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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Free Reading for Mum's the Word

The following reading was done as part of a special, limited free reading offer in 2009. If you would like a free reading, I suggest the American Tarot Association's Free Reading Network or Free Tarot Network web sites.

Hello Mum's the Word,

It's good to meet you! Thank you for this opportunity to do a free reading for you. Your question is: How can I best support my two children' development in terms of finding the right services for them?

Spirit has led me to use The Enchanted Tarot for this reading. I am using a spread from my vast collection of spreads. Unfortunately, I do not know the origin of this spread, or I would give credit to the person who designed it.

I will post the images of the cards first, followed by the positional definitions and my interpretation with respect to your situation.

(1) Where you are now, the current situation:
Mum's the Word, this card clearly seems to represent you as your children's mother and caregiver. You understand your role and its importance in their lives, and you are concerned about how best to nurture their development.

(2) What lies on the other side (the outcome):
THE WORLD (Trump 21)
The message here is simple: The World can be yours in this situation. Hard work is required and it is important that you view your life in the context of the whole of life itself -- rather than focusing on tiny details or temporary setbacks. If you heed the messages of these cards, you can achieve real success and gain a better understanding of the "big picture."

(3) and (5) Issues you need to consider or actions you need to take:

Mum's the Word, the woman on this card is often seen as being related to The Empress. She encourages you to follow your heart and trust the universe to provide for your needs. At the same time, she is practical and self-reliant. Even as she looks for assistance from unexpected sources, she trusts her own judgment and common sense in making decisions.

Here we see a message that you need to think ahead and consider the impact today's choices and actions will have on tomorrow. Trusting the universe (as mentioned under the Nine of Pentacles) does not mean sitting back and letting Fate rule your life. Take responsibility and, if it seems necessary, take risks. Be open to new or unexpected opportunities.

(4) Influence that impacts the steps being taken:
THE DEVIL (Trump 15)
The influence suggested by this card comes from the material, physical realm. Financial concerns and health concerns have a major impact. The Devil also suggests that our own limited beliefs about the world might be keeping us down or binding us. By changing our emphasis from the physical or material to the spiritual, we open the door to all that the universe can provide. The key here is to challenge any belief you have that something can't be done or that you have no power to accomplish something. Believe that you have within you the strength, power, and ability to see through and beyond any illusion of restriction and limitation.

What strikes me first of all, Mum's the Word, is the abundance of Major Arcana cards in this reading. Four of the five cards are Trumps. This indicates that this issue is of major importance in your life, perhaps at a high spiritual level. While finding the right services for your children may seem like a mundane, practical matter -- the cards suggest that your overall spiritual state plays a significant role.

The sense I get is that while you are being encouraged to actively seek help for your children, you are also being advised that you have support from a higher power and that if you are open to assistance from this power, you will receive what you need.

It is easy for someone in your position to feel that the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Yet truly, it is not. Being anxious or fearful about your children is not likely to help you support their development. You can think more clearly and take more effective action if you are centered and confident within yourself, believing that the universe is ready to support you.

Mum's the Word, my purpose is to help you gain awareness and clarity about your situation by offering options, possibilities, and perspectives for you to consider. I hope I have succeeded in doing that. Thank you for letting me read for you. I wish you the very best. I am very interested in your thoughts about the reading, or how the situation progresses.

Best wishes and brightest blessings,

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  1. Thank you Zana,
    I had begun to feel already that I was struggling away on the mundane but needed to shift the focus to the spiritual for the answers. Now I know that the slight tickle at the back of my mind was the universe trying to get my attention - it gave up and sent me this opportunity so that it could scream in my face! ;-)


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