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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Take a Number: Two!

Numerology & Tarot

I am working my way through the numbers, comparing the ways in which I have used them in Tarot readings with observations and comments from numerologists and occultists. I welcome your comments and observations about this fascinating subject!

My Keywords for the Number Two: relationships, harmony, unity, balancing polarities

Tarot Cards: The High Priestess, Twos of all suits

Writing about the occult meaning of numbers, Paul Foster Case gives the following keywords for Two: "duplication, reflection, receptivity, dependence, alternation, antagonism, and the like." (The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages, Macoy Publishing Company)

THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Trump Two): In his book Numerology: Key to the Tarot (Whitford Press), Sandor Konraad writes that Arcanum II, The High Priestess, represents our attempts to cope with the duality in our nature, a conflict between masculine and feminine drives or between reason and emotion. Notice that on the Rider-Waite-Smith High Priestess card, we see two pillars behind The High Priestess: one dark and one light.

TWOS: In the Tarot, Twos combine the numerological meanings of the number Two with the characteristics of their suit or elemental association.

Konraad writes that in the Minor Arcana, the number Two represents Conflict. He notes that the Two of Coins represents "Conflict in money matters."

In general, I find that limiting the suit of Pentacles (Coins) to money matters is a bit too restrictive. Using my keywords, the Two of Pentacles suggests relationships, harmony, unity, and/or balancing polarities (Two) in the physical, material realm -- including finances, values, domestic life, work, and health (Pentacles).


  1. Dear Zanna,
    I think your posting on the number 2 is very very good. Even Tarot Dynamics keyword for all the 2's is "Interaction" and the element (Wands,Swords, Cups or Pentacles) determines whether you'll find it easier or more challenging to interact constructively with other people and matters - according to what you feel you've been receiving from them.
    For instance, with the Two of Pentacles although you may love your job, you could still begin looking at other jobs if you don't feel that you're receiving the same level of support FROM your employer as you give to them. You see, despite it's fondness for company the Number 2 also contains a strong element of self-interest and self-preservation so whatever the situation, whether you've been passed over for several promotions, 2's will sometimes make you more aware that you're being taken for granted .

    Smiles, Anna

  2. It's me again Zanna--the zany Anna!
    I forgot to say , that in ANY situation, whether with Cups, Swords, Wands or Pentacles, 2's make you more aware of how much you like or dislike something or someone and WHY you feel that way.

  3. Anna! Thank you! I actually meant to include the TD take on Twos, but somehow missed the opportunity.

  4. I would point out that my GAG-FGF-metal cofactor comparison to pentacles (coins) [orb?] could add to argument that Pentacles is not limited to money interactions. Reversible fluid (in good solvent) interactions are essential for proper commnication. Irriversable or extended signals produce inflammation and maybe changes to solvent (blood) conditions that could cause metal cofactors to fall out. No movement or slowed reaction to danger because of tightened joints.

    I bet Pentacles interpretation depends upon other cards being thrown in 3 car reads. Perhaps traveller stuck?


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