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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Exploring The Wolf Pack "Tarot" Deck (by Zanna)

In addition to my 60 Tarot decks, I own a great many oracle decks. I love these decks, but don't use them as often as I would like. Every now and then, I am going to share a card from one of these oracle decks here on the blog. I hope people will enjoy seeing cards from various decks and will gain something from the interpretations of the cards!

For this exploration I am using The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck created by psychic Robert Petro and illustrated by Pat Morris I categorize this as an oracle deck rather than a tarot deck because although it contains 78 cards, they are not organized into a Major and Minor Arcana. It has no Fool, no Trumps, Pips, or Court Cards.

I acquired this deck because I love animals in general and wolves in particular, and because I really admired the artwork on the cards. Naturally I keep the deck in a special wolf-print bag. Each of the 78 cards in this deck has a title, a short paragraph describing possible interpretations of the card, and an illustration. The deck is available in both color and black-and-white versions.

One of the most interesting uses I found for this deck was a series of psychic readings I did for a client whose beloved pet dog had passed away. She wanted to know what I could tell her about the dog's welfare and his journey over the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm normally not comfortable trying to communicate with departed spirits. However, in this case, I felt a very strong connection to this woman and her pet. Using the Wolf Pack deck as an aid, I was able to accurately describe several specific occurrences from the dog's life. Encouraged by my success (as verified by the client), I felt led to use the Wolf Pack deck to try to gain some insight into the deceased dog's welfare. Over a period of several weeks, the cards gave us images of a spirit in transition from uncertainty and loneliness to confidence and assimilation into the next world. At about that time, I found I no longer felt connected to the dog's spirit. He had truly moved on.

I realize that many serious Tarot readers do not delve into mediumship, and for the most part, I am one of those. However, as Hamlet told Horatio: "There are more things in heaven and earth...than are dreamt of in your philosophy."  Sometimes we surprise ourselves.

The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck
Created by Robert Petro
Illustrated by Pat Morris
Published by Windspirit Productions, Inc.


  1. Zanna, I love that you featured the Wolf Pack Tarot! I have this deck, too, and I think it works beautifully. It is indeed quite different from a traditional Tarot deck, but it holds some amazing possibilities. I find that it reads so well, and because each card doesn't have a lot of information attached to it, it allows us to use our psychic abilities more fully than what we might otherwise do :)

    Many Blessings!
    Velvet ♥

  2. You are so right, Velvet Angel. Even though there are words written on the cards, I find that my mind interacts primarily with the images. It's really quite interesting.

  3. Thank you for posting this up Zanna. A year on from when I started, I'm still reading Women Who Run With the Wolves. It's made such a huge impact on me, this book, and although I do not have any oracle decks (yet!), I keep an eye out for some that I will one day acquire. It's on the list :)

  4. You're welcome, Monica! I confess I haven't read the book you mentioned, but I think I need to. :)


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