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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Inspired by the Tarot: Haiku, Part 3

Our Haiku experiment has taken a new turn. This time, Helen and I each wrote a Haiku for the cards we took turns selecting. Helen’s poems are in green and mine are in purple. Here are links to _PART 1_ and _PART 2_ if you’re interested.

Old English Tarot
by Maggie Kneen
U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Life goes up and down
The motion cannot be stopped --
a balancing act 

Rising to the top,
falling to the lowest point.
Stay centered, my friends.

Dreaming Way Tarot 
by Rome Choi & Kwon Shina
U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Weigh the facts fairly
No room for indecision
Wield the sword of truth.

Balance is the key
Logic outweighs emotion
Fairness is achieved

Tarot of Dreams
Ciro Marchetti  & Lee Bursten 
Self Published

Be still in mind, body
take in a different view
life always changes.

Patience is needed
see life from a new angle
a new way forward.

The Dragon Tarot
by Nigel Suckling
Illustrated by 
Roger & Linda Garland
Cico Books Ltd.

Change, loss, upheaval
Will you ignore the warning
or be born again?

Death comes to all things
Acceptance is the saviour
Transformation dawns

The Pamela Colman Smith Tarot
of 1909 Aquatic Tarot
Andreas Schröter
Unpublished, not available in print

Blend life’s elements
Moderation is the key
to peace, harmony

Seek a compromise
combining past and present
Create the best mix.

Otherworld Tarot
Alison Williams, Sarah Nowell

The red glare of fear
blinds us to our true calling
The puppeteer laughs

Who controls your dance?
Do you like the frenzied tune?
Make the music yours.


  1. Your poems are beautiful together . I think I might give it a go in Dutch.


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