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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Helen's Quarterly Forecast Spread

I'm very pleased once again to turn the blog over to Helen Howell as she takes my Quarterly Forecast spread for a spin using the Wonderland Tarot (Christopher Abbey, Morgana Abbey, John Tenniel / U.S. Games Systems).

Helen's Cards from The Wonderland Tarot

The 1st Quarter - Jan-March - Queen of Flamingos - (Swords)

It does seem to me that this first quarter of the year will, it appears, see me sorting the wheat from the chaff and being in more control to make the right decisions for myself. This Queen’s energy will help me build the stable foundation I need in order to progress further. This card is a no. 13 and breaks down to 4 the number of stability, structure and material completion. I guess what I will be doing in the first quarter is using my reason and logic based on past experience to build myself a better future.

The 2nd Quarter - April-June - Two of Peppermills (Wands)

This does look like I’ll be thinking about my next move, what I’ve achieved and what next I want to achieve. I think this could apply to my creative side. It indicates a time of visualisation and striking a balance or compromise between that creativity and my spiritual side. What will work the best for me? How do I approach it to achieve the best possible result? A no. 2 card shows the duality that exists, maybe thoughts/feelings, but also suggests unity in the form of co-operation, balance and choice.

The 3rd Quarter - July-Sep - Five of Flamingos (Swords)

There could be in this quarter some difficulty in translating my ideas into a reality. Perhaps this is a time where I will need to consider and acknowledge my own limitations and try to work with them so that they don’t block my way. I also think that if I am not careful in these three months I could find myself somewhat isolated. I need to understand my thinking process in order to avoid this happening. This is a no. 5 card, a number that often symbolises conflict, struggles and challenges. But I have also found that it offers one the opportunity to change or shift direction. It really is a case of knowing the limitations of one’s situation and working within them.

The 4th Quarter - Oct.-Dec - The Chariot

Interesting as this is my _Lessons for the Year_ card also. It is a different image of the Chariot from most. I get the feeling that in order to keep progressing forward, this quarter needs me to pay attention to the small details so that I do not overlook any opportunity that may exist. This last three months cautions me to move forward carefully so that I don’t rush off in one direction without being able to see where it will end up. This is a no.7 card, the number of insight, wisdom and personal growth -- again a number that asks us to reflect and accept those limitations that exists for us individually. I think this last quarter will see me more confident, having gained a better understanding of myself and how to express that.

The Quintessence card*, representing the overall influence, energy or message for the year is the Hermit. It seems this will be a year of contemplation and reflection for me, in order to understand what is really important and what is not.

An interesting year ahead that seems to reflect my Year Card and the lessons that need to be mastered in my personal journey.

* The Quintessence card is derived by adding the numerical value of the other four cards, then reducing that value until you get the number of a Major Arcana card. The Quintessence card represents the overall influence, energy, or message for the year.

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