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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Interview with Tarot of Pagan Cats (by Zanna)

"Just as the tarot illustrates the great journey of life, these cats all show different aspects of that journey." ~ Magdelina Messina
I have been looking forward to interviewing Tarot of Pagan Cats for quite some time using a set of questions I recently developed for this purpose. The cats, however, apparently operate on their own time table. They told me that they would prefer not to set a time or date for the interview, but would simply show up when they felt like it.

One sunny afternoon I opened my door and saw the Seven of Chalices napping in my front yard.

"Um... here, kitty kitty?" I ventured. The cat opened its eyes, yawned, stretched, and strolled into my house.

I quickly prepared a dish of cream and several sardine and cream cheese sandwiches. The cat ate everything I offered and then proceeded to meticulously bathe itself. I was very nearly asleep in my chair when the cat hopped onto the couch, sat up straight, and announced that it was ready for the interview.

I grabbed my questions and asked the first one:

1. How would you describe your essence or essential energy?
I am bright, strong, warm, and regal. I radiate the energy of Leo, the lion, ruled by the Sun. I am free-spirited, confident, and secure in my identity.

2. Which card do you feel reflects my essence or essential energy?
Like a cat in a tree, from a safe position, you survey all that is around you, looking for opportunities, ever alert. The energy of Fire shines in your Sun sign, Sagittarius. You are a first-born child, an Ace, adventurous, inquisitive, willing and eager to chart new territory.

3. What story do you hope to tell me?
I hope to tell you a story of the spirit of independence, ideas, and sharp wits. This story cautions against self-criticism and a sharp tongue, whether it is used against others or yourself through negative self-talk. This story can lead you to master your own words and thoughts.

4. What should I not expect from you?
Don't expect me to hunt for your food. You'll have to do that yourself. Don't expect me to bring you success or good luck. You must create those things for yourself. I cannot give you special powers or magical abilities. When you look into my eyes, ultimately, you will see a reflection of your own spirit and nature.

5. Which card most closely represents us as a team?
As you probably know, cats are not typically "team players." We usually live alone, hunt alone, and keep our own counsel. The Magician is Trump 1, the number of solitude, beginnings, and individuality. Look at the cards that represent us, above. I am The Sun (Trump 19, which reduces to the number 1). You are the Ace of Wands (again, the number 1). If you seek unity with me, together we can operate as The Magician (One), bringing together the qualities of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water as we channel that which is above into our world below.

Having answered as many questions as it wanted to answer, the pagan cat stretched and hopped down from the couch. I opened the front door and it sauntered into the garden, where it stretched out to sleep, perchance to dream of possibilities and potential, wishes and hopes.

I was left to ponder the active energy, spark, and crackle I got from this deck. The Seven of Cups was deceptively tranquil and somewhat moody -- but the deck sprang into life with its answers to my questions. It's hard to imagine a more powerful pair of Trumps than The Sun and The Magician, especially when linked with the Ace of Wands. I am looking forward to reading with this deck and getting to know it better (not that we ever truly get to know a cat...)!

Tarot of Pagan Cats by Magdelina Messina
Artwork by Lola Airaghi
Published by Lo Scarabeo, 2010 


  1. The deck definitely looks more docile than it really is. The energy of this deck came through in your interview and it seemed to me to portray a strong sense of confidence and also a bit of pussy cat superiority LOL

  2. Hi Zanna,
    I loved your new interview questions - a good blend, and bringing you as the reader into it more, after all, there are always two involved in a reading! Not sure though about saying "Here kitty, kitty" to these Pagan Cats - you might get clawed for your trouble ;-)

  3. Helen, it really is quite a sassy deck, with all that Fire energy.

    Inner Whispers, I am lucky I didn't get clawed. The deck must have been on its best behavior. LOL

  4. Oh, those cats! I loved how the first one just kept you waiting until it was ready. Worth the wait, though. Loved the Sun, Magician, Ace of Wands connection.

    I am so glad they behaved fairly well for you!


  5. Thanks, Babs! It's a wonderful deck!


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