the MC moves around the top half of the chart, and can land in the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th house, depending on the latitude. In my chart, the MC is in the 9th house.

In any case, the MC always represents career, status, life goal, and public reputation. Not surprisingly, my MC is in the sign Gemini, which rules writers, writing, and communication.

On April 30, Venus will form a conjunction (occupy the same degree) with my natal MC in Gemini. Venus rules love, beauty, values, goals, and art.

A conjunction between Venus and my MC has much to recommend it. What will it be: recognition from my peers? an award? getting a fantastic job offer? I'm nearly giddy with anticipation.

Bringing this around to Tarot, I can use The Empress (Trump 3) to represent Venus (Golden Dawn system). To represent my MC I will use the card associated with Gemini: The Lovers (Trump 6). A conjunction places these two cards side by side, linking arms as they walk in perfect synchrony.

Cards are from the Rider Tarot deck (U.S. Games Systems).
To me, The Empress signifies growth, fertility, and fulfilled potential. She represents creative pursuits and satisfaction that can be found from nurturing something to fruition. The Lovers usually suggests to me that a choice must be made. Because we are talking about the MC (career, etc.), I don't think this refers to a choice in a romantic relationship sense. Instead, I may be faced with a choice that could have far-reaching consequences related to my career, status, life goal, or public reputation. I will need to look at the situation from all angles before making a decision.

Numerically we have Three and Six. Threes suggest making progress in goals (growth, expansion), initial completion of Stage 1. Sixes indicate equilibrium and harmony -- "the second perfection," good luck (at least for the time being). Very nice.

All things considered, I'm looking forward to Monday!


  1. The birth chart I have doesn't show me the MC perhaps its because I don't know my time of birth - shame I would have liked to try this.

    1. Yes, determining the MC would require a time of birth. I wonder what would happen if you asked the cards to show you your most likely MC sign? You could use the Golden Dawn attributions, and see what you think of the results?

  2. I have a Natal Venus conjunction with MC and the transiting Venus was at exact degrees of my Natal Venus on my Birthday.

    I had some bad times because of Saturn opposition to Sun at exact degree but I have a Solar and Venus Return together this year. Hope this serves me well in both areas of love and career.

    *fingers Crossed*

    1. That sounds promising, Identity_Concealed! Best wishes!

  3. Thanks for this! Really helped me look out for the better things


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