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Friday, February 4, 2011

An Interview with the Elemental Tarot (Tarot of the Elements) by Zanna

As promised, here is a deck interview with the Elemental Tarot or Tarot of the Elements (spread by FireRaven, seen in the Acelectic Tarot Forum Spreads Thread).


I love using elemental dignities and associations with the Tarot, so I was delighted to receive the Elemental Tarot deck for Christmas. Our interview took place on a cold but sunny February day. I had cleared a path to my door so the cards wouldn't flounder in the deep snow. Over a cup of steaming hot Earl Grey tea and a plate of apricot-walnut scones, we got to know each other a little better.

1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
TEN OF PENTACLES (Earth): The Cycle of a Seed
My most important characteristic is the ability to provide stability in motion, to reveal how you can adapt and adjust through each cycle, to show how energy manifests itself in the physical world. Growth is constant; potential is ever-evolving. We reach the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one at the same moment in time. (I love the little men marching around and around what appears to be a planet -- Earth? I assume they are Earth elementals, i.e., gnomes.)

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
I am a happy gift, a source of warmth and light in which you can bask to your heart's content. I call your attention to opportunities to pause and savor life. I encourage you to acknowledge, understand, and accept your true identity, along with your own strengths and virtues.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
TWO OF SWORDS (Air): Clear Guidance
At times I may seem too complex to provide a simple yes or no answer. I like to offer many possibilities for consideration -- pros and cons, ins and outs. The pendulum swings back and forth and in between.

4. What do you bring to the table -- what are you here to teach me?
I am here to teach you what we can do together. When we join our energies or forces we become greater than either of us can be alone.

5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?
SIX OF PENTACLES (Earth): Nourishing a Seed
At times I will seek you and at times you will seek me. I may hide from you, and you may hide from me. You can best learn from and collaborate with me by being open to giving and receiving, pursuing and being pursued, revealing and hiding.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
TEN OF WANDS (Fire): Inspiration Understood
Through me, as we work together, you can become connected to everything else in the Universe. You will be able to access everything you need. By working with me, you can experience these connections as liberation rather than a burden. (I love the salamanders -- Fire elementals -- circling the fiery globe in the center of this card!)

I got a clear impression from this interview that these cards have their own special energy and messages to convey!

Elemental Tarot.
Artwork by Marco Turini.
Copyright 2010 by Lo Scarabeo


  1. What an interesting deck Zanna brought to life by your interview. I might not have looked at this deck, but with it's answers to you questions, I will certainly take a longer look.

  2. This was great, Zanna! This is a deck I don't have, so it was truly an interesting interview to explore something not already in my collection :)

  3. Thanks Helen and Velvet Angel. I truly appreciate your interest!

    I feel like this deck is one that will take some time to get to know. It's as if there is great power in it, so much power that it holds back so as not to jolt me out of my socks. LOL

  4. What an odd, interesting deck! You know how some people bring out the best in others? I think you bring out the best in this deck.

  5. (blush) Thank you so much, Babs. I appreciate you stopping by to look at the interview. :)


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