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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quarterly Forecast Spread

I recently developed a 5-card "Quarterly Forecast" spread for a client. The reading worked very well, so I decided to share the spread here.

The layout looks like this:

In this spread, the Quintessence is derived by adding the numerical value of the other four cards, then reducing that value until you get the number of a Major Arcana card. The Quintessence card represents the overall influence, energy, or message for the year.

Feel free to give this spread a try. Let me know if it works for you!


  1. I tried this out this afternoon Zanna. It works very well, and I think it a nice concise spread to give one an overall look at the year ahead.

    I was interested to see that my quint came out at 5 the Hierophant for the overall energy of the year - and that 2012 is also the Year of the Hierophant.

    For the reading I used The Wonderland Tarot Deck, so the Hierophant in this deck is the Caterpillar that sits on the mushroom smoking a hookah. ^__^

    The Hierophant in psychological terms can urge one to find their own truth rather than blindly flowing doctrine, but this Hierophant also seemed to emphasise to me the need to be comfortable with whom you are - not seeking to be liked or approved of by others but rather seeking to approve of oneself - in other words become one's own person.

    I liked the spread very much and it will be a keeper for me ^_^

  2. Oh, very nice, Helen! I also love The Hierophant as your quint card. I'm going to do this one for myself soon! Thanks for giving it a go and for posting your comments on the blog!

  3. I'm not generally a big fan of doing times-specific predictive spreads for myself, but this looks interesting with that quintessence card. may have to try it out in a curiosity/experiment time type way...

  4. Hi Scribbling -- You know, I don't do much with these sorts of spreads for myself either, except out of curiosity. I may get around to doing this one for myself. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I've already done something similar but never thought about the fifth card. I got 10 ... which can also be reduce to 1 ^_^
    A nice little pair.
    Thanks for reminding me this spread !

  6. Hello Mary! I was fairly sure other people had designed similar spreads. It's pretty basic. Enjoy that 10/1 quintessence. It's powerful!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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