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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Magic Wand Spread (by Zanna)

I developed this spread/exercise several years ago and recently came across it again. I'm going to post the spread here, and will hopefully post a sample reading with it later today!

Magic Wand Spread

For this exercise, pretend that the Ace of Wands is a magic wand. You will use it to help you answer the following question: What do I need to be more conscious of regarding myself, my work, other people (not family), and my family? (Keep in mind that work is whatever you consider work, not necessarily a job for an employer.)            

Take the Ace of Wands from the deck of your choice and place it face up. Then draw four more cards from the deck. Place them face up around the Ace in this manner:


1     ACE     3


Position 1: Self
Position 2: Work
Position 3: Others    
Position 4: Family

As you look at the cards in their positions, think about how the energy of the Ace of Wands might help you or hinder you in each case.

Please share your results with us!

My results with the Magic Wand Spread

My Question: What do I need to be more conscious of regarding myself, my work, other people (not family), and my family?

Using the Sharman-Caselli deck, I drew the following cards:

Position 1: Self

This card seems to encourage me to be more conscious of my successes as a person, in my various roles in life. We all fall short, disappoint, and outright fail from time to time, but dwelling on those times can be self-destructive and pointless.

The Ace of Wands in the center supports and reinforces the energy of the Four, giving a sense of confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism.

Position 2: Work

I usually see this card as a representation of wider horizons, efforts rewarded, and the completion of the first stage of an activity or endeavor. My "work" involves several different activities, and it's obvious to me that I am probably not going to excel at any of them to a large degree. I simply don't devote enough time and energy to any one thing. In fact, now that I think of it, I am currently pursuing THREE career paths -- writing, Tarot/Astrology, and jewelry making. With Wands being the suit of Career, this card may be telling me that I can make sufficient progress in all three areas.

As with the Four of Wands, the Ace is very supportive here, lending its magic to the successful achievement of goals represented in the Three.

Position 3: Others

For a minute, I thought I was going to draw all Wands for this reading! But no, here is the Four of Cups -- quite a departure from the energy and fiery coloring of the Ace, Four, and Three of Wands. It seems that where relationships with others are concerned, I am not as enthusiastic or optimistic as I am about Self and Work. I normally see the Four of Cups as a card of discontent or boredom. I some ways, I am dissatisfied with my relationships with others. I'm not a "social" person. I don't like group activities. I am usually uncomfortable and impatient with group dynamics. Yet I envy people who have a lot of friends, people that everyone seems to like. The Four of Cups suggests to me that I need to look up from my introspection on this subject and see what is really available to me, what is being offered by that hand coming out of the clouds!

The Ace of Wands is not supportive of the Four of Cups. Fire and Water are antagonistic toward each other. Yet Fire's influence on Water can be productive. Fire paired with Water creates steam, a powerful force.

Position 4: Family

Wow, another FOUR! This time is the suit of Swords. Typically I see this card as being about mental retreat or rest, a "time out" to think things through or recover from a stressful situation. About a month or so ago, I moved across country to be closer to several members of my family, including my elderly mother. I am now about 5 minutes from my mother after being hundreds of miles away for 10 years. This allows me to be available and accessible to her, which is actually a huge relief to me. I no longer have to worry and wonder at a distance. This may seem an odd way to interpret this card, but it makes sense to me.

As a Fire card, the Ace of Wands is compatible with the Four of Swords (Air). It is easier now for me to direct active energy toward family responsibilities, instead of fretting about my inability to be directly involved.

I find it interesting that I drew three FOURs in this reading. The number Four, to me, represents stability, security, structure, and practicality. I know it can also suggest stagnation, but in my case, I think recent developments have given me the more positive aspects of the number Four -- although the Four of Cups may indicate being stuck in an emotional rut where relationships are concerned.

Deck Credits:
The Sharman Caselli Tarot Deck
by Juliet Sharman Burke (Author), Giovanni Caselli (Illustrator). 
Packaged with The Complete Tarot Pack
Eddison Sadd Editions


  1. Zanna, interesting spread and I liked what you had to say about your cards so I tried it. Hmmm is what I said as I saw my own cards!! 1 - 8 Wands ... no problem ... 2 - Ace of Swords ... 3 Knight of Wands ... 4 Ace of Pents ... those two aces . Swords hopefully is some new ideas to help ease my workload. Pents in family position perhaps a brighter financially more secure future. Knight of Wands in others position ... could that be me being more aggressive or someone coming into my life to help me in this area. Any thoughts? I was a little stumped when I saw the cards.
    Thanks for sharing the spread ... Carol

  2. Hi Carol! I think you're probably right about the Ace of Swords suggesting an opportunity for new ideas or perspectives on the work front. The Ace of Pentacles in the family position could indicate, as you say, an opportunity for a new direction financially or, in my experience, it might point to the possibility of a new direction regarding health or physical conditions. The Knight of Wands in the relationship area does sound like the presence of considerable energy and quick movement, or perhaps an increase in confidence, optimism, or enthusiasm in the area of relationships. The Knight of Wands may also be cautioning against impulsiveness or rash behavior in that area. I don't know if any of that makes sense to you. I'm just talking off the top of my head.

  3. Thanks, Zanna, for your thoughts. And yes, it does make sense. Absolutely does. I was over thinking things. I spent some time with the spread in front of me yesterday and its quite perfect!!! So again thanks.

  4. What a great idea for a spread. I shall definitely try it when I have some time. Hmm, maybe I need a position for making time... ;-)

  5. Ah yes, Inner Whispers, a position for making time. I think we all need one of those! Thanks for commenting on the spread.


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