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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Helen's 2015 New Year Reading

Let's see what Helen has in store for 2015...

2015 New Year Reading
by Helen Howell

I thought for my New Year Reading I would take Zanna’s ‘Quarterly Forecast’ Spread for a run. I like the idea of the cards indicating to me what opportunities the new year will offer me.
Just a quick reminder of how the Spread works. It’s a five card spread, one card to represent each quarter, read from left to right and a fifth card as the Quintessence. The Quintessence is found by adding the numerical value of the other four cards which you then reduce until you get a number that corresponds with a Major Arcana card. Zanna tells us that the “Quintessence card represents the overall influence, energy, or message for the year.

I decided on the Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy and published by U.S. Games Systems Inc. for this reading.

1: January- March - 3 of Coins

It appears that the beginning of the year is a time where I will or should be focusing my energy and talent towards creating something new. This may involve me in working with others and if so I will need to put strategies in place to ensure that this collaboration works well. I really like how the three creatures depicted in this card all hold a coin each and are giving it their full attention. The beginning of the year then offers me the opportunity to work with others and to produce something new that can become a reality.

It’s a number three card and it shows how the individual elements of an idea can be brought together and formed into something more tangible.

2: April - June - 3 Wands

This is the period where the cards indicate that it is those ideas that can now be taken and move one step further. The time for planning is over; the time for doing has arrived! The key to success is to allow one’s creativity to flow and their confidence to grow. Both these two elements are what will move me forward and bring these goals into reality.

Again another number 3 card showing how one can expand an idea and head towards completing it.

3: July - September - 9 Coins

The cards indicate to me here that it is through maintaining a confident outlook and determination, along with trusting my inner wisdom to make the right decisions, that my efforts will see rewards. This card suggests that this will be a period where I can enjoy and reap those rewards.

A number 9 card, in tarot often represents struggles, self-evaluation and final completion. It’s that last step before we move on again to something new. It’s through the struggles that we face and the self evaluation that we are enabled to make those decisions  that can transform life/a situation for us and help us to achieve our goals.

4: October - December - Justice

The cards seem to suggest to me that with the number 9 above one project/idea is brought to its final conclusion. This will now be a period where I must think carefully about my next move. There is a need to balance out all my options in order to arrive at a decision, but the underlying message here is honesty: Be true to myself and the best outcome can be achieved.

A number 11 card which breaks down to 1+1 =2 the number that often represents, duality, union, balance and choice, along with co-operation. Twos can often be about balancing out opposing forces in order to make them work together rather than against one another.

5: Quintessence - Strength

The overall message this year seems to indicate that by maintaining patience and a calmness and drawing on my inner strength, I can overcome my fears/doubts and come through any challenges that may arise. The key is to have confidence in my own abilities.

This year then seems to be offering me the opportunity to start something new. Also to work with others to see it through to its end and the possibility of enjoying the success of this achievement, but not without a certain amount of effort.

It appears to indicate that this is a year when I will renew my self confidence and determination — I may just start believing in myself again!

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