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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free Reading for Puppy

The following reading was done as part of a special, limited free reading offer in 2009. If you would like a free reading, I suggest the American Tarot Association's Free Reading Network or Free Tarot Network web sites.

Hello Puppy,

It's nice to meet you. I appreciate this opportunity to do a free reading for you. I see that you are wondering what you need to know in order to find the loving relationship you seek.
I decided to use a 7-card spread called the Sleeping Beauty Relationship Spread, designed by ArwenNightstar. I changed the word "romance" in this spread to "love," because I feel you are looking for a relationship that is more than "romantic." I also changed the last position to "Best Possible Outcome" rather than "Final Outcome" because I do not predict the future in my readings. Also, I find it difficult to define "Final" in this context. The layout looks like this:

I'm using the Fantastical Creatures Tarot (illustrated by Lisa Hunt, book written by D.J. Conway) for your reading. This unusual deck draws its characters from the world of mythology and folklore, bringing them to life through captivating imagery. While shuffling the cards, I meditated on your question. Here are the cards I pulled for you (remember: the spread is called the Sleeping Beauty Relationship Spread):

(1) Why are you asleep to a new relationship?
: On this card we see the ancient hero Gilgamesh, disrupting the reflection in a pool of water. We get a sense of underlying tension and perhaps a stalemate in which neither party has the power to win. With respect to your situation, it seems that inner conflict or tension may be preventing you from awakening to a new relationship. Perhaps you tend to dwell on something that happened in the past, which keeps your emotions and thoughts in turmoil. You are of two minds about something, and this inner battle keeps you from moving forward.

What is keeping you asleep to potential love?
: On this card we see the Middle Eastern Djinn, a being known for his high level of magickal strength and ability. Calm yet alert, the Djinn is also patient. He suggests that more patience and planning -- and perhaps assistance from another -- are needed before you can awaken to potential love. Three things he advises you to do: keep control of this "project" (to find love), stabilize your life, and accept help from other people.

3) What do you need to know about your dreams of love?
: On the Four of Wands in this deck we have the Egyptian Ba, the heart-soul of every human being. In general, this card represents the gift of rebirth after a time of rest. It suggests that your dreams of love reflect your desire and need for inner harmony. In order to attract the love of another, we need to be at peace with ourselves.

What or who will awaken you to love?
: Here a fearsome creature called Jenny Greenteeth emerges from a swamp. She is quite eager to drag you into the dark place she calls home, a place of sorrow, loss, and separation. The three swords represent the consciousness, the subconscious mind, and the higher consciousness (universal state of mind). What will help awaken you to love is to refuse to allow yourself to be dragged down by emotional losses and pain.

What is needed from you for love to work?
(Trump 20): The Lion-Dogs of ancient China are symbols of protection from evil. What is needed is for you to realize that you are protected, and unpleasant events do not have the power to do you any real harm. Karma is being balanced in your life, and this works to your advantage.

What do you need for love to work?
(Trump 11): The Eastern and Western Dragons symbolize a balance of physical and emotional energies needed to create spiritual justice. This energy is available to you to protect you from negative happenings.

What is the best possible outcome (if obstacles are overcome and opportunities are taken advantage of)?
: Here we see the Indian goddess Kali Ma, who governs both love and death. She is ready to create or destroy, whichever is necessary. The best possible outcome here is that you will keep things from getting any worse. You do this by heeding the messages of the preceding cards. Once again there is a sense that you need to make a clean break with the past, so that an old cycle can end and a new one can begin.

Puppy, the first thing I notice about this group of cards is that they are all associated with active elements (either Air or Fire). This suggests that there is activity taking place concerning this issue at some level, even if you are not aware of it. There is an indication of movement and opportunity for change, if you will seize that opportunity.

Secondly, we see a progression of numbers from two to three to four, then back to three then two (both Trump 20 and Trump 11 reduce to the number 2) and finally to one (the number 10 reduces to 1). This intrigues me. There is a sense that retracing your steps in some way will lead to the new beginning you desire. You are being advised to "leave the past behind" yet perhaps there are areas of the past that you still need to acknowledge, face, and deal with before you can start the new cycle that will attract love into your life.

Puppy, I hope this has at least given you food for thought concerning your situation and perhaps has even helped you in some way.

Bright blessings,


  1. Wow Zanna. Thank you for this wonderful reading.

    Your interpretation is click-on and really insightful. I'll take your advice to balance my life first now. It's been a long time I neglected this issue since I always try to move on and try to find a possible partner as quick as possible without concerning about my own private self.

    Thank you for the summary of the reading. When seeing the 10 of Swords, I'm kinda scared since the goddess look angry and those swords are ready to hit me :), but I look at your explain and feel maybe that's what I need. If we don't experience pain, how can we have the rebirth.

    Again, thank you for this reading, I truly appreciate it.

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  3. Puppy, you are most welcome. It was a pleasure to read for you.

    (Sorry, my first response contained a typo and I couldn't stand to leave it there!)

  4. I am going to use this spread and get back to you... thanks for all these great spreads!!!

    1. Here is what I got using the Mary El deck:
      1] King of Swords- Rx
      2] The Tower- Rx
      3] The Fool- Rx
      4] Knight of Cups
      5] King of Wands- Rx
      6] 8 of Wands
      7] 3 of Cups- Rx

      I would love your input @ this. Feels as somber as I do lately!!! :(

    2. Violet, I'd like to begin by hearing what you feel these cards mean for you and your situation. I will be happy to contribute any additional insight that comes to me after that. :)

    3. 1- faith in a false king. not what he seemed.
      2- i have truly been shaken to my foundation in love- romantic love at least. but i deny that it perhaps my own doing and un-doing which electrified my tower... i also think that mr. thought i was perhaps a damsel, which i am not. do i project damsel?
      3- am i delusional and jump in too eagerly? or do i hold on to false foolishness when my wisdom is needed? patience is called for.
      4- hope. feels like a pisces male. on point but on the same page as i am. easy flowing communication- perhaps platonic.
      5- stop fighting for what i know is and will be- love arrives in its own time- if i let go... it will come.
      6- support and honesty. let go of jealousy and envy of the love- i think- others' possess.
      7- perhaps i celebrated love too soon... OR i need to celebrate love i do not know yet!

  5. Hello Violet! The original Sleeping Beauty Relationship Spread was designed by ArwenNightstar. I came across it over at Aeclectic Tarot Forum years ago. I do want to give credit where credit is due! Let me know how you get on with the spread.


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