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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Covering All the Angles for 2012


With the Year 2012 fast approaching, I thought I would share a reading using a spread I created called Covering All the Angles. You can read more about this spread HERE.

Because this particular reading looks ahead into 2012, I changed the positional definitions slightly from the original. I am using the Mystic Dreamer Tarot by Heidi Darras, with its companion book by Barbara Moore (Llewellyn Publications). I am also incorporating key words and input from Tarot Dynamics by Anna Burroughs Cook (Kima Global Publishers).


1. Self - what may work in my favor in 2012
Tarot Dynamics: card 34 - Changeable / Renovation
Eight active, enthusiastic, optimistic Wands all point in the same direction, appearing to shower their energy over the woman on the card. The woman herself is poised to move. The dynamic energy of this card may work in my favor, perhaps by propelling me towards greater self-awareness or a closer relationship with my highest self.

2. Self - what may work against me in 2012
Tarot Dynamics: card 55 - Crisis or Reward
On this card, the single Sword suggests single-mindedness, and the ornate crown and hilt suggest a well-established, dominant energy. The masculine suit of Swords emphasizes rationality and reason. I get a sense of a new point of view that may inhibit self-development and growth. Tarot Dynamics mentions the possibility of "an unhealthy mix of ego, temper, and principle."

3. Self - advice/forecast
Tarot Dynamics: card 6 - Harmony
Here I get the sense that there will be a decision or choice that may impact my self-development or self-awareness. In making that decision or choice, I will want to examine my reasons and motivations. I will want to try to bring my conscious thoughts and subconscious thoughts into balance, and seek input from my higher self. As a result, I may gain a better understanding of myself.

4. Home and Family - what may work in my favor in 2012
Tarot Dynamics: card 70 - Ambitious/Interaction
An ability to juggle multiple tasks in the area of home and family may work in my favor in 2012. The emphasis with Pentacles is on money, possessions, health, and values. At any given time, I may find myself balancing my time and energy among such things, whether they relate to me personally or to a family member.

5. Home and Family - what may work against me in 2012
Tarot Dynamics: card 2 - Passion
This card suggests that concealing knowledge or "keeping secrets" could work against me in the area of Home and Family. Whether I am withholding information or someone else is keeping something from me, the effect is likely to be injurious. The High Priestess may also indicate that harm could be caused by a failure to understand and trust my intuition, an inability or unwillingness to seek wisdom within myself before taking action. Tarot Dynamics mentions that "relationships will experience some degree of reconstruction and re-evaluation."

6. Home and Family - advice/forecast
Tarot Dynamics: card 47 - Emotional / Relationships
This card usually represents being emotionally attracted to many different choices, unable to choose which one(s) to pursue. I get a sense that I may have to discern which of these options would be beneficial or wise. All that glitters is not gold. I can reduce confusion by eliminating choices that are superfically appealing but not really in my best interests. Tarot Dynamics mentions uncertainty and the possibility of overestimating or underestimating something or someone.

7. Relationships and Partnerships - what may work in my favor in 2012
Tarot Dynamics: card 41 - Crisis or Reward
This feels like an encouraging, promising card to see in this position. The energy here is loving, joyful, and fulfilling. Being open to this abundance and willing to embrace it will work in my favor in the area of relationships and partnerships. Tarot Dynamics mentions working constructively with emotions to make the time period productive and rewarding.

8. Relationships and Partnerships - what may work against me in 2012
Tarot Dynamics: card 17 - Hope
It appears that what may work against me in the area of relationships and partnerships could be an inability or unwillingness to receive the transformative, uplifting, hopeful energy manifested by this card. If I allow everyday trials and tribulations to distract me or weigh me down, I will not be able to enjoy the powerful blessings The Star conveys. Tarot Dynamics mentions the possibility that an overabundance of any emotion could cause me to misinterpret my intuition.

9. Relationships and Partnerships - advice/forecast
Tarot Dynamics: card 11 - Balance
The theme of "choices" or "decisions" in this reading continues in the area of advice/forecast for relationships and partnerships. Justice advises me to rely on logic and reason rather than emotions when making choices in this area. Ultimately, fairness is key. There is a need for balance and an even hand, as opposed to knee-jerk reactions or irrational responses. 

10. Career - what may work in my favor in 2012
Tarot Dynamics - card 27 - Crisis or Reward
As a card of creative opportunity, the Ace of Wands bodes well for career matters in 2012. My career development is supported by fiery, active, optimistic energy. Tarot Dynamics mentions major changes as circumstance and personal aspirations require me to harness my willpower with a positive attitude and blaze my own trail.

11. Career - what may work against me in 2012
Tarot Dynamics: card 56 - Challenging / Interaction
Conflicating ideas or perspectives may work against me in the area of Career. I may further compound the problem by refusing to face this challenge. Even if I do acknowledge the conflict, I may find it difficult to be rational. Tarot Dynamics mentions the possibility of irrational fears and anxieties that arise when I least expect them, and the potential for allowing impatience and frustration to control my behavior.

12. Career - advice/forecast
Tarot Dynamics: card 25 - Changeable Adventure
In this position, the Knight of Wands offers great support with his generousity and ambition. He can also cause trouble by being impetuous or impulsive. There is a caution here about losing patience with some aspect of my career, and dashing off to pursue something new. The key is to channel this Knight's fiery energy, while curbing any tendency to make grand but empty gestures. Tarot Dynamics mentions the importance of staying flexible and going with the flow when prudent.


I notice that MAJOR ARCANA cards appear in all segments except the Career segment. This could suggest that I will be affected at a high spiritual level in the other three areas of life, but perhaps not Career.

The reading contains three ACES -- one for each segment except Self. Sounds like a lot of new opportunities will be offered.

EARTH appears less than any other element in this reading. This could suggest less activity or impact in the material and physical realm.

There are five AIR cards, indicating that thoughts, ideas, perceptions, and communication are likely to play a significant role in 2012.


  1. This spread certainly did cover all angels ^__^

    I hope 2012 will be a safe, productive and happy one for you!

  2. Opps that should have be angles not angels - although your interpretation certainly did touch on some spiritual elements too ^__^

  3. Thank you, Helen! LOL - Maybe I should get that Angel deck by Doreen Virtue and do a Covering All the Angels spread!

    Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling New Year!

  4. This is a very comprehensive spread - thank you for sharing! I've also been contemplating getting the deck (alongside a dozen others!!) but will hold back for now... It does have a lovely ethereal quality to it which I'm drawn to. Many blessings.

  5. Thanks for this spread! I used it and posted it on my blog.
    Verry interesting.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Monica and Charlene. I'm glad you like the spread.

  7. OOOHHH!!! Very nice!! I love the variation on the traditional Horoscope Spread, and I especially love the that Natal Houses ruled by Cardinal Signs were highlighted (I have three Planets in Capricorn, including my Sun-Sign, and one Planet in Libra, not to mention being conceived when the Sun was in Aries). To use an often heard pop culture phrase, "ME LIKEY!" I look forward to using this Spread very soon. Thanka, again, Zanna.

  8. P. S. Doreen Virtue has several Angel-themed Oracle Card Decks and her newest one, "Romance Angels Oracle Cards," shall be published next month.

  9. Great New Year's spread, Zanna! Shared on Google Plus :)

  10. Hello, Robert - from now on perhaps I should call you "Cardinal Alvarez"? I'm glad you like the spread, and thanks for visiting and commenting!

    Lisa, thank you so much!


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