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Saturday, June 1, 2013

SPECIAL OFFER: Free Cat-Themed Readings

Gizmo - age 8 weeks
PLEASE NOTE: All three free readings have been taken. Thank you for your requests!

_Free Cat-Themed Reading #1_
_Free Cat-Themed Reading #2_
_Free Cat-Themed Reading #3_

Some of you may remember the _reading I did back in November 2010 about my cat Gizmo's health concerns_.

We did finally discover that Gizmo's problem was caused by the herpes virus. After treatment, he recovered completely. I started giving him lysine treats to ward off any future attacks, and he remained free from herpes symptoms.

Sadly, over the past few weeks, at age 16, Gizmo began to decline dramatically in health. He stopped eating and grew very thin. We tried a number of solutions with our vet, but in the end, we made the extremely difficult decision to let Gizmo go.

Gizmo - age 16
I have four other cats, but Gizmo was truly my "baby." I found him as a stray when he was about eight weeks old. He loved to be held against my shoulder while I "tried" to work on my computer (holding him in place with one arm). He would purr and fall asleep and remain in that position for as long as I could hold him before my arm gave out. He enjoyed being carried around that way as I went about daily tasks. Often, I made my morning coffee with one hand while holding Gizmo against my shoulder with the other. At one point, I even considered purchasing one of those soft infant carriers you wear on your chest...

I have decided to express my gratitude for Gizmo's affection and my sorrow at his passing by offering three free readings using my cat-themed decks. My only caveat is that if you request a free reading, you allow me to share the question, the cards, and my interpretation here on the blog. Your name will not be used. Your question does not have to be about a cat or even a pet. It can be whatever you want.

To request one of the three free readings, email me at zannastarr@gmail.com and tell me:
(1) Your question
(2) If you have a preference for a particular deck

The decks you can choose from (linked to descriptions and sample cards) are:


  1. I just discovered your site thru Love Dove Tarot. My heart goes out to you for the loss of Gizmo.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, LB.


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