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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Has he decided to end the marriage?

Today I am doing a Yes-or-No reading using the Playing Card Oracles divination deck by Ana Cortez and C.J. Freeman (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) For this reading, I am drawing three cards. In the method I’m using, the answer is based on the playing card association for each card. Reds (hearts, diamonds) are taken as a “yes” answer and blacks (spades, clubs) as a “no.”

The question concerns a fictional married couple currently living in different cities because of work. However, there have also been problems in the marriage. I think it is possible that the man may want to get a divorce. So my question is: Has he decided to end the marriage?

The answer is:

12 Hearts / Déja (red / yes)
8 Spades / Field of Stone (black / no)
13 Spades / Mardoc the Heartless (black / no)

According to the system I described above, the answer is “not very likely.” The red card suggests that he may be leaning that way or may have been considering that option, but the two black cards seem to override that, at least for the time being.

I find it fascinating that in a question about a marriage, the cards brought forward a 12 (Queen) and 13 (King), with a Field of Stones between them. That image speaks volumes about the state of the relationship. Ana Cortez writes of the 8 of Spades: “The unluckiest card in the deck, the dense field of Spades represents numerous obstacles and the fruition of bad seeds.”

Of the Queen of Hearts, Ana Cortez writes: “Déja possesses a softness that is her strength, a quiet knowing that dignifies her. This Queen’s closed eyes symbolize her attunement to the inner world.” Her description of the King of Spades reads: “As the last card within Spades, the suit of material form, Mardoc assumes the role of terminator, the conqueror without mercy or compassion. He exemplifies mastery over earthly affairs.” Whether we look at these two cards as actually representing the man and woman in the marriage or not, it is certainly appropriate to consider that the energies they symbolize are important factors in the situation.

Based on current conditions, things don’t look great for this couple. A firm decision to divorce may not have been made, but the emotional groundwork seems to have been laid. It also occurs to me that the Queen of Hearts could represent another woman in whom the man is interested, and her existence is a factor that could ultimately sway his decision.


  1. I couldn't resist asking the tarot the same question, I think the cards agree in principal to your oracle but I got two Aces - Swords & Cups each side of Six of Wands - the tarot seems to think that it is probably likely that he will end the marriage, because he is now sorting out his thoughts, in order to gain some clarity on the situation (A.Swords) while dealing with this overflow of emotional feelings he has (A. Cups). The middle card is what is holding him back right now from doing so, the idea that up until now the marriage has worked and that perhaps in order to save it he needs to keep working on it. However I think the tarot thinks this card 6 Wands is just a delay in what will inevitable happen.

    1. Very interesting! That certainly provides additional insight into the situation.


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