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Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick 2-Card Spread (Zanna)

I decided to try the clever little 2-card spread that Helen shared HERE. Helen saw the spread at Princess and the Sea, then followed the link to tarot in a teacup
The positional definitions are:
1. How am I different?
2. How do I conform?

I was in the mood to use one of my old favorites: Tarot of the Old Path. Here are the cards that came forward for me:

1. How am I different? ILLUSION (Trump 18)
How funny! This card is comparable to The Moon in traditional decks, and that's the very card Helen pulled in this position for her 2-card reading! I would say that this card points to my imagination and fascination with the occult (that which is hidden), along with what I consider to be the teeny amount of psychic energy I possess. I have long felt that these things set me apart from others.

2. How do I conform? STRENGTH (Trump 8)
Another Major Arcana card! It's a bit difficult for me to interpret the Strength card in terms of "how do I conform?" I look at Strength as courage, willpower, and "mind over matter" -- overcoming challenges (from within and without) through a gentle application of mental and spiritual power rather than brute force. I wonder if perhaps I have tended to conform to the all-too-common behavior of pushing with not-so-gentle force in an attempt to control difficult situations or subdue undesirable qualities. I will certainly give this more thought!

Tarot of the Old Path
by Sylvia Gainsford (Illustrator)
Copyright 1990 AGMuller


  1. This sounds good! I'm going to try it.

  2. Interesting that you also got the Moon! Strength is an interesting one, I will be interested to hear what else you come up with.

  3. What's REALLY intriguing is that you both card Trump 8 for the second card O_o So which one of you is the evil twin? ;)

  4. Wow, Submerina. That completely escaped me. Of course! Justice and Strength can each be Trump 8, depending on the deck.

    That really is bizarre.

  5. Actually the whole two readings are bizarre Zanna, we both got the Moon and we both got 8 (Sun & Moon as Justice as No. 8)

    How about that! :o)


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