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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Elemental Tarot General Reading – Part 4

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In Part 1 of this General Reading, we covered “Overall Focus.” Part 2 was about “Drive, career, or work (Wands).” Part 3 focused on “Communication and understanding (Swords).”

For Part 4, we are looking at Relationships (Cups). The cards are:

(Part 4) Relationships (Cups): 6 of Chalices
-- energy helping/opposing: Justice
-- advice: Queen of Chalices
-- potential outcome if advice is followed: Death  

By design, the top card was chosen from the suit of Chalices (Cups), the suit associated with the element Water, emotions, the subconscious, and relationships. This is the type of energy that connects and binds. The SIX OF CHALICES came forward to represent the suit for me.

Sometimes called the “nostalgia card,” the Six of Chalices is perfect for me on several levels. I have been married to my current (third) husband for 14 years now, but we first met each other when we were both in elementary school. We were high school sweethearts, but went to different colleges and married other people. The traditional Six of Cups card typically shows two children, a boy and a girl. In the Elemental Tarot, the card is subtitled “Experienced Love.” You can see why this applies to my situation! The relationship is founded on past connections as well as experience in other relationships over the years.

Energy helping/opposing: JUSTICE

When referring to relationships, I often view Major Arcana cards as indications of a past life or soulmate connection. That connection could be certainly seen as “helping” the present-day relationship. Justice represents, to me, the concept of karma, of give and take. The subtitle given for Justice in The Elemental Tarot is “Law of reciprocity.” It’s not hard to see how this applies to a relationship. If the flow of energy is balanced, that helps the relationship. If it is out of balance – if one person gives or takes much more than the other – that opposes or harms the relationship.


How perfect is this? The Elemental Tarot LWB simply states: “Recognizing that you have much love to give is a form of empowerment.” I am indeed the Queen of Cups in all my relationships, especially my marriage. I am responsible for how I deal with my emotions, my subconscious activity, and my behavior within the relationship. The advice is to cultivate or maintain the best qualities of this Queen. In The Tarot Court Cards (Destiny Books), Kate Warwick-Smith talks about the Queen of Cups as “Confidante,” as someone who displays “Compassion.” Her negative qualities can include playing the “Victim,” and she sometimes suffers from “Depression.” I can easily identify with all four of those aspects of this card.

Potential outcome if advice is followed: DEATH

As a Major Arcana card, Death reinforces the “past life or soulmate connection” seen in Justice (above). If the advice is followed, the relationship will evolve and transition from one form to another, moving over a threshold into a new phase or stage of existence. I think this is what happens in any successful relationship. People change. The relationship changes. But if the two people can maintain balanced energy, express compassion, and use their experiences wisely, their connection evolves and matures, forming something stronger and more precious with the passage of time.


  1. What perfect cards to describe relationships - nice reading!


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