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Monday, October 20, 2014

Elemental Tarot General Reading - Part 2

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Having covered “Overall Focus” in my last reading, I am now ready to look at “Drive, career, or work (Wands).” The cards are:

Drive, career, or work (Wands): 9 of Wands
-- energy helping/opposing: 2 of Wands
-- advice: Queen of Wands
-- potential outcome if advice is followed: 4 of Pentacles

Well, the Wands certainly came out in force for this segment of the reading! The only card deliberately drawn from the suit of Wands was the card for “Drive, career, or work”. In the Elemental Tarot, all cards in the Wands suit represent some form of Inspiration.

Drive, career, or work (Wands): 9 of Wands (“Inspiration rewarded”)

Yes, I would have to agree with this. The man on this card stands tall and strong. He appears to be fending off a threat or advance from someone or something that he has deemed undesirable. In the Golden Dawn system, the 9 of Wands is linked with the energy of the Moon (emotions, subconscious) in Sagittarius, my natal Sun sign. Crowley calls this card “Lord of Great Strength.”

Energy helping/opposing: 2 of Wands (“Inspiration divided”)

This card suggests polarity or opposing energies, and the need to make a choice or choices between two opportunities. Career-wise, I have been pulled in more than two different directions, choosing at one point between work that provides sufficient income and work that I would really prefer to be doing (guess which one was the winner in that competition?) These days, I would say I have three “careers” – three areas on which I focus my energy, talent, time, etc. These three are, at long last, what I desire to do, not what I am required to do to earn a living. I can see the division of energies over the years as helping, in that I learned a great deal about many different things, but also opposing, in that for many years, I was not able to pursue the career that my heart wanted to pursue.

Advice: Queen of Wands

This is perfect, of course. As a Sagittarius, I see this card as representing me and the energy that I possess or can raise, and use as I choose, in support of my career (s).

Potential outcome if advice is followed: 4 of Pentacles (“a seed among the rocks”)

Key phrases for the suit of Pentacles in this deck all include the word “seed”. We are talking about manifestation on the physical plane. As the only non-Wand card in this set, the 4 of Pentacles is a welcome presence to me, suggesting achievement, stability, and security in the material world IF I am willing and able to overcome challenges and difficulties and turn them into opportunities. The key is to gain inspiration from these challenges, to view them as a chance to prove my worth.

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  1. I think this whole reading leans towards success coming from you doing what you really desire rather than what you have to..... nice set of cards! ^_^

    1. Thanks, Helen. What I am doing these days, career-wise, is certainly more satisfying than what I have done in the past.


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