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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mystical Kipper Reading

I’m ready to break into an oracle deck I was gifted for Christmas: the Mystical Kipper Fortunetelling Cards by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter, painted by Urban Trösch (AGM Urania).

According to the Little White Book (LWB) that comes with this deck, “the original Kipper cards came into being around 1900, but their precise origin remains obscure.”

Urban Trösch spent a year creating the paintings for this deck on small wooden plates that were first primed with chalk. He then applied egg tempera colors layer by layer. Regula Elizabeth Fiechter adopted the original names of the Kipper cards, even if some of them appeared outdated.

For this reading I am going to use a spread that is commonly used with Lenormand decks. It’s called 3+1.

The far left card gives background, the center card reveals the current situation, and the far right card is the probable future/outcome. The 4th card drawn is the Clarification card.

My question: What area(s) do I need to be especially mindful of this coming week?

(1) background: HOUSE (20)
Possessions, material values, stability, domesticity, family, need for security and self-confidence

(2) current situation: HIGH HONORS (25)
promotion, progress, new assignment, long-term success, long-awaited recognition

(3) probable future/outcome: PLEASANT LETTER (7)
Communication, documents

(4) clarification: RICH GOOD GENTLEMAN (13)
young man, positive news, finances, money, fast and good solution possible

I get a positive vibe from this set of cards concerning the upcoming week. I not only live at home, but I work from home – designing and making jewelry, writing books, and working with Tarot and oracle cards. I have a stable home and secure home life. The High Honors card looks great, as does the Pleasant Letter. I confess I am not sure what to expect with the Rich Good Gentleman card as “clarification.” But taken as a group, the cards seem to bode well.


  1. Love the look of those cards. I'm a bit traditional when it comes to choice of deck, but these look fun and easy to use. Thank you.

    1. Hello, fyrefly58! I do like to play with a variety of different decks, Tarot and non-Tarot, and these are quite fun. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Can you recommend a good book to study & learn Kipper? I realize there is a lot online, however I'm a tactile learner. Would love a book in my hands.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Ellen, I am not aware of any print books on the Kipper cards, other than the little booklets that come with individual Kipper decks such as the Mystical Kipper. If the Kipper decks continue to grow in popularity, I have no doubt a book or books will soon appear.

  3. Can anyone please "read" this spread for me? I am looking for someone to teach this to me. It is from the mystical kipper deck. Basically I asked the cards to tell me what to expect. As per the book the last card in each of the the piles were as follows:5 Good Gentleman; 23 Court; 3 Marriage the #8 False Person fell out if the deck do I put that as the last card in the 36 card spread. This is what was cast:
    5, 17, 25, 6, 30, 29, 21, 31, 3
    2, 7, 12, 32, 14, 20, 15, 18, 4
    23, 36, 33, 26, 13, 11, 22, 10, 24
    1, 28, 16, 9, 27, 29, 35, 34, 8
    I TY in advance for any help you can give me.

    1. Hello Kym. I am not set up to do free readings or to teach classes here at Tarot Notes. However, I do recommend The World Kipper Association, which has a web site at this link: https://worldkipperassociation.com/ . The group also has a Facebook page if you use Facebook. I hope that helps!

    2. https://www.facebook.com/worldkipperassociation/


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