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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Five-Ten-Fifteen (a new spread by Zanna)

I like playing around with ideas for new spreads. I thought it would be fun to try something that involves turning over a certain number of cards rather than just choosing one at random. This is totally experimental, so feel free to give it a try yourself!

The purpose of this spread is to gain insight into a situation or problem. Once you have determined the question or area of life into which you seek insight, shuffle the deck of your choice using whatever method suits you.

Count down to the 5th card in the stack and turn it over. Count down to the 10th card after that and turn it over. Count down to the 15th card after that and turn it over. Is there a significance to five-ten-fifteen? I don't know. It just sounded good to me!

These three cards go into the following positions:

(1) Urgent. Deal with this right now.
(2) Important but not urgent. Can be set aside for now, but don't forget.
(3) Not important. Not urgent. Let it go. Forget it.

I guess I'd better take this for a trial run myself! My question is: What area(s) of life need my attention most right now?

Using the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg*, I pulled the following cards:

(1) Urgent. Deal with this now.
THE MOON: To me, this suggests a major emotional or subconscious issue that I need to deal with sooner rather than later. This could be revealed to me in dreams or through meditation. The key is to go beneath and beyond the surface to discover what lies deep within. It is possible that I am being deceived about something or that I am creating an illusion about something, refusing to see reality for what it is. Perhaps I am giving something a cursory glance when it requires in-depth investigation.

(2) Important but not urgent. Can be set aside for now, but don't forget. 
FOUR OF SWORDS: It is important for me to rest, to replenish myself  in the midst of busy-ness. This is not talking about getting a good night's sleep, although that's always a good idea. I feel this refers more to quieting my mind and putting myself in situations that renew my spirit and energy level.

(3) Not important. Not urgent. Let it go. Forget it.
THREE OF SWORDS: Some wounds heal more slowly than others. This one should have healed long ago but has not. It is time to stop giving this more importance and influence on my life than it deserves. Don't dwell on past injustices, hurts, and failures.

Well, that was very interesting! I hope you'll give this spread a try and let me know how it goes for you.

*Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg
Artist: Yury Shakov.
Copyright 1992 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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  1. This spread is an interesting concept, I like the positional definitions and I'll certainly give it a go, although am I ready for the answers? :)

    You got an interesting set of cards....


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