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Monday, December 21, 2015

Conscious and Subconscious Energy: A Reading

In the Northern Hemisphere, in South Carolina USA where I live, the Winter Solstice this year falls on Monday, December 21, at 11:49 PM (EST).  I am taking an opportunity to celebrate by exploring how my conscious and subconscious (or unconscious) causes me to attract specific types of energy into my life.

I think we naturally intend to attract positive, beneficial, healing, helpful energy – and we are consciously aware of that. Yet there can be activity in the subconscious or unconscious mind that causes us to attract conflicting or reinforcing energies. Well, that’s my theory, anyway!

I decided to create a layout where the cards representing conscious choice are “on top of” the cards representing subconscious or unconscious desires. For the bottom tier, I added the numeric value of the first two cards to get the Major Arcana card that advises me on how to bring the conscious and subconscious/unconscious elements together.




Coming forward to assist me in this exploration is the Book of Shadows Tarot “As Above” by Barbara Moore, with artwork by Gregorz Krisinsky, Simone Gabrielli, Franco Rivolli, Pietro Scola di Mambro, Sabrina Ariganello, and Alessia Pastorello (Lo Scarabeo).

(1) What energy do I consciously want in my life?
TWO EARTH – A balance of Water and Earth such as that seen at a beach. Symbolically, this is a balance between soul and body (physical experience).

(2) What energy do I subconsciously (or unconsciously) attract?
SEVEN WATER – Justice, order, and a strict balance – a heart that lives most closely aligned with my beliefs of what is right.

(3) Trump 9, The Hermit: The Path
To bring the messages of the Two Earth and Seven Water together, I must seek guidance from my innermost or highest Self through contemplation, reflection, and a connection with the Divine.

(4) What sort of person do I consciously want in my life?
THREE AIR – Someone who finds the truth by looking at something with different eyes or from another point of view – possibly using divination tools such as scrying or dream work.

(5) What sort of person do I subconsciously (or unconsciously) attract?
THREE WATER – Someone who enjoys what is available in life with a young, fresh attitude and a spirit of Springtime.

(6) Trump 6, The Lovers: Beltane
To bring the messages of the Three Air and Three Water together, I must follow my heart and make choices that help these conscious and subconscious desires form a partnership, each supporting the other to help me attract the sort of person that completes me.

(7) What is an important conscious goal for me?
ACE AIR – To analyze, interpret, and understand my dreams and their messages.

(8) What is an important subconscious (or unconscious) goal?
MAIDEN OF AIR – Development and expansion of my intuition and ability to communicate. To share a bond with the creatures of the Air.

(9) Trump 13, Death: Yule
How fitting that this card appears at the end of the reading, which takes place on the Winter Solstice. To bring the messages of the Ace Air and the Maiden of Air together, I must recognize the end of something significant, a moment of darkness before the dawn – perhaps even a crisis of faith that leads to change.

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