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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Journey through My Decks: Queen of Swords

In this series of posts, I plan to discuss all of the Tarot cards in order, using a different deck for each card. Today I'm exploring The Fairy Tarot by Antonio Lupatelli (Lo Scarabeo).

The four suits in The Fairy Tarot are as follows:
  • Acorns - Air (problem to overcome right now, patience and focus required)
  • Hearts - Water (emotions, sentiments, affections, love B especially of a couple, maternal or of friendship)
  • Bells - Earth (practical abilities and solutions, manual capabilities, economic situation, work)
  • Leaves - Fire (thoughts, inner existential crisis and contemplation, psychic state in general)
According to John McLeod ("Games Played with German Suited Cards" ), these are the suits used in German playing-card decks. McLeod tells us that "the German suits of acorns, leaves, hearts and bells were established in the early fifteenth century . . . German suited cards are still the primary type of cards used in many parts of central Europe."

I have struggled a bit trying to decide whether Leaves are comparable to Swords or Wands, and I have the same dilemma when it comes to Acorns. The association of Hearts with Cups and Bells with Pentacles seems fairly clear to me.

Acorns are important to the fairies, offering sustenance throughout the winter. In The Dictionary of Symbols (Chronicle Books LLC), Jack Tresidder tells us that acorns symbolize fecundity, prosperity and "the power of spiritual growth from the kernel of the truth."

The Queen of Acorns has huge, glorious, yellow wings. (Yellow commonly symbolizes intellect, knowledge, and communication). Her expression is cordial and her posture erect, suggesting a mature personality who is self-aware and comfortable in her own skin. She rests her hands on the hilt of a long sword. Beneath her feet we see snow, and the falling leaves of autumn lay around her.

In the book that accompanies this deck, Helene and Doris Saltarini write: "If a card of Acorns is extracted it means that there is a problem to overcome right now and you must find the strength to resolve it: these cards require a certain patience and focus."

The Queen of Acorns can represent an individual, or she can indicate personality traits that the Seeker may wish to cultivate, strengthen, or subdue. In addition, the Queen of Acorns may refer to a certain type of friendship -- a relationship with someone who embodies the best qualities of the Queen. Her intelligence and cleverness are welcome qualities in a friend. She tends to be serious, though pleasant, and willing to fight for something she believes in.

Divinatory Meanings provided by the Saltarinis are "moral and practical help, spiritual support; well-aimed advice. A good choice for a partner." Reversed or poorly placed in a spread, the Queen of Acorns can indicate "your love is badly hidden; widowhood; a too authoritarian partner; an intriguing woman."

The Queen of Acorns offers me an opportunity to explore the ways in which I express or repress her qualities in my own life. She also alerts me to the possibility that someone with her traits may play an important role in my day, or perhaps that I should seek advice from a decisive, serious, self-possessed person.

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