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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Elemental Tarot General Reading – Part 3

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In Part 1 of this General Reading, we covered “Overall Focus.” Part 2 was about “Drive, career, or work (Wands).”

Part 3 focuses on Communication and understanding (Swords). The cards are:

(3) 7 of Swords
-- energy helping/opposing: 7 of Pentacles
-- advice: 2 of Chalices
-- potential outcome if advice is followed: Knight of Pentacles

By design, the suit of Swords leads the way here, but Pentacles and Cups fill out the set. In this deck, the keyword for all Swords cards is “Guidance.” Swords focus on the connection (and communication, I think) between the questioner and the Universe.

Communication and understanding: 7 of Swords (Obvious guidance)

In my work with more traditional (RWS-based) Tarot decks, the Seven of Swords is known as “the thief card” or, at the very least, signals an attempt or desire to “get away with something.” I think that the idea of “information withheld” – or the “sin of omission” -- might make sense when we look at the Seven of Swords in the Elemental Tarot. It appears that the Universe is attempting to offer me “obvious guidance” but perhaps I am not willing or able to get a complete, useful message. Who or what could be keeping important elements of this guidance away from me?

Energy helping/opposing: 7 of Pentacles (Protecting a seed)

The suit of Pentacles is associated with earth, growth, and potential, particularly on the physical, material plane. The LWB for The Elemental Tarot Seven of Pentacles reads: “No matter how deep the water, land is always underneath, cradling the mysteries of the sea.” The traditional Seven of Pentacles typically shows a man cultivating a crop, hoping for a good return on his investment. There is a sense of protecting what one has or what one is working toward, probably something in the physical or material world.

Perhaps, when it comes to communication and guidance from the Universe, I am unwilling or unable to receive or understand the whole message because I am too focused on protecting or maintaining something I am trying to build or create in the physical, material world, and therefore cannot “hear” all of what the Universe is trying to tell me. On the other hand, it might actually help me to look for obvious guidance or messages from the Universe in the things that I plant, nurture, and harvest in the physical world.

Advice: 2 of Chalices (New love)

Love and relationships are the realm governed by the suit of Chalices and the element Water. In the Two of Chalices, we are shown “a promising new relationship.” (I am not fond of the “Barbie doll” female figure on this card, but whatever.) 

I think perhaps this speaks of the need for me to create a “new relationship” or bond with the Universe so that I might better receive and understand communication meant for me. It could be like “renewing our vows,” pledging to make a fresh start.

Potential outcome if advice is followed: Knight of Pentacles

Following the advice of the Two of Chalices could give me the patience, determination, and commitment represent by this Knight. Knights in general suggest forward progress. It’s as if the cards are saying: “You will get there” if you commit to a new relationship with the Universe. It may take a while, but you will no longer miss important messages from the Universe or receive only a portion of what you need.

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