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Friday, January 23, 2015

What / Why or Who / Best Response

I am using the Celtic Lenormand by Chloë McCracken and Will Worthington (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) to take a peek at this weekend. The quotations below each positional definition are from the booklet that accompanies this deck. This 3-card line is intended to answer:

(1) What may take center stage
(2) Why or Who?
(3) Best response to the situation

(1) What may take center stage: BOOK (26)

“Esoteric knowledge and other secrets may be revealed to someone willing to study its mystery.”

“It may take some study or research to clarify whether these secrets are positive or negative.”

“The Book may also represent a project you are involved with. . . something that takes time, training and sufficient information and expertise to bring to fruition.”

(2) Why or Who? BEAR (15)

“The bear’s appearance suggests someone who may be stocky, curvaceous, broad-shouldered or hairy. Additionally, this card can represent either a man or a woman, and is seen by some as a mother-figure, by others as a protective male…”

“This drive to acquire wealth that may not even be used can be likened to a person who works so hard that he may not have time to spend the money he earns.”

(3) Best response to the situation: CHILD-GIRL (13)

“sincere, honest, open, childlike”

“This young girl is learning tasks that will serve her well in later life. . . Beginning with small chores, she will gradually take on more. . .”

“There is only one cure for inexperience, and that is life itself. So, approach it playfully…”

Interesting! Can’t wait to see how this plays out…


  1. Hiya Zanna! So, how did it play out? Hope the reading was useful, with it's suggestion to be playful in the face of troubles :)

    1. Thanks for asking! The weekend was busy with family activities and people visiting to celebrate my younger sister's birthday. The week itself was devoted to copy editing a novel for a client and taking my 93-year-old mother to various doctors appointments for tests to see why she has been having severe pain in her left leg. So there you have Book for sure, and I see the "mother figure" (Bear) and Child-Girl both represented clearly as well. Not sure if I did a good job of approaching life playfully, though!

    2. Well, though we receive the messages, it isn't always easy to heed them :) Hope all is better with your mom.
      Hugs, Cx


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