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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Free Cat-Themed Reading #2

This is the second reading request I received in response to my offer of three _free cat-themed readings_:

The Seeker asked: "Will J---- and I ever work it out?"

Tarot of the White Cats by Severino Baraldi (Lo Scarabeo)
was requested for this reading.

Let me begin by noting that this question is what we call a "yes-or-no" question. In other words, the answer can only be "yes" or "no" (or "maybe"?). Second, this question calls for a prediction of the future (any question beginning with the word "will" is asking for a prediction of the future).

Now, I always caution my clients that I don't feel the Tarot does too great a job with yes-or-no questions. There is a 50-50 chance of being right or wrong. I also remind clients that the Tarot cannot predict the future with any certainty. There are simply too many variables, not the least of which is the free will of each person involved in a situation.

So what can I do for this client? My years of experience have taught me that while I cannot predict the future with certainty or guarantee 100% accuracy on yes-or-no questions, I can at least provide a sense of whether the answer to the question is "very likely," "somewhat likely," "somewhat unlikely," or "very unlikely." And the client needs to understand that I am looking at trends or tendencies based on current conditions, not a future carved in stone.

I think the best way to do this reading is to pull three cards and read them as a group, rather than assigning a positional definition to each card. As always, while shuffling the cards, I meditated on the question, asking that only enlightened insight come through from the Highest Source.

Here are the cards that came forward for this Seeker:

FIVE OF WANDS, reversed
THE MOON, reversed

First, let's look at the elemental associations for these three cards. We have Fire, Water, and Air. Using the elemental association method, the answer to the yes-or-no question is that it is "somewhat likely" that the Seeker and J---- will work it out. Another method uses upright vs reversed cards, and if we use that method, it appears that it is "somewhat unlikely." So we're not getting a strong, 100% endorsement of "yes" or "no" here. It's falling in the "maybe" category.

Now, let's see what else the cards can tell us. To begin with, two of the three cards are from the Major Arcana. This suggests a strong, deep connection between these two people -- perhaps even a soulmate or past life connection. Of course, that doesn't guarantee that the relationship will work out in this life, but it still represents a powerful connection.

The FIVE OF WANDS, reversed, suggests to me the end of conflict or competition, which leads to harmony and cooperation. A positive sign, to be sure.

THE MOON, reversed, can be seen as representing revelation, realization, and insight -- clear vision and an understanding of what is real and what is illusion. The question is: Will this help or harm the relationship? That depends on what is revealed or discovered, and what the Seeker and J---- decide to do about it. The card doesn't really tell us whether the truth(s) being revealed could be considered positive or negative.

Finally, THE STARS card is usually thought to indicate hope, including the promise of a new start that grows from a positive change of mind. I feel this card strongly supports the possibility that the Seeker and J----- will work things out.

If pressed to predict, I would have to say that the answer to the original question -- "Will J---- and I ever work it out?" -- is that there is a good chance that yes, you will.


  1. Love your blog! I've been researching into tarot reading and this has really helped. Thank you!


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