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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

REVIEW: Shaheen's Tattered Nomad Oracle

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_Shaheen's Tattered Nomad Oracle_
by _Shaheen Miro_
3 sizes: Poker, Medium (2.75×4.75), & Large (3.5×5.75)

TOP LINE (formerly Bottom Line)

I became aware of this deck when I read a blog post written by Chloë over at _Inner Whispers_.

I was immediately draw to the deck and had to find out more about it, which of course led to me purchasing the deck from Shaheen Miro, its creator.

There is something very special about the images that Shaheen chose for these cards and the way he talks about the images "taking on a life of their own" as he built upon the basic structure of the traditional Lenormand deck. Among my favorite cards are The Child (13), The Umbrella (39),  and The Familiar (41). Two of these (39 and 41) are "extra" non-Lenormand cards that Shaheen has included.

In place of a Little White Book, Shaheen has printed card interpretations and layouts on a sheet of paper that folds neatly into a "wrap" for the deck. So clever!

Before too long I will do a reading with this deck here on the blog, so I can share with you how it "drives." Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy contemplating and exploring the images on each card!


"These cards are bohemian and wild. They are filled with interesting colors, and visuals. As you lay them out the stories come together in a tantalizing and clear way. . . Though these may be different than the traditional Lenormand I believe they will speak to anyone willing to listen. . . There are 43 cards in this deck. You will find the 36 traditional Lenormand symbols. Plus an extra man and woman card. You will also find five cards that are unique to the deck, which is why I have decided to call it an Oracle. The five cards came from personal stories in my own life that I felt had symbolic significance for others. You can decide to use the deck with all 43 cards or with the 36 traditional cards. Be a gypsy and do what feels right."


Shaheen Miro explains the name of this deck by saying that the process of creating the deck was "nomadic" and the name "implies that the deck tells a story. It has a history. It is the accumulation of my story, your story and the story of all the images through the ages."

The deck comes in a white organza bag, wrapped in an approximately 8 by 11 inch sheet of paper on which are printed the meanings of the cards and instructions for how to lay out the cards for a reading. The other side of the sheet of paper features drawings of fantastic creatures and objects along with Shaheen's website address.

Shaheen includes the following "extra" cards (above and beyond the traditional Lenormand): The Seer (37), The Bats (38), The Umbrella (39), The Aura (40), and The Familiar (41). There are two versions each of The Stars (16), The Man (28), and The Woman (29).


In the poker-size deck that I purchased, the cards measure 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches. They are printed on reasonably sturdy stock. The finish is what I would call "semi-glossy" -- not high gloss, but not matte. I am pleased with the overall quality of the cards.

The colors are rich and varied, from cool to warm hues. The images are digital collage. Card backs are indigo in color and feature the face of a person who is holding binoculars up to his eyes.


Shaheen Miro tells us: "I wanted to do something that allowed me to express myself. I wanted to create a piece of art that gave life and energy to the free spirited and mysterious creature that lives within me. I have always found comfort in vintage images, the colors, expressions, and details. There is something magical about old empemera. So I began my deck by sorting through old public domain images. . . I trusted my muse as she whispered in my ear, guiding me to string images together, to form pictures and symbols. Each image emerged as a unique digital collage that built on the traditional Lenormand."

Personally, I am very much attracted to these collages. The card names and/or numbers are a bit difficult to read on some of the cards, but I don't think that is going to be a problem for me.


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