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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Under the Roses Lenormand Reading: Will She Get the Loan?

I am continuing to work with a Yes-No spread using a Lenormand deck. This time I am using the Under the Roses Lenormand by Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

This reading is about a friend’s efforts to get a loan to refinance her home. So my question is: Will she be able to get a loan?

In the method I’m using, the answer is based on the playing card association for each card. Reds (hearts, diamonds) are taken as a “yes” answer and blacks (spades, clubs) as a “no.”

The answer is:

Fox – (14 / 9 of Clubs) - black
Bear – (15 / 10 of Clubs) - black
Sun – (31 / Ace of Diamonds) – red

The short answer here seems to be that it is “unlikely” that she will get the loan (two black cards and one red). However, The Sun feels like a very strong card, maybe because of the way I read it in the Tarot? In the Lenormand as well, it seems to be a strong positive message, perhaps representing an ultimate victory in this case.

Meanwhile, we have The Fox, which can suggest a job, skills, or employment. Interestingly, one reason the loan is being questioned is because my friend’s income is not high enough. Previously, she was married and two incomes were taken into account when the original mortgage and subsequent second mortgage were put in place. Now, she is on her own and apparently does not earn enough to satisfy the lender. The Fox also can represent hidden intentions, deception, and conniving. Perhaps that has something to do with the problems my friend is facing in getting the loan approved.

The Bear can represent “something or someone overbearing, especially in business or career” (from the LWB). Could this refer to someone at the lending institution or the institution in general? There is possession of great authority and power in this card. Interestingly, in stock trading, a “Bear Market” is one that occurs in crisis situations, representing a general decline in the stock market over a period of time. Could the lender’s reluctance to grant this loan be based on fears and restrictions that have evolved in response to the lending crisis of the past few years?

The Sun card does help me hold out hope for my friend in this situation, but it’s clear there are issues that stand in her way.


  1. I like it how you read the cards for additional information after having figured out the yes or no answer.

    1. Thank you, Ellen. That approach seems to work well for me.

  2. I was wondering how differently the tarot would answer this question of yours so got out my trusty Wonderland and I have to say it totally agrees with your reading, it seem from my cards that the loan represents some sort of opportunity that would see a lift in her emotional well being, but the other two cards seem to say, that perhaps she needs to look more practical approach in order to secure that loan in the meantime there is a pause in her position while she examines the obstacles she needs to overcome - Ace Hats - Queen Oysters (Pentacle) 9 Peppermills (wands) ^_^ So it seems our cards are in agreement.

    1. Oh, interesting! Thank you for doing that, Helen. Perhaps we can do more "joint readings" using Lenormand and Tarot in the future!


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