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Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Quarterly Forecast Spread

I finally found time to take this little spread for a spin. With permission from Karen Mahony at Baba Studio (Magic Realist Press), I am using the marvelous Fantastic Menagerie Tarot, based on images by J.J. Grandville.  Here we go.

1st Quarter (Jan.-Mar.)

The card of the student or apprentice is an interesting representative for the first quarter of 2012. In a sense, I am an eternal student, constantly learning and taking on new things, as well as learning new things about areas I have already studied. It is a role I expect to play quite happily into my dotage. At the same time, I have also learned enough that I can teach what I have learned to others, something I am doing more of in 2012.

2nd Quarter (Apr.-Jun.)

I really hope this doesn't represent going to court. Not my favorite thing to do by a long shot. This card may be more about "responsibility and accountability" (two of the keywords given to it in The Fantastic Menagerie book by Sophie Nussle). The image on the card is not reassuring to me in any case. I fear I may be "called on the carpet" to defend myself for a decision or choice I have made. Or -- and this one I like -- maybe I will receive justice in a situation where I feel I have been wronged. Perhaps I will call someone else on the carpet?

3rd Quarter (Jul.-Sep.)

Egads. I know we're not supposed to *hate* The Tower, but I'm just not a big fan of sudden shocks and catastrophes. It looks like maybe I should do a thorough assessment of my life so that maybe I can change something before it's changed for me in a rude manner. Of course, whatever it is may be beyond my control.  After the day I've had today, I can all too easily imagine a couple of scenarios. I think I would prefer to experience an unexpected gain (rather than loss) or have an astonishing flash of inspiration.

4th Quarter (Oct.-Dec.)

Ah, Madame de Rapiere. What is she doing here?  Is she a person who will have a strong influence in my life during this quarter? Or am I being encouraged to study her qualities in order to adopt her more positive traits myself? How might I describe "a Queen of Swords quarter"? There may be an emphasis on intellectual pursuits or mental activity.

Quintessence Card*

I can see how this card might relate to each of the "quarterly cards." Looking at something from a different angle could be just the ticket to get me through some of the more challenging situations. I may choose to sacrifice one thing in order to gain something else. A time of "suspension" may be necessary to keep my sanity. The bottom line for me is that even though The Hanged Man doesn't appear to be suffering, I can't believe it's a comfortable position to be in. In fact, I see quite a bit of discomfort in the other four cards. It doesn't look like I'm going to be gliding smoothly through the year!

From a numerology standpoint, my Personal Year is 35/8. In Numerology and the Divine Triangle (Whitford Press), Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker tell me that in a 35/8 Personal Year, "almost anything can happen" and I need to "be prepared for whatever comes." They also advise me that "the pressures of this period will affect your health only if you work and worry too much." What, me worry? Oh, sorry. Sometimes I confuse myself with Alfred E. Newman.

Things could get interesting.

* The Quintessence card is derived by adding the numerical value of the other four cards, then reducing that value until you get the number of a Major Arcana card. The Quintessence card represents the overall influence, energy, or message for the year. For the purposes of this spread, I am using 11 for Pages, 12 for Knights, 13 for Queens, and 14 for Kings.

11 + 8 + 16 + 13 = 48 = 12 = The Hanged Man


  1. woah, good luck with that tower quarter :0

    i tried this out at a tarot meetup i went to, and interestingly enough got my year card as my quintessence card as well. still pondering my quarter cards.

  2. Hi Scribbling! I know, right? I'm just not going to pretend that I'm looking forward to that. I have confidence that I can work through it and even benefit from it, but I'm not looking forward to it.

    That is interesting that you got your year card as your quintessence!

  3. Zanna, with my clients I often interpret "The Tower" as a rude awakening. I often ask them, "What Sign from Spirit have you been ignoring for far too long?" I have no doubt that you are highly Spiritual and Intuitive, but you may have been so busy that you have been forgetting about certain cycles. I apologize for the unsolicited advice; Goddess moves my hands even before I have a chance to think.

  4. Robert, I really like your interpretation of The Tower as a "rude awakening." You are right about the possibility of being "too busy" to notice or remember important spiritual matters. I thank you for your your thoughtful advice!


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