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Sunday, June 5, 2011

What? When? Where?

At Helen's suggestion, I am posting a reading I did with the What, When, Where spread she introduced a couple days ago on this blog. (Thanks, Helen! It's a great spread!)

Using The Wildwood Tarot, I decided to query about a book launch I need to plan and execute.

1: What should I do about the book launch I am planning?
NINE OF ARROWS (Dedication) - Well, this makes perfect sense, doesn't it? If I am going to try to make a success of this event, I need to employ discipline, skill, and hard work. On this card, the woman is protected by an invisible shield that deflects the arrows that are flying at her. She ignores them, focused on her own bow and arrow (perhaps on her inner journey). I need to focus on what I want to do and refuse to worry about obstacles or negative thoughts that threaten to derail me.

2: When should I do this?
SIX OF BOWS (Abundance) - According to the system on which this deck is based, the Time of Bows runs from 1 May to 1 August. I have already tentatively scheduled my event for July 9, which falls within this time frame. The Six of Bows is specifically about "enjoying the fruits and rewards of the summer season" -- and I think perhaps this suggests that I will reap rewards from this event later this year, perhaps in autumn.

3: Where should this take place?
FIVE OF VESSELS (Ecstasy) - If I take this card literally, this event should take place "in an ecstatic trance state." I don't think that's too likely or practical! But the card does suggest to me that in this case, "where" refers more to a state of mind or attitude than to a physical location. In other words, I have an opportunity to experience this event in whatever spiritual or emotional state I choose. I can seek to be energized, and to experience joy at a deep, fulfilling level.


  1. Hi Zanna,
    One thing that sprang to my mind with the Five of Vessels as the "where" is the idea of making wherever it takes place into sacred space. Whether by something as simple as lighting a candle, burning some sage, or taking a crystal along in a pocket, this might also help with the question of attitude. Just a thought...

  2. What a wonderful idea, Inner Whispers! I will plan to do something similar to what you suggest.


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