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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quarterly Forecast and Advice Spread

For this New Year, I decided to do a variation of my Quarterly Forecast reading using one of my Christmas gifts: _Madame Endora's Fortune Cards_ (Monolith Graphics; featuring artwork by _Christine Filipak_).

Because these cards are not numbered, I simply pulled a Quintessence card from the pack after laying out cards 1-4. I call it the Quarterly Forecast AND Advice reading because many of these cards offer words of advice rather than a prediction.

1st Quarter (Jan.-Mar.)

THE GOLEM: "A close friend acts on your behalf."

Well, I like this. I also wonder if it is a reference to the fact that I plan to see The Hobbit movie in January... (Yes, I know that's Gollum not Golem). Anyway, in Jewish tradition, the golem is most widely known as an artificial creature created by magic, often to serve its creator. I'm not planning to create any artificial beings in the next three months, so I think I'll just look forward to the "close friend acting on my behalf" interpretation.

2nd Quarter (Apr.-Jun.) 

THE GRYPHON: "Honor and good luck"

Win! This card is about lofty ideals and high expectations. However, it also suggests that "a risk will reap rewards." Nothing ventured, nothing gain, eh? (Bit of trivia: in various movie adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, the Gryphon has been portrayed by Malcolm Muggeridge, Spike Milligan, and Sid Caesar.)

3rd Quarter (Jul.-Sep.)

THE SEER: "Follow your intuition."
I drew this card reversed (upside down). There are no divinatory meanings given in the Little White Book for reversals in this deck, so I could just read it upright. However, I am intrigued at what "Follow your intuition" reversed might mean. The Seer is "a spiritual advisor, well-versed in occult knowledge and the mystical arts...a gifted prophet." The card advises trusting my instincts and natural intuition, and augurs that "the truth will soon be revealed." I am wondering if, during the third quarter, I may encounter obstacles or delays in my attempts to divine or intuit the truth about something.

4th Quarter (Oct.-Dec.)

THE SHIELD: "You are safe from harm."
I also drew this card reversed. This might suggest that during the fourth quarter, my "shields" could be "down." In other words, I may leave myself vulnerable to harm, or open myself up to an adversary who finds it easier than usual to penetrate my defenses. Perhaps the advice from this card, reversed, is "Don't be too trusting."


THE BLACK CAT: "Your luck will soon change."

Interesting. In general, I consider myself to be VERY lucky. So, when I am told "Your luck will soon change," I'm not sure that's a good thing. In this deck, The Black Cat is the "symbol of mystery and superstition." It also advises me to avoid unnecessary risks. As we all know, it's considered bad luck when a black cat crosses your path. However, a black cat shares my home, and I actually love black cats and encourage them to cross my path any time they like. Is it possible that I am meant to learn something from Karma (my black cat) in 2013? Methinks there is more to this than meets the eye.

From a numerology standpoint, my Personal Year is 36/9. In Numerology and the Divine Triangle (Whitford Press), Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker tell me that in a 9 Personal Year, the focus is on "changes, endings, charity, inspiration." It appears that I'm looking at a year of transition during which many goals could be realized. It's a good idea to finish any project that is close to completion, and it may be ill advised for me to make new commitments during this year. As a temporary vibration, 36/9 focuses on "obstacles, intuition, invention, leadership." I am told to have confidence that problems will be solved and my goal will soon be reached.

In terms of Tarot symbolism, 36/9 is linked with the Ten of Wands. Astrological correspondence is the Third Decan of Sagittarius (which happens to be the decan under which I was born!) I am advised to control my feelings when dealing with others and to avoid impulsive behavior. At the same time, a "philosophic and prophetic nature" may come to the surface.

Happy New Year from Tarot Notes. Here's to "Lucky 2013"!

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  1. I loved this reading - it certainly made me smile ^_^ I'm just about to do my own with this spread - not sure what deck to use yet - probably The Wonderland.

    THE SEER: "Follow your intuition." Reversed - I like your interp. of this, perhaps it could also be a warning in this position of reversed not to let your emotions overwhelm you so that you do not see clearly what your intuition is telling you. - Just a thought. You know allow your mind to become muddled.


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