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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yes-No Oracle Spread

Although I tend to discourage Yes-No questions, I am intrigued by this spread! I decided to give it a try. My question was: Should I try to write a children's book about spiders?

I decided that the Animal-Wise Tarot would be a good choice for this reading. I removed the Wheel of Fortune card and placed it face up. I shuffled the rest of the deck and pulled seven cards at random. I then mixed the eight cards together and dealt them into the appropriate positions:

(1).......(5) --------------- (2).......(6)

(3).......(7) --------------- (4).......(8)

While I was shuffling and laying out the cards, I thought "Wouldn't it be funny if the Spider card came up?"

I am not going to show all of the cards from this reading. What struck me (and illustrated what I love about Tarot) is the card that was paired with the Wheel of Fortune in the "SOON" position:

Now, if I can just figure out what "SOON" means with respect to my question (Should I try to write a book about spiders?) Perhaps something will happen "soon" that will tip the scales more toward writing the book. At present, I am doubtful that I can write something on this subject that would be appealing and marketable (E.B. White did it with Charlotte's Web, but I am not E.B. White and don't want to "copy" the idea.)


  1. I think soon means in relation to your question Zanna that you should just set it aside for the moment, not force it and the right idea will come to you.... soon!

    After all it is "In the cards." LOL

  2. That would be nice, Helen! Upon further investigation, I see there are a lot of children's books about spiders out there, so mine would need to be unique in some way.


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