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Friday, October 18, 2013

Black Cats Tarot Reading

(My review of the Black Cats Tarot can be found HERE.)

I decided to take the 6-card spread from the Black Cats* Little White Book (LWB) for a spin today! The layout looks like this:

(1) my own desires
(2) my dark side
(3) the reality surrounding me
(4) my own convictions in continuing along the current path
(5) the reactions of others to my actions
(6) the result, providing I follow and analyze the messages of the other cards

Naturally I am using the Black Cats Tarot. Let's see what I get...

(1) my own desires:

Interesting. I don't think I *desire* to be hit by an earth-shattering, life-jolting event. However, I am thinking perhaps this card represents turbulence, agitation, or conflict within myself as to what I actually desire. It could be that what I desire is about to change dramatically, that I am on the verge of questioning and rejecting my own assumptions or "status quo" about what I desire. I may be about to realize that my long-accepted desires are unstable and teetering on the brink of collapse.

(2) my dark side: 

How amusing that "Stability" (Black Cats LWB) is my "dark side." The LWB also makes an interesting assessment of this card: "What does stability represent? A starting point on which we can build our dreams or an old scheme that stunts our growth?" Based on The Tower in position 1, I am inclined to go with the latter interpretation. I seem to have reached a point where I might be expected to "rest on my laurels." Perhaps my dark side wants more than what I have. Or perhaps my dark side wants everything to remain as it is, even if that is not in my best interests?

(3) the reality surrounding me: 

The reality is that life is pretty darn good for me these days. Any sane person would frolic about with great joy and self-confidence. Yet The Tower suggests I am not doing that, and the 10 of Pentacles as my "dark side" reinforces a sense of dissatisfaction with the current reality. Oh dear.

(4) my own convictions in continuing along the current path: 

The traditional 10 of Wands is usually about bearing a burden (or the need to stop doing so) or trudging along towards the conclusion of a project or the culmination of a responsibility. In the Black Cats deck, however, this card is titled "Enlightenment". The text in the LWB reads: "Comprehension of a problem often arrives totally unexpectedly." Apparently, deep down, I believe that this path will end in revelation and illumination. All will become clear when I least expect it -- but it will happen.

(5) the reactions of others to my actions: 

In the Black Cats deck, this card is titled "Break-up." It refers to obstacles arriving in unexpected forms, but also a courageous response following initial disorientation. So perhaps I need to be aware that others may behave like a Knight of Swords in response to my actions. It's difficult to tell whether this reaction is "good" or "bad" from my perspective. To me, the Knight of Swords has a very assertive, even aggressive nature. If he is charging ahead on my behalf, so much the better. But if he is charging "at" me, sword waving, I might get hurt.

(6) the result, providing I follow and analyze the messages of the other cards: 

The keyword for this card in this deck is "Solidity." It is seen as a card of inner strength, generosity, and fairness. Interesting, since this is the card I drew for my Week at a Glance a couple days ago, albeit from a different deck. I think I will be pleased if the result of this Tower and Knight of Swords energy leads to the inner strength and self-confidence expressed by the Queen of Swords. In order for that to happen, I need to understand fully what the other cards are telling me and implement their advice.

This spread is loaded with Air and Fire -- both active, "masculine" elements. The 10 of Pentacles (my dark side) is the only one sitting around twiddling his thumbs. The presence of two Major Arcana cards suggests energy or developments of great significance.

From a numerological standpoint, we have three Tens (The Sun, Trump 19, reduces to 10 -- 1+9). Ten can be reduced to One. Either way, an ending/beginning situation is indicated, and that idea is reinforced by my interpretation of The Tower.

As Buffalo Springfield once sang, "There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear." Time will tell.

*Black Cats Tarot by Maria Kurara (Lo Scarabeo)


  1. Creio que as primeiras cartas sejam bem interessante de se analisar de forma terapeutica: parece-me que de um lado tem algo dentro de si querendo explodir, querendo gritar, como quem diz, ei, to vivo, preciso mudar as coisas.E por outro lado, apesar desse grito, algo tenta dizer que deve ser grato por que apesar de tudo, ha uma estabilidade.E agora, revolucionar ou promover uma grande mudança.

    1. Isso é muito interessante, Augusto! Obrigado por seus comentários.

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