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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Free Cat-Themed Reading #3

This is the third reading request I received in response to my offer of three _free cat-themed readings_:

The Seeker asked: "Are there anymore babies for my partner and me?"

If you read Free Cat-Themed Reading #2, you may already know what I'm going to say about this question. I hope you will forgive me for repeating myself.

Let me begin by noting that this question is what we call a "yes-or-no" question. In other words, the answer can only be "yes" or "no" (or "maybe"?). Second, this question calls for a prediction of the future.

Now, I always caution my clients that I don't feel the Tarot does too great a job with yes-or-no questions. There is a 50-50 chance of being right or wrong. I also remind clients that the Tarot cannot predict the future with any certainty. There are simply too many variables, not the least of which is the free will of each person involved in a situation.

My years of experience have taught me that while I cannot predict the future with certainty or guarantee 100% accuracy on yes-or-no questions, I can at least provide a sense of whether the answer to the question is "very likely," "somewhat likely," "somewhat unlikely," or "very unlikely." And the client needs to understand that I am looking at trends or tendencies based on current conditions, not a future carved in stone.

Having said all that, here we go!

Spirit has led me to use the Cat's Eye Tarot by Debra M. Givin, DVM (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) for this reading. While shuffling the cards, I meditated on the question, asking that only enlightened insight come through from the Highest Source. Next, I drew three cards, which I will read as a group rather than assigning positional definitions. Here are the cards that came forward for this Seeker to answer the question: "Are there anymore babies for my partner and me?"

KING OF WANDS, reversed
FIVE OF SWORDS, reversed

Beginning with elemental associations, we see that all three cards are from active, positive ("masculine") suits -- two Fire cards and one Air card. If we use the elemental method for answering this question, the answer is that it's "very likely" that there will be more babies for the Seeker and her partner.

At the same time, let's consider the fact that we have two Reversed cards in the set vs one Upright. That suggests the answer "somewhat unlikely."

So how might we use the meanings of the cards to help us understand?

The KING OF WANDS is typically viewed as representing big, bold, brave energy -- power, authority, and force. But the card was drawn Reversed. That suggests pessimism, lack of confidence, and ineffectiveness. Could this refer to the Seeker or the Seeker's partner? Or does it indicate an overall tone or energy that could delay or block the Seeker's desires?

JUDGMENT suggests to me the involvement or influence of a higher energy or spirit in this matter. I'm also getting the sense that a critical decision needs to be made that will have an impact on this matter. It is important that this couple consult their Higher Selves in order to make a careful, honest evaluation and decision.

The FIVE OF SWORDS, Reversed, may indicate a slightly softer or shorter-lasting version of the discord, defensiveness, and defeat the Upright card often represents.  There is a chance that self-interest will yield to mutual support, and that fear and anger will be offset by rationality. Yet there is still a feeling of antagonism in thought and word, if not in deed.

As I mentioned above, the elemental associations of these three cards offer a lot of support for the Seeker's desire for more babies. At the same time, there are factors that might cause delay or obstruction. If the Seeker and her partner want more babies, they will need to do whatever they can to address and overcome any potential problems or roadblocks.



  1. Hi Zanna, Love your blog! I've been doing looking of research into clairvoyance and tarot reading and this has really helped. Thank you!


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